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Spiritual Awakening:Time Is Ticking Away!!!

As I sit at my local Starbucks waiting on an appointment that was supposed to be here at 6:30 PM it is now 7:30 PM I think about how important it is to make our moments along our spiritual journey count as the time is ticking away. Imagine if  $525,600 was deposited in your bank account at the beginning of the year and you had to use it all but when it was gone and you could never get it back. That is what time is it is a commodity that once used you can not get back. How many of you are saying oh I’ll d that later or I will do that tomorrow? Today there were many people who were planning to do something tomorrow but because GOD called them home they will not have a tomorrow. This is why it is imperative to become very aware and awake as you continue along your spiritual journey. In the blink of an eye or a snap of the finger our life can change thus we must become action takers and commit to living in the now and when things happen like having someone late for an appointment that GOD had a different plan for us. In my case this evening(6/30/2017) it was an opportunity to get inspiration and to write this blog entry as I was waiting. I could have pointed the blame and brought a whole lot of negative energy to the situation instead I just prayed and hoped that the person I was waiting for was okay. As I was waiting two coaches from The American Basketball Association came in to Starbucks and we were able to catch up for a while and one put a $1 in my donation canister for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Sunrise. It is amazing how everything happens for reason. In being conscious of how we use our time we are better able to embrace the spiritual awakening process and thus better understand that if GOD brought us to it GOD will bring us through it. It is when we keep the negative emotions in check and instead of being angry that someone is running late or didn’t call to tell you they would be late or didn’t respond to your texts you can take it as sign to simply go about delivering your message knowing that everything will work out. Time is ticking away so it is important to use it wisely to be of service and value to others.
Through the spiritual awakening process I have come to understand that every moment you have is precious and thus you should make the most of it and embrace the time that you have to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. It is when we set our mind to being of service and value that we not only change the lives around us but we also change our life. Instead of worrying what might be just look at what is and be grateful for what you have and for what is coming for you as GOD’S plans for you are larger than any plans you may have for yourself. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Spark It Up And Pass It Along!!!

It is when we spark up our creativity and take action that we enhance the spiritual awakening process. On of my favorite exhibits at EPCOT is Journey Into Imagination as it reminds us just how powerful we are and how important it is to collaborate with others to bring our visions to life. It taking action on a vision that you conceive in your mind and believe in your heart you will manifest what you are seeking. In imagining and then bringing that idea to life you also come alive and find that you are expanding in your personal, professional, and spiritual life. How many times have you been told by others that it is impossible or your idea is crazy and you didn’t pursue your idea only to see someone else implement it and have success? How many times have you let negative self talk sabotage you and stop you from taking action? There will always be doubters, naysayers, and haters but do not allow them to rent space in your head. Through the spiritual awakening process I have learned there are no bad ideas and that you never know until you take action. In taking action and putting your idea put there you will see what is working and what needs improvement. In using your imagination and making sure you write things down as they come to you it will allow you to take action when ready. I recommend that you get a legal pad and  carry it with you and keep it with in arms length at all times so you can record your ideas and then take action to bring them to life. I have a friend who carries a small tape recorder with him every where he goes and when he has an idea he speaks it into the tape recorder and then when he has 15 minutes he listens to the playback and thus is able to begin the process of taking action on the idea.  Simply imagine and then take action to bring the vision to life.

Imagine if everyone began to subscribe to the belief that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations what a world we would have. If we simply began to understand that we are all divine children of GOD and that GOD has great plans for us we would become more aware and awake thus allowing us to make a mind, body, soul connection which would lead us to manifesting the life we desire. Remember that you are where you are today in the place that GOD has planned you to be and everything is the way it is supposed to be at this time. It is when you can visualize and act as if that you will begin to understand more clearly your spiritual awakening. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Light A Candle Of Hope!!!

As I was preparing to leave my condo today to go out an take action to spread a message of hope and healing I reached into my cash box for a $50 gas card and while doing so I knocked over and broke The American Cancer Society Hope Award that I received in 2008 as part of my involvement with Relay For Life. As I picked up the pieces and put them in the garbage I realized that it was no the award that was important but what it represented. The award represented me becoming a beacon of hope for those touched by cancer. As I placed the pieces of the award into the garbage I also realized that this was a message to stop living in the past and to pick up the pieces of my life and light the flame inside of me that will become a candle of hope. In becoming an action taker and becoming more aware and awake I have come to understand that there are messages that come to us daily. It is up to us to take these messages and light a candle of hope that will encourage others to do the same thus illuminating the world. As I took the broken pieces of The Hope Award and placed them in the back I thought about how important it is to throw the pieces of my life that are no longer serving me away and to simply face everything and rise. As I though more and more about the award I realized that it is not about the award at all it is about the journey and the positive impact made along the way.  It is when we light our candle that we encourage others to do the same and as a result we begin to attract peace, love, joy, and prosperity into our lives. In taking a deep breath and understanding that everything happens for a reason we can add value to our life so that we can be of service to others. It is when we light candles of hope and understand that we have the ability to help other people excel be it with a word of encouragement or designing an action plan with them. Sometimes it is as simple as being a candle in the wind.

On of the people I admired over the years was Lady Diana who showed the world that regardless of our status in life we can make a difference in the world. When Lady Diana passed on August 31, 1997  I remember hearing this song and realizing that it was time to rekindle a spark inside of me that desired to show the world that service to humanity was the best work of life. Over the years I have had many opportunities to be a candle of hope by being of service and value to the communities where I have lived, worked, and played. In understanding that I have an opportunity to be a candle of hope on a daily basis by simply being positive and encouraging I am able to attract light into my life that allows me to move forward in a positive direction of my goals. Take a moment to be a candle in the wind and inspire others to become action takers so that they can enhance their lives and the lives of others. Shine your light bright for the world to see. Read More→




Spiritual Awakening: Please Rise!!!

In the course of my life these 3 anthems have played a role in my spiritual development. The first one is The National Anthem of Israel, the second  is The National Anthem of The Philippines, and The third is The National Anthem of The United States. each one brings me back to times that helped in my personal, professional, and spiritual development. In the last few days as I sat in quiet meditation I began to reflect on the symbolism of each anthem and how they molded me in becoming an action taker. I then realized that as I have done many cultural events I have stated the words please rise for the playing of (Insert Anthem Here). I then started to think how many times I must of stood for each of these anthems be it competing in The local Macabi Games, competing in swim meets, or serving as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in The Philippines. In each case I stood and really focused on the words and found that they shared a common thread of respecting and honoring your country while being of service and value to others. Over the years when I have announced games or emceed events I have seen many people sit idly bye and not respect the colors of the nation that is being presented. Not standing for an anthem really doesn’t do anything. If you are unhappy with the ways things are in a country and you believe you have the power to change it then it is up to you to tap into your inner divinity and take action to improve the quality of life for everyone. This is a big responsibility so now is the time to rise and take action to spread positivism.

As you move forward and rise toward the life GOD has planned for you you will start to understand that if you are given great talents it is important for you to share them. When I was Bar Mitzvah in 1978 I spoke of the fact we have a responsibility to be of service and value in all that we do as we owe it to those who sacrificed so much so that we can have a better life. Many said how full of wisdom I was for a 13 year old others said I was full of something else. Now here I am nearly 39 years later sharing the same concept encouraging people to rise for one another and to be of service and value. Over the years the concept of being of service and value have entered my life on many occasion. When I entered high school I looked for ways to help others and this continued through out my college days and today I do my best to show people that service to humanity is the best work of life. Again some say the message is full of hope and healing while others say it is full of something else. I have decided to focus on those who are encouraging and supportive and to allow doubters, haters, and naysayers to go pound sand. As a result of sticking to the belief that I was put on the earth to serve others I have risen to heights that i could never have imagined. I have had experiences that some only dream about. I have accepted that there is much expected from me because I have always given 100% when I chose to rise up and become an action taker. If we are going to be the change we want to see in the world we must rise and show respect for ourselves and others by answering our calling and coming alive by positively impacting the lives of those we come in contact with. It is imperative that we grow personally, professionally, and spiritually by rising up and showing respect and compassion to others.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To Help You Rise!!!

One way to rise is to commit to rise up by adopting your own anthem.


This poem has served as an excellent tool to rise above the negativity and to spread positivism. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: All You Need Is A Little Bit of Heart And Soul!!!

The year was 1987 and I was getting ready to graduate from Hofstra University. Heart and Soul was one of the top songs that year and it became an anthem of mine. As I sat in the Hofstra Gymnasium waiting for my name to be called it occurred to me that as long as I put a little bit of heart and soul into all I was going to do that things would turn out okay. As I continue on my spiritual journey I understand more and more that it takes a bit of heart and soul to attract peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life. Many times it is just a matter of going forward with an idea regardless of what others might say about the idea and understanding that if you put your heart into what you are doing and you create a oneness consciousness that everything will work out for the best. I have come to understand that it is important to conceive it in your mind and to believe it in your heart so that you can achieve it. If you are an avid reader of this blog you know the concept that I preach which is passion+ action = success. When you put your heart and soul into anything people will sense your passion and will vibrate on the same level with you and as a result support you. There will be those who will not resonate with you for they are not ready to walk the path that leads to spiritual enlightenment. When you encounter these people simply remember it is not your job to drag them kicking and screaming onto the path but it is your job to keep putting your heart and soul into what you are doing and to shine your light bright to illuminate the world understanding that when they are ready they will experience their own spiritual awakening. When you embrace the spiritual awakening process and put your heart and soul into everything you do there will be no stopping you.
When you become heart centered and make the commitment to put your heart and soul into everything that you do you will see that you are unstoppable. Remember that you are a divine child of GOD and GOD wants you to prosper. As you become more loving and caring you will begin to attract loving and caring people into your life who will lift you to heights that you never thought possible. Many times we are told that something is impossible when in reality when you break the word down it says I am possible. When you start to put your heart and soul into things you being to see the realm of endless possibilities.  Recently someone said that a group couldn’t raise $7,000 in 2 days and reach a milestone. I piped up and said yes it can be done all you have to do is believe and take action. Guess what the goal of raising $7000 in 2 days was achieved because people put their heart and soul into the effort and began to believe that people would help. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening:Commit To Having A Great Day!!!

When you are awakened spiritually you begin to see that every day can be beautiful. In committing to have a great day you begin to let go and let GOD and you find your day moving along in a positive manner where you begin to attract peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life. Wen you become an action taker instead of an excuse maker you will find it easier to commit to having a great day. I have learned a long my spiritual journey that it is when you look at things in a positive way and take the challenges as an opportunity to learn that you will have a great day. The energy that you bring to the day will determine how your day goes. You have the power to control the outcomes of the day. I suggest that when you awake that you commit to making it a great day and simply allow things to unfold as GOD has planned them for you. It is when you are guided by GOD that you know you will have a great day. Yes things will happen through out the day that may throw you a curve ball. When the curve ball comes simply adjust and knock it out of the park by keeping a positive attitude.  I have come to adapt The Four Agreements to my everyday day life and when I am in tune and practicing these agreements I find that I have a great day.

In practicing these agreements I have found that I vibrate at a high level thus attracting the resource necessary to move in a positive direction of my dreams. In practicing these agreements I have been able to surround myself with people that resonate with my message and truly want to support the endeavors that I am involved with so as to be of service and value to others. In following these agreements I have been able to find success in my efforts with The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Praise And Joy Rule The Day!!

When you awaken in the morning and you are filled with gratitude and you take action to show appreciation to everyone you come in contact with you find that praise and joy rule the day. When you simply detach from the outcomes and you turn it all over to GOD you will see that you become a powerful force of nature that serves as a living example that service to humanity is the best work of life. Today (4/15/2017) I had the opportunity to go to Tate’s Comics in Lauderhill to pick up items that they were donating for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Sunrise. When I opened the box I was amazed at all the great items that were inside. I said a silent thank you to GOD and Jesus and then made a FACEBOOK Live video thank Tate’s Comics. In showing gratitude I felt a new positive energy come over me so as I put the box in my car I decide to take my collection canister out and I went store to store collect donations. I simply went in introduced myself and decided to detach from the out and simply wish everyone a blessed day in the end. As I continued to collect I had more and more success. Each time I left a store I said thank you GOD and Jesus. As I continued to do this I found myself vibrating in a very positive way. As I began to focus on all those who were giving instead of those who didn’t give I found myself getting more donations. I finished collecting in that shopping plaza and in my car began to realize that when you allow joy and praise to rue the day you attract peace, love, happiness, and prosperity into your life.  As I continued to allow praise and joy to rule the day I found myself filled with a spirit of purpose. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: The Victory Will Be Yours!!!

On this Good Friday (4/14/2017) it is the perfect time to reflect and put all things in motion to insure that the victory will be yours. Each time we commit to rising to heights that many only imagine we change our lives for the better. It is when we become an action taker by facing everything and rising that we enhance our personal, professional, and spiritual lives. It is through rising to the challenge that we are strengthened in mind, body, and spirit. As you sit in reflection this weekend be it through observing Passover or Easter remember that the struggles we face can be overcome simply by following the teachings of the ascended masters. In following the universal laws of attraction and vibration you will rise above all that may be creating blockages so that victory will be yours. Many times we look at how we are labeled and we get stuck not realizing that the power of divinity that lies within us needs to be tapped into and released for the rest of the world to see.

As you begin to delve into the teachings of The Ascended Masters you will begin to understand more and more that you are a divine child of GOD capable of achieving anything you set you mind to by following your heart. I have come to learn that what the mind can conceive and the heart can believe you can achieve. It all starts with a commitment to rise above the goal you have set for yourself by doing something daily that will lead you to exceeding your goals. You will encounter doubters, naysayers, and haters who will fill you with thoughts of inadequacy. Don’t let them or your negative self-talk hold you back. All you have to do is reach deep down inside and you will find the answers. Read More→