Spiritual Awakening: What The F Are You Waiting For?


Spiritual Awakening: What The F Are You Waiting For?


 As I listened to Reach FM, a Christian Music Station, today I heard this song and decided to ask the harsh question of What The F Are You Waiting For? I have begun to ask this question more often to those who say I would like to ( Fill In The Blank). I ask this for I know it is when you take action that things start to unfold and the universe begins to deliver the resources needed to bring your desires to life. How many times have you missed out or not started something because of the excuses you made or you didn’t truly believe in your heart that you were able to accomplish great things. What has been holding you back from getting in touch with your spirituality and your greatness. One of the first blog entries here is titled Stepping Into Your Power in which I encouraged people to take charge and begin whatever they have been waiting to do. Here it is 16 months later and I can not tell you how many people still haven’t taken action to do what they have said they want to do, to them I ask What The F Are You Waiting For?

 How many times has someone said I’ll do it tomorrow and then you hear about that person dying and not finishing a project or in many cases not even starting the project. I recently heard a gentleman, Cliff Townsend, A Mind Set Coach speak and one of the quotes he used in his presentation really stood out about where the wealthiest place on earth is and it isn’t the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, The World Banks, The Mall, or Affluent Communities, it is the local cemetery. The cemetery is filled with many unbirthed inventions, art, music, businesses, and other projects because many people there kept waiting until tomorrow. So again I ask you What The F Are You Waiting For?

Spiritual Awakening: Tools to Help You Answer The Question What The F Are You Waiting For?

 As I emceed The City Of Coral Springs Worldfest on 4/7/13 I had the pleasure of working with Hill City Music and their message truly resonated with me and I think they may be a great resource for those on a spiritual journey. Their website is www.myhillcitymusic.com.  I want to thank them for their gift of a tee-shirt and cds from Tiffany Millander and K Mills. I began to listen to Tiffany’s Awaken CD in my car and it made my ride home enjoyable. I am looking forward to listening to K  Mills’ CD Life On Bright.

 Ken Esrig’s Start From Where You Are will help you answer the question What The F Are You Waiting For?


Books, quotes, and affirmations are all good tools to get you started. The answer to the question What The F Are You Waiting For lies with in you and once you answer the question and take action good things will begin to come your way.  Stay Positive and Get Started!!!

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