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Spiritual Awakening: Put It All On The Line!!!

The day you awaken spiritually and commit fully to taking action to improve your personal, professional, and spiritual life by putting it all on the line is the day that you see that you can reach heights that you never thought imaginable. When you decide to reach down deep inside and tap into your inner divinity you will find that things in your life work out. As you reach into your heart you will find the power in your dream.
In laying it all on the line and believing in the power of the dream you will begin to find yourself attracting more peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life. It is said that what the mind can conceive and the heart can believe you can achieve. I have experienced this first hand on many occasions as I have reached out to sports teams to be there Public Address Announcer believing that I was good enough to be in the broadcast booth. As a result I have secured many announcing gigs. If you can dream it you can be it.
If you truly want to lay it on the line you must be motivated, inspired, and empowered willing to let go and let GOD. In life we will face many challenges but when we lay it on the line by understanding that if GOD brought us to it GOD will bring us through it we will achieve the greatness that is our birthright. What stops many people from laying it on the line is the thought created by fear that asks what if it doesn’t work. How about you change that to what happens if it does work. Many times we don’t lay it on the line because of past experiences that have occurred and the blockages that have been created as a result. One thing that is necessary to lay it on the line and become an action taker is to clear the blockages that have created emotional baggage that is weighing us down. When you begin to remove the thoughts and things that are stopping you from laying it on the line you can begin to move forward in a positive direction of your dreams. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Breaking Free!!!

The moment you awaken spiritually and decide to take action you set in motion all that is necessary to break free.  When you commit to being your authentic self you are going to encounter some challenges as people will doubt you or try to tear you down. It is when you encounter these challenges that you must step into your power and walk in your truth. The key to breaking free is understanding you are a divine child of GOD deserving to be loved and respected. If you encounter those that do not lift you hold a special place fr them and pray and then break free. In doing things on your terms as you are guided by GOD you will find that you attract peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life. In breaking free and detaching from expectations you will find that your level of bliss and abundance are increased. When you stop worrying about what everyone else will think and you break free by celebrating your spiritual awakening  you will find that living a purpose driven life is very rewarding.  In my experiences along my spiritual journey I have found that when I stand in my power and walk in my truth that good things happen. In breaking free from the so called norm you will find that your level of success increases as you will vibrate on a positive wave length that will attract the people and things into your life that will serve you.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To Help You Break Free!!!

One way to break free is to consult with the ascended masters and listen to their messages. As you receive the messages remember to go from an excuse maker to an action taker. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Turning It Around!!!

As an action taker who finds myself on the go most of the time I have come to realize that of I am to be spiritually awake I must slow down so that I can turn things around. Such was the case today when I inquired as to my status as a n announcer for a team that I have worked with for 4 years. I was told that they weren’t going to have a DJ or announcer for their last 2 games. I was a bit disappointed as that took $200 out of my pocket as I was being paid $100 per game and  now I have to find a way to make that up. This is what happens when you are a free lancer in the broadcasting world. As I reflected I turned to GOD and he sent me this song by The Byrds. It was at that time that I realized everything happens for a reason. This was GOD’s Way of telling me to not sell myself short and to find other opportunities where my talents would be awarded and respected.  It was at that moment when another awakening occurred and I sent out text message to a few people who were interested in my services and I landed a few paying gigs.
When you decide to find the bright side in what is happening you begin to turn thing around and you win in the end.  There is an adage that says when one door is closed another will open. This is so true and plays out many times in the spiritual awakening process. Sometimes your human feelings and ego get in the way because you allow yourself to feel under appreciated or disrespected and you stay in the situation because you are fearful of what might happen if you walk away. It is when you walk away from a situation that no longer serves you that you win in the end.   Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Stop The Madness!!!


A few years ago I made contact with an organization, Stop The Madness, and today I was looking for a topic to write about and I cam across this video and thought regardless of our race, sex, sexual orientation, creed, or social status that it is time for a spiritual awakening in our country. It is time that we all come together as one and recognize that we are all divine children of GOD and GOD has a purpose for each and everyone us. It is time for all of us to recognize the divinity in each other seeing that we are more alike than different. It is time to become action takers and make peace, love, and understanding the rule of the day.

It is time to stop the madness and start looking out for one another. It is a time of great change going on in our world right now as we are being confronted with challenges that have not been seen before thus it is time to face everything and rise and work together to make sure that while we journey along our spiritual path that we are shining a light so bright that it serves as a beacon of hope and healing for everyone to see. It is time to put differences aside and find a common ground so that our personal, professional, and spiritual lives are enhanced while we help to improve the lives of others. It is time we look for ways to come together and be of service and value to one another so that we can make our world a better place. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Get Your Swag On!!!

 One of the terms I have  come to learn in the promotional and marketing realm is SWAG, which refers to the free items you get at events from different vendors. SWAG is also short for Swagger used to describe the way someone carries themselves. As I put on my Chuck Taylor Purple Beat Cancer Sneakers I began to see how getting your swag on can determine how people perceive you. Many have admired my sneakers and they have opened up a line of communication that has allowed me to interact with people and share my story. As a result I have attracted many people who want to help me on my mission to plant the seeds of hope and healing for cancer patients, their families, and their friends. As I walked into many businesses I saw people looking at my sneakers and I smiled and many made positive comments and I realized as I shine my light and get my swag on I have the chance to illuminate the world one person at a time. I have come to understand that when you get your swag you must be prepared to instill a philosophy of some will, some won’t, so what, some waiting, next as it is not your job to drag people kicking and screaming to your way of thinking but to simply shine your light bright for others to see thus giving them permission to shine their light. It is when you get your swag on that you can have a great influence on people and thus show the world that service to humanity is the best work of life.

When you decide to take action and get your swag on it is important that when you carry yourself with confidence and begin to assert yourself it is important to understand that not everyone will resonate with the way you do things or your message. Also remember the most successful people in the world were those that were seen as different or a bit out there as their thoughts were not mainstream however those who thought differently and implemented their ideas were the people that changed the world. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Clearing The Hurdles Of Life!!!

As you experience a spiritual awakening you will find that their are many hurdles that you will be challenged to clear to manifest the results you desire. In some cases you will find that not everyone will support you and some will go to extremes to try to defeat you. When you begin to take action and live a life filled with passion and purpose you will encounter many people who will not agree with you or your methodology. Such was the case this week when someone who professes to be a professional wrote me a hateful and wrote a response filled with anger. I called to see what I could do to rectify the situation and was called an asshole, an idiot, told no one gives a shit about what I have to say, and to go f-myself. I told the gentleman that I am sorry he feels this way and and that I will happily remove him from my contact list. I started to think why do people act this way and then I realized that it is GOD’S way to send a message and teach a lesson. In this case GOD was telling me to find another way to solicit donations for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Boca Raton and to find people who resonate with my message. In taking action and reaching out to everyone I must remember that is is not my job to bring people kicking and screaming on to the path but to shine my light bright for them to see by being of service and value so that when they are ready to change and create a life that is enhanced personally, professionally, and spiritually that I am there to be a shining beacon of light to help illuminate the world.

 The man did create a hurdle as my LinkedIn account has been restricted. As I write this entry the restriction is under appeal. As I took a moment to breathe an meditate on the situation I realized how important it is to remember that some will, some won’t, so what, some waiting, next because for every negative person that I encounter I find 8-9 that are open to assist with my endeavors. All my life I have been given hurdles and each time I have cleared them understanding that if GOD brought me to it GOD will bring me through it. In getting back to Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements and implementing them I have been able to move forward and exceed my goals.

By going deep inside and then applying these agreements I have been able to secure a part time job that frees me up to do volunteer work, to obtain guests for my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EDT, and to continue to be of service and value to others. Theses 4 agreements have helped me to be centered, grounded, and focused as I move forward in a positive direction of my dreams.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To Overcome Life’s Hurdles!!!

I have found that songs like this are a great tool to help you overcome life’s hurdles. It is knowing that GOD loves you and that you are a divine child of GOD that will serve as your best tool to overcome life’s hurdle’s. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Purple Haze!!!

 As you are aware purple is one of my favorite colors as it represents passion, purpose, and royalty. I often find myself in a purple haze as I awaken more and more spiritually. It is said that what we focus on expands. Well I have been focusing on purple lately as it is the official color of The American Cancer Society. I have found myself designing sneakers in purple to enhance my chosen mission to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. I have even had special jerseys designed to wear at The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Events. I have found that when I am wearing my purple sneakers and purple shirts or shorts with a hint of purple that I feel more centered focused and grounded. As a result my fundraising has become more successful. I have found that I am attracting those who want to help to plant the seeds of hope and healing for cancer  patients, their friends, and their families. I have affectionately named my team, Lederman’s Heroes Walking In Memory of JDOGG’s Mom so that people will understand why I am so relentless in my fundraising efforts. I ahve found that when I am laser focused that I create this purple haze of spirituality that leads to success. Many people have seen my posts asking them to visit and have made donations. As of 3:15 PM on March 30, 2016 I am at $784.83 raised for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life.

I am looking forward to rocking this jersey and letting the power of the universe and spirit take over. I am sure they will draw a lot of attention and start many conversations  leading to more people being more aware of what I am doing to create a purple haze. I am also going to be doing Oracle Card Reading at Relay, which will further expose my spirituality to others and allow them to create their own purple haze that will be filled with answers. As we move forward in a positive direction of our dreams by understanding that being in a purple haze is not a bad thing as we are able to go deep inside and get in tune with our inner divinity. When we allow the power represented by purple to flow through us we begin to achieve things that we never thought possible. Read More→