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Spiritual Awakening: Shut Up And Deal!!!

As I left The Relay Rally to benefit The 2018 American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise last night (1/30/2018) I was a bit disappointed as only 1 team out of the 16 that were registered came out and no one that I had invited showed up. I was feeling pretty down because I had put in many hours to promote the event and even had the Mayor Of Sunrise issue a Proclamation. As I reflected on this disappointment I sat in meditation and received a message to shut up and deal. As an  action taker I have learned that you must detach from the outcomes and continue to walk in your truth knowing that you can not control the actions of others. As I began to focus on the good things that happened like a team captain getting a nice recognition gift and a cancer survivor winning The Relay Sneakers I the disappointment started to melt like the polar ice caps and my heart started to fill with elation knowing that there are people who care so I decided to shut up and deal.
As I decided to shut up and deal I quickly regained the eye of tiger and remembered why I was doing Relay For Life. I was able to rekindle a spark inside and walk in my truth understanding that all I could do was give 100% and continue to follow my heart making a mind, body, soul connection. In focusing on the successes and getting back to being focused and grounded I have been able to shut up and deal. As you put yourself out there you will encounter some set backs but you must shut up and deal and learn from the setbacks so you can step up.

When you decide to shut up and deal and peel back the onion you will find that you rise up to heights that you never though that you could reach. In the wake of disappointment I was able to shift and find elation knowing that for in my 19 years of being involved in Relay For Life that I made a positive impact on the lives of those touched by cancer. There have been more moments of joy than moments of disappointment. When disappointments occurred I simply reflected and then let them go as I knew there would come more joy than sadness.
I have found the best way to overcome disappointment and shut up and deal is to simply walk alone and tap into your inner divinity understanding that you are a divine child of GOD and GOD’S plans for you are far greater than the plans you have for yourself. In walking alone and clearing out the disappointment you release blockages and thus you can move forward by focusing on lies ahead of you and not what lies behind you.
The key to overcoming disappointment and to shut up and deal is to commit to staying on your spiritual path and walking in your truth understanding that not everyone will share your passion and that your ways of doing things may not resonate with everyone. In being true to who you are and following the messages from GOD, The Ascended Masters, The Angels, and Jesus you will find that disappointment is fleeting. In committing to move forward you will find that you begin to attract peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life.
In the course of the day the best laid plans of mice and men will go astray and when that happens you have to simply roll with the flow. I have come to understand that the way things are and the way things should be are two different things. As I arrived to The ACSOffice Today(1/31/2018) to drop off money for The 2018 American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise there was a note that the office would be closed. I was a bit upset as I had informed the staff partner that I would be coming today and didn’t get word from him that the office would be closed. At first I was upset then I decided to go with the flow and come back to the office tomorrow (2/1/2018). I have come to realize that I can only control what I do and to shut up and deal by rolling with the flow. In going with the flow I have been able to put disappointment behind me and move forward in a positive direction of my dreams. There will be times that challenge you but remember that it is through overcoming challenges that you become stronger and thus you are able to accomplish great things. Namaste!!!









Spiritual Awakening: Everything Counts!!!

As I was out collecting donations for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise today (1/6/2018) I encountered many great people who understood the value of giving and this energized me as every donation was getting me closer to the goal I set of raising $2500 to help fund research, education, advocacy, and services. I also encountered some negative people who simply didn’t understand that we are all interconnected and every interaction you have with someone counts. When I encountered these people I remembered the teaching of Don Miguel Ruiz if not taking anything personally and not judging. I took a deep breath and began to tap into my divine guidance system allowing GOD to direct me to where I need to be to have success in my quest to attack cancer from every angle. It was when I sat in reflection at Starbucks folding the brochures for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise that I began to understand that everything we do to be of service and value to others counts. Each action we take to show that service to humanity is the best work of life counts as it energizes us and allows us to vibrate at a level that will attract the resources we need to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually into our life.

As I continued to reflect on the happenings of the 2 hours spent promoting The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise I realized that it takes everyday people to come together and understand that everything counts. Every moment we have the opportunity to touch lives in a positive manner and when we make it a point to stay positive positivism will follow us and allow us to manifest the life that we desire. The smallest gesture counts as it can change someone’s day and propel them to heights they had only dreamed of in the past. I have found that many people will listen and understand the value of making a spiritual connection where everyone benefits. I have come to learn and understand that it is not my job to drag people kicking and screaming onto the path but to allow the universe to work and when they are ready they will find their path. In understanding that it is important to walk in your truth you will soon see that everything you do counts. Sometimes things may appear to be an illusion but even those illusions count as they remind us to question everything. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: A Journey To The Light Side!!!

As I drove to Boca Raton today (12/21/2017) to pick up copies of this book that Michelle Goebel donated to help in the effort to assist those touched by cancer I realized that this was a journey to the light side as this donation was made with the intention of spreading love to those touched by cancer without any expectations of return. When I arrived at Starbucks I decided to read Michelle’s chapter, The Universe Heals Through The Heart, it was a very enlightening read and really confirmed the importance of journeying to the light side. Michelle’s story illustrates what is possible when you journey to the light side.

Image result for The Light Side SpiritualityAfter reading Michelle’s story I felt a shift of energy in my body as I began to find things to be grateful for and ways to be a beacon of hope and healing to others. It is through the journey to the light side that we are able to find ways to enhance the personal, professional, and spiritual lives of others while also enriching our own lives. It is in finding the light and driving out the darkness that we are able to move forward in a positive direction to enlightenment. In our journey we will encounter darkness however when we encounter darkness we have a choice we can dwell on the darkness or we can tap into our inner divinity and bring bright light to us using the forces of GOD, JESUS, The Ascended Masters, and The Angels to drive out the darkness thus allowing us to be a bright shining light that will help to illuminate the world with positivism. We have the ability to create a life filled with much peace, love, joy, and prosperity by simply reminding ourselves that we are divine children of GOD and GOD wants us to prosper as we journey toward enlightenment. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Getting To Know You!!!

In today’s age of social media and the desire for instant gratification ask yourself when was the last time you actually took time to get to know someone. As I have become spiritually awakened I have made it a point to get to know people on a cellular level so that I can be of service and value to them. In taking action to do this I have found that the more you learn about someone the more able you become to help them in achieving their goals and objectives. I have also come to know that if you help people get what they want you will get what you want. In making a conscientious effort to know people you will find that you grow personally, professionally, and spiritually as you begin to make things more about others than yourself and as a result you find that you attract more peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life. In getting to know people you are better able to work together for you begin to find out that you are more alike than different thus finding common ground enabling you to work together to make your part of the world a better place.
In getting to know people you are able to band together to affect changes by seizing the day so that at the end of the day everyone is enriched in a personal, professional, and a spiritual way. When you stand up to injustice by getting to know people and embracing the concept that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations you will be able to answer your calling and seize the day.  It is when you get to know people and make them feel that they are important that you create a paradigm shift that leads to positive changes that improve life as we know it. In taking a  stand and seizing the day you will find yourself manifesting the life that you desire. In getting out from behind the computer and getting to know people you will find that not only your life is enhanced but their life is enhanced as well. Sometimes all it takes is to engage in dialogue to find common ground to affect change in the part of the world that you occupy. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Focus On The Joy!!!

Image result for make a joyful noise unto the lord imagesAs I left the bank today(12/8/2017) I realized just how much joy I have in my life and how important it is to focus on the joy. I walked to my car thanking GOD for allowing me the opportunity to use my talents for good and as a result having money to take care of the necessities in life. As I got into my car I realized a shift in my being. It was at that moment that I reminded myself to bring joy to everything I do. In becoming an action taker driven with a purpose to be joyful while being of service and value to others I have found that I am more aware and awake spiritually. I still have some challenging moments however when those moments arise I do my best to be joyful. In reflecting back on 2017 and preparing fr 2018 I am reminded to focus on the joy that there is the world and to celebrate the small victories thus attracting peace, love, joy, and prosperity into my life.
In focusing on joy we open up many channels to receive as the universe return what it is given.  If we go about each moment with a goal to be joyful we will receive joy in return. It is when you answer your calling in a joyful manner that you bring more joy into your life. I have been sending out direct messages to people to take a moment and visit to make a donation to help plant the seeds of hope and healing for those touched by cancer. In the past I would get upset by the amount of people who weren’t responding but today I decided to be grateful and joyful for those that were donating. As I focused on the joy that their donation brings to those touched by cancer I realized that my entire attitude changed. I went from anger to happiness in a matter of moments. It was when we change our focus that our entire perspective changes. Read More→

 Spiritual Awakening: Thinking Globally:Acting Locally

As the holidays of Hanukkah and Christmas approach we all should be reminded that there is more to the holidays than just presents. These two holiday celebrate miracles that led to hope and healing. each holiday represents the concept that we can light up the world by simply standing in our truth and becoming an action taker. In this time of a great shift we need to think globally and act locally. We have a power inside of us to be difference makers.

As you experience a spiritual awakening and begin to see that we are all interconnected and that regardless of color or religious backgrounds we are all divine children of GOD  who can follow our calling and thus affect change in our local communities by simply thinking globally and acting locally. We can become action takers and show that the smallest acts of kindness will create a ripple effect that will shift our collective conscience and thus produce more positive outcomes in the world. Instead of fighting and trying to prove who is right or wrong we need to come together and find ways to be of service and value to each other. It is time to truly look deep inside and tap into our inner divinity and then recognize the divine in others. Instead of being judgmental and jealous and competitive we must seek ways to coexist realizing that we are more alike than different.  This holiday season let us put our differences aside and find a way to be of service and value to each other by making an effort to spread peace, love, joy, and prosperity everywhere we go.  Make an effort daily to do a kind act and see the effect that it has on others. Sometimes a simple smile can change someone’s day. Last year I gave out greeting cards to people simply wishing them happy holidays some were receptive while others were defensive it was then that I realized not everyone is ready to think globally and act locally and some people just don’t get the idea that someone would be kind with no expectation of return. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: You Can’t Handle The Truth!!!

Image result for and the truth shall set you free bible verseAs you awaken more and more spiritually you gain an awareness of your own truth. The draw back to becoming more and more aware and awake is that you begin to encounter people who can not handle the truth. As an action taker you will find it easier to speak your truth while interacting with others. In all cases it is important to be your authentic self as you continue on your spiritual journey toward enlightenment. Too many times we allow our fear to interfere with speaking our truth thus we miss out on opportunities to create the life that we want. Sometimes you just have to tell people how you truly feel and then let things work out as GOD has meant them to work out.

Image result for Wilson FootballThe other day I wrote a direct message to Wilson Football requesting a Crucial Catch Football, A Salute The Troops Football, and a Superbowl Football to use in a fundraising endeavor only to be told they can’t donate the 3 footballs. I wrote back and basically told them they had to kidding me as they could send 3 footballs that probably cost them less than $100 to manufacturer. I explained tot hem the fact that I have over 1900 Twitter Followers and over 2900 friend on Facebook not to mention the over 1500 people following me on Instagram. I spoke my truth letting them know that I hoped they would reconsider their decision. I haven’t heard back from them as I believe they couldn’t handle the truth.  In speaking my truth I was able to explain just how important it was for Wilson Football to support my effort to be of service and value to others. Think about it this way the more people you help the more business you receive for you never know who can help you to build your brand and increase your revenue. So the next time you are approached about helping some one think about what the truth is and the truth is that a simple act of kindness will come back to you.

Image result for Share A Coke College bottlesAbout a month ago I reached out to to have them donate 6 bottles and few of their polar bears for a fundraiser I was doing to help those touched by cancer and again I was told oh we are not in a position to do that. I wrote back asking how a multi-national company with over a billion dollars in sales each quarter can’t see its way clear to donating 6 commemorative bottles and 3 polar bears which probably cost them less than $75. I explained my reach and how I could be of service and value to them. I haven’t heard back since figuring they couldn’t handle the truth.  I find it interesting that many people do not see the value of supporting others and will become excuse makers instead of action takers. Look at how you are reacting to people seeking support and then find the truth as to why you may be struggling in your personal, professional, and personal life. I chose to share the two experiences where I was turned down because the truth of the matter is that not everyone is going to resonate with your cause regardless and to how noble it is. You are going to encounter a few setbacks along your spiritual journey however with a few setbacks come set ups for exceeding your goals and objectives.

Image result for nfl crucial catchIn not allowing the no from Coca Cola and Wilson to get me down I took a deep breath and I called The NFL about supporting The POINTS FOR THE CURE Fundraiser that I was hosting and guess what they sent me cleats, lanyards, balloons, and pins to use in the fundraising efforts and may send more items in the future. I realized that the truth of the matter is that some will, some won’t, some waiting, so what, next. As you walk in your truth you will find that there are those who will help you and those who will not. I have come to realize that the truth is that not everyone will understand your level of commitment so focus on those who are supporting you and lifting you and let the others go and pound sand.

Image result for nfl crucial catchAs you journey along your spiritual path and make a statement by walking in your truth remember that there are going to be those who can not handle the truth as they are not ready to take a look deep inside as to why they are making the decisions that they are making. Many can not handle the truth and  are not used to being called out so when you call them out with a passionate and cognitive reason they can not handle it and do not know how to respond. The key is to continue to walk in your truth and follow your passion thus attracting peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life. When you are armed with the truth you will manifest the life that you desire. When you speak your truth you will begin to reap great rewards as you begin to realize that passion + action = success. In many cases it is just a simple matter of walking in your truth and allowing your actions to show the world how you are being of service.

Spiritual Awakening: Can You Get It Up?

As you experience a spiritual awakening you will have the opportunity to evaluate how you raise your vibration so as to create more positivism in your life. The question to ponder is can I get my vibration frequency up to the point where it is attract like minded people into my life who will help me to rise up and make positive changes in my personal, professional, and spiritual life? In answering this question and committing to becoming an action taker you will find that you begin to have more success in your life thus creating ore peace, love, joy, and prosperity in your life.  You have a power to make positive changes and to change the vibration that you radiate. Take a look at how you are approaching things and what you can do differently and then begin to make those changes and you will see that your life becomes filled with bliss and abundance.  Your ability to rise up is determined by how you react to situations as they unfold each day.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To help You Get It Up!!!!

Every now and again we all can use a dose of spiritual Viagra to help us to raise our vibration frequency so that it enables us to make a connection to GOD. This Lakota song of praise unto the lord is a fantastic tool to have in your spiritual tool box to help you get it up.

Image result for Raising Vibrational FrequenciesIn the effort to raise your vibrations so that you have the ability to manifest the life you desire it is important to have a tool that will allow you embrace the fact that you possess a great power in you to make changes that will create positivism in your life. Read More→