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Spiritual Awakening: Praise And Joy Rule The Day!!

When you awaken in the morning and you are filled with gratitude and you take action to show appreciation to everyone you come in contact with you find that praise and joy rule the day. When you simply detach from the outcomes and you turn it all over to GOD you will see that you become a powerful force of nature that serves as a living example that service to humanity is the best work of life. Today (4/15/2017) I had the opportunity to go to Tate’s Comics in Lauderhill to pick up items that they were donating for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Sunrise. When I opened the box I was amazed at all the great items that were inside. I said a silent thank you to GOD and Jesus and then made a FACEBOOK Live video thank Tate’s Comics. In showing gratitude I felt a new positive energy come over me so as I put the box in my car I decide to take my collection canister out and I went store to store collect donations. I simply went in introduced myself and decided to detach from the out and simply wish everyone a blessed day in the end. As I continued to collect I had more and more success. Each time I left a store I said thank you GOD and Jesus. As I continued to do this I found myself vibrating in a very positive way. As I began to focus on all those who were giving instead of those who didn’t give I found myself getting more donations. I finished collecting in that shopping plaza and in my car began to realize that when you allow joy and praise to rue the day you attract peace, love, happiness, and prosperity into your life.  As I continued to allow praise and joy to rule the day I found myself filled with a spirit of purpose. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Times They Are A Changing!

As you experience a spiritual awakening you will start to experience changes in your perspective that allows you to vibrate at a higher level thus positively impacting your personal, professional, and spiritual awakening. When you awake in the morning with the attitude that you can be a world changer and then you take action you will see that you can become a world changer. It is said that one snowflake has little impact but get a bunch of them together and watch what happens.  Everyday things are changing at a rapid pace and may believe that these are the end days. If they are the end day my suggestion is to become as righteous in the ways you carry yourself by being impeccable with your world, not taking anything personally, not making any judgments, and always doing your best. The times are definitely changing and as a spiritual being it is your responsibility to change with the times and to be driven by your inner divinity. As the times change remember it is not about being right or wrong it is about doing the right thing. As you become more and more aware and awake you will begin to attract abundance into your life that allows you to live a life filled with much peace, love, joy, and prosperity. It is when you begin to adapt and overcome by not compromising your spirituality that you will enhance your personal, professional, and spiritual life.
As the times are changing we must come together as spiritual beings and stand up to injustice. It is when we show others that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations that we can look beyond political ideologies and start to come together as one. It is when we realize that we are all divine children of GOD with a purpose to be of service and value to one another that we make improvements in our world. It is when we begin to dialogue with one another without judging that we can come to peaceful resolutions that make our communities stronger. Everyday make it a point to go out and meet someone who you do not know and see how you can be of service and value to that person. In some cases people may not be to receptive as interaction with a perceived stranger can be scary and many people are programmed to become defensive. The key is to remember that it is not your job to bring them kicking and screaming onto a path of change but to shine your light so that when they are ready they will follow you as a beacon of hope and healing. I have always believed that some will, some won’t, so what, some waiting, next. Some people will not see the positive messenger that you are because they are still wrapped in their ego thinking that they know it all when in reality we can all learn from someone. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: A Funk Soul Brother!!!

As I reviewed my Facebook feed I saw a comment that read wishing you peace and light soul brother Jonathan. It was at that moment that I remembered this song by Fatboy Slim titled Funk Soul Brother. I began to think about what it means to be a Funk Soul Brother it means living in peace and sharing peace, love, joy, and prosperity. It mean being loving and caring in all you do. Being a Funk Soul Brother means standing up to injustice by using peaceful means and serving as an example to others that service to humanity is the best work of life. It means not allowing negativity to permeate your daily life. Being a Funk Soul Brother means walking in your truth by taking action that allows you to shine your light and illuminate the world.

There will be times when being a Funk Soul Brother has its challenges as your human side will want to override your spiritual side. It is at times like this that you must turn inward and be guided by your inner divinity so that you can live by the principles that have lead you to be a beacon of hope and healing for others. It is knowing that you can overcome any adversity that comes your way for if GOD brought you to it GOD will bring you through it.  It is when we begin to understand that we are all divine children of GOD and GOD has great plans for us that we can step into our power and become Funk Soul Brothers and Sisters.  It is when we stand in our truth that we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Break All The Chains!!!

As you undergo your spiritual awakening you will experience many obstacles in the form of mental chains that have been holding you back from manifesting the life that you desire. Mush of your challenge can be faced by simple breaking the mental chains that are stopping you from thriving by making a connection to a higher power,  whatever you call that power be it  GOD, Jesus, Source, Allyah, Spirit, or another name remember it is your connection that creates a oneness consciousness that then allows you to attract peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life. When you are disconnected you create the mental chains of anguish that stop you from living a life of purpose that has been predetermined by a higher power. As you begin to break all the chains and praise GOD for all the goodness that GOD has provided you will find yourself creating many opportunities where you will flourish. Many times we keep ourselves mentally chained because we do not see that we are divine children of GOD destined to be great and thus we stay stuck. Well now is the time to break all the chains and go from stuck to unstoppable. Stop listening to doubters, haters, naysayers and instead begin to list to the divine messages that are being delivered and take appropriate action. If you have found that you are doing your best to fit in and it isn’t working remember that you were not put on this earth to fit in you were put on this earth to stand out and to thrive while being of service and value to others.  It is time you eliminate the people and things that are creating mental chains and stopping you from living the life you desire. You have 2 choices you can face everything and rise or you can forget everything and run. I have found it is when you face down a challenge and realize that if GOD brought you to it GOD will bring you through it. It is when you let go and let GOD that you will break the chains of mental bondage and begin to make the mind, body, and soul connection that will lead to personal, professional, and spiritual growth.
It is when we have the desire to break free and take action to leave behind the people and things and sometimes the places that are holding us back that we begin to tap into our inner divinity and as a result we remove the mental chains that in the past and up until now have held us back from creating a life filled with bliss and abundance.  Over the years I have found that by detaching from circumstances and allowing things to flow as GOD has intended that my journey is filled with calmness and happiness.  When we free ourselves from our stinking thinking and our negative self talk we realize that we are powerful beings that none but ourselves can stop. It is when we stand in our power directed by GOD that we become stronger and are able to better serve our community. In breaking away from our own mental chains we help others to break free from their mental chains and as a result we create a world where peace, love, and understanding become the way.

When we make the divine connection and break our mental chains we begin to see that we are free to live the life that GOD has planned for us. So many times we find ourselves listening to others and worrying about what people will think or say about us that we stay slaves mentally chained to limiting beliefs that we never take action and thus we find ourselves living with regret and resentment. Do not allow people to tell you you can not do something because you are capable beyond measure to achieve great things. Now is the time to break your mental chains and to experience the freedom to be divinely guided on your spiritual path and to see where your path will lead by simply believing in a higher power and allowing that higher power to direct you. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Just Jump!!!

Many times we are hesitant in taking action as we allow all of our doubts and fears to creep into our human experience thus blocking us from our spiritual growth. How many times have you wanted to jump but you made an excuse not to and then as you sat in reflection wondered what might have been or what could have been. When you make taking action part of your spiritual development ritual and you simply jump and allow things to fall as they may you will find that you evolve personally, professionally, and spiritually. It is often said that when one door closes another opens. When that one door closes simply find another door to open and create your own opportunity to embrace your spiritual awakening and manifest the life that you desire. Sometime it is when you go your own way and jump that better things happen thus bringing more peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life.
 Along our spiritual path we will encounter many people and they all serve some type of purpose for us. In many cases in our life we must simply go our own way until we find those who will lift us, support us, and most importantly respect us. I have recently come to understand that is it better to go where you are celebrated rather than stay somewhere where you are simply tolerated. I have also learned that not everyone will be as eager to jump on you path and that it is not your job to drag them kicking and screaming onto your path but to simply shine your light and to illuminate the world and when they are ready they will come onto your path. As you walk your path you will find doubters and haters that simply have not tapped into the greatness that lies within them and are a bit jealous because you are doing things that they always wanted to do but haven’t. It is believed that the richest place on earth is a cemetery because many valuable assets that were not used by people when they were alive because they bough into the negativity of people telling them they can’t do something. Never allow the thoughts of others to stop you from stepping into your power and assuming the greatness and prosperity that is your birthright.  In the past I would doubt my ability and not go to auditions for public announcer positions now I take the opportunity and make videos while i am at the audition and I allow things to flow as they may. In jumping I have met with much success as I have landed paying gigs with The Legends Football League, The Miami Fury, The South Florida Gold, The Sean Taylor Classic, and other teams and events. I have realized that when you decide to face everything and rise that you create more and more opportunities. When you decide to be a jumper and reach higher you will find that many good things come your way. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: I Got Your Limits Right Here!!!

 As many of my regular readers know I have a bit of a New York Edge about me as I spent 4 1/2 years at Hofstra University in Long Island NY, and I developed an attitude of I can do anything and you will not get in my way. I would often answers people I got your limits right here you gotta a problem with that. One of the things that I learned was that those who said it can’y be done were coming from a position of fear instead of abundance. I have often done things differently than others and many don’t understand. I was recently called on the carpet by The American Cancer Society for actions that I took to raise money for The Sunrise Relay For Life. I have done well so far with my methods and raised $768 toward a goal of $1000. My Donation Page is I was told that a few patrons at Legends complained about me going table to table to collect donations. I had obtained permission from The GM and in a matter of a 1/2 hour collected $34 and was able to share Relay For Life literature with many people. I had one lady give me a hug and thank me for giving her the 1-800-acs-2345 number. Of course the executive director didn’t bring this up and focused on the patron that complained. I simply took a deep breath and realized that she didn’t understand that when you go table to table with the permission of a GM you will have some people who complain heck there are some people who will complain about anything. She said you should have arranged to set up a table and allowed people to come to you. As I have been doing fundraising for over 35 years I have found that having a table is not the most effective way to fundraise. I have found the most effective way is to go person to person with literature and make the ask. Some will complain and some will give that is simply the nature of what goes with fundraising.  It was at this point that I thought I GOT YOUR LIMITS RIGHT HERE!!! I didn’t verbalize this as I realized that taking the conversation any further would be like wrestling a pig in the mud you both would get dirty but the pig would enjoy it. I have learned that when working with organizations there will be people who come from a position of lack and those who come from a position of abundance. I have also come to understand that many people have limiting beliefs and tell you why you can’t do something and focus on why it can not be done instead of finding a way to do it. I have come to learn that if someone is going to get upset because I asked them for a donation it is about them and has nothing to with me. When you take action and declare I got your limits right here you will encounter those who will doubt you, try to block you, and limit you. When you encounter these people all you can do is listen, take a deep breath, and then pray that one day they will go from limiting beliefs to limitless beliefs. I have learned that when you have limitless beliefs nothing can stop you.

When you find others who are willing to tell the world I got your limits right here embrace them and become a lifter so as to build dreams together. The key is to find the people who share in your vision and understand that we are all limitless and that we have talents that when used for the betterment of the world the world is improved as well as our personal, professional, and spiritual lives. When you believe that nothing is going to stop you you will become limitless. When we are determined to move forward in a positive direction of our dreams nothing is going to stop you and nothing will break your stride. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: !!!

 As I listened to this song by Abba I began to realize that on a spiritual path gratitude and using your talents for good are important in tapping into your inner divinity so as to bring peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life and into the lives of others. We all have talents inside of us and when we use these talents for good GOD rewards us. When we step out and let our talents out we shine our light bright and thus give permission to others to do the same. When we use our talents for good the entire world is illuminated.


The Parable of the Talents (also the Parable of the Minas and the Parable of the Pounds), is one of the parables of Jesus, which appear in two of the canonical gospels of the New Testament; a thematically variant parable appears in the non-canonical Gospel of the Hebrews. Although the basic story in each of these parables is essentially the same, the differences between the parables that appear in the Gospel of Matthew 25:14-30 and in the Gospel of Luke 19:12-27 are sufficient to indicate that the parables are not derived from the same source.[1] In Matthew, the opening words link the Parable of the Talents to the preceding Parable of the Ten Virgins, which refers to the Kingdom of Heaven.[1]

In both Matthew and Luke, a master puts his servants in charge of his goods while he is away on a trip. Upon his return, the master assesses the stewardship of his servants. He evaluates them according to how faithful each was in making wise investments of his goods to obtain a profit. It is clear that the master sought some profit from the servants’ oversight. A gain indicated faithfulness on the part of the servants. The master rewards his servants according to how each has handled his stewardship. He judges two servants as having been “faithful” and gives them a positive reward. To the single unfaithful servant who “played it safe,” a negative compensation is given.

As I work with clients I see there talent and come up with ways for them to monetize their talents. Many times I hear all the excuses why they are not using monetizing their talent and they keep throwing up roadblocks. When they do this I say let’s find a way to really integrate your talent with ways to make money so you can be of service and value to others. I hear all the time how the market is saturated or I don’t have a big name. I answer you have a talent and you will attract the people that are seeking your products or services. What roadblocks are you putting up that is stopping you from using your talents to create the life you desire? Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Allow Yourself To Fly!!!

Today’s blog entry was inspired by the action that I took to go to Taste of Tamarac and promote The South Florida Gold, a professional basketball team that plays in The American Basketball Association. I am the announcer and team ambassador  and thus have a responsibility to share the team with people. As I walked through the even The president of the chamber told me it was in a appropriate to solicit the vendors so I told him to pound sand and continued about my business and everyone I spoke with was very receptive especially after I did complimentary promo videos for them. I went in with the attitude that I was going to be positive and ignore anyone who tried to stop me from flying. As I continued to walk around the event I cam across The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Tamarac and they all recognized me for my work with other Relays and I was able to lend my talent to make a promo video for them. The event ended and I went to Starbucks and a few gentleman I knew from their martial arts studio came in and immediately I gave them a schedule and invited them to come to a South Florida Gold Game. This really got  me to thining how important it is in spiritual development to allow yourself to fly.  I came to the understanding there will people who try to hold you down and there will be people who build you up and it is better to be around those that build you up.

 It is possible to fly high and really experience a spiritual awakening by getting in touch with your divinity  and not allowing anyone to stop you from reaching your full potential. Sometimes it means taking action to eliminate the doubters and the naysayers and calling people out so you can allow yourself to fly. Sometimes we must remind ourselves that we are divine children of GOD and that GOD knows our name and knows the plans he has for us to fly high.  We must remember that there will be people who may not be as evolved as us spiritually and will try to use your skills without honoring you or allowing you to fly so you must look and see if being involved with this person is of service or is it time to cut ties and allow yourself to fly. The best we can do to those who have trespassed against us and created a blockage is to forgive and move on understanding that the only person that you can change is you. I have come to learn that sometimes you will encounter people who do not appreciate you and your efforts so in order to allow yourself to fly you must tell them to go pound sand. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening:Seeking A Better Way!!!


Today I was asking GOD to help me find a better way of doing things so that those that perceive that I may have wronged them will let go and look at me for who I am today not the person I was years ago. He delivered this song which tells us to speak the truth. Speaking and walking in your truth is the best way.  I often reach out to people I dealt with in the past to see if I can be of service and value to them now despite what may have occurred in the past. In doing so sometimes I find them to be very happy and in some cases they don’t want to speak to you as they haven’t let go of the past and haven’t looked at the role they played in the situation. The key to finding a better is to seek forgiveness for past transgressions and to forgive those that you perceive to have harmed you. I have come to grips that I have made some decisions that may not have seemed like the proper decision by others but in my heart I knew I did what GOD had directed me to do as GOD wants you to find the best way according to his plan.

When I heard the story behind this song I began to think  the best way is to forgive and to let it go and to move on. I have been practicing not to judge and to understand that many people may not have the capacity yet to forgive. Such was the case with a contact that I made after several years who stated I had burnt a bridge and the bridge can not be rebuilt. This struck a chord with me and than I meditated on it for a while and realized that there are more people that think highly of me then those that do not. I realized some people have not evolved to look at who I have becoming and how I am growing personally, professionally, and spiritually. I can forgive them and realize that until they let go it will be them who are blocked from becoming a spiritually enlightened  person free from blockages. I have learned it is not my job to try to correct the past it is my job to learn from it so that I can move forward. I have learned when you seek forgiveness it forces the other person to look at the role they played in the situation and if they aren’t ready to do that they will through up many defenses like the statement about burning a bridge. I have found a better way and that is to own up to the role you played and then make corrections accordingly. The strongest people are the ones who can forgive and move forward. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: When A Loss Is Actually A Win!!!

For those of you who follow me on Facebook or have liked my fan page or joined one of my groups you know that I was nominated for a John C. Maxwell Leadership Award. I was honored to be nominated for this prestigious honor in the community service category. When I was notified that I made the top 100 I was elated as my message of service to humanity being the best work of life was being heard. I did not make it to the top 30 which had me thinking is this a loss  or a win  and I concluded it was a bit of both as i didn’t make the top 30 which can be viewed as a loss but I did gain tremendous insight into areas of my life that need to be improved so this was a win. As I reflected and meditated on the entire experience I realized that in the spiritual awakening process what we may perceive as a set back can actually be a spring board for personal and spiritual development. I have come to learn that there are times in our life when what we perceive as losing is actually winning because setback allow us to have step ups.  Sometimes it is as simple as looking at what did I learn from the process? In the case of The John Maxwell Leadership Awards I learned that making a positive impact is important and putting yourself out there in an authentic manner by walking in your truth can be a very cathartic experience. I learned that as long as you are shining your light others will see that and recognize that so you do not have to brag because there are many people who will recognize your greatness. I also learned that when you are following your calling and tapping into your divine guidance system that everything will work out and you win in the end.

Through out the spiritual awakening process you will face many challenges. Many of these challenges will seem like losses when in reality they are lessons to move you forward along your path that will lead you to prosperity and greatness. I remember when I was competing with The Jaycees in The John H. Armbruster Competition which is a resume writing and interview skills competition based on the community service work done with The Jaycees and I didn’t make the call backs the first time out but I went home and practiced and started to do more and more work with my Jaycees Chapter and the next time out I made the finals (callbacks) and I finished #2 and at the end of the year I finished #2 again and missed out on a trip to The U.S. Jaycees  National Competition. I could have quit and said okay #2 is good enough but I didn’t as I had a goal to represent The Florida Jaycees on a National Level.  I worked very hard and began to tap into my divine guidance system and in 1995 I made it to The U.S. Jaycees National Armbruster Competition. Not only did I make it to the competition I was named one of The Top 5 Jaycees in America. This is another example of when a loss can actually be a win. I learned to persevere and continue to go after a goal so as to grow professionally, personally, and spiritually. Many times on our journey there will be times when we perceive to have lost but in reality we won because we never gave up and we moved forward in a positive direction of our dreams. Many times a loss gives us the motivation to continue to chase our dreams and thus we create a win. Read More→