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Spiritual Awakening: Live Like A Warrior!!!

As you awaken spiritually you begin to see that living life as a spiritual warrior is what your were meant to do so as to shine a light that will illuminate the world.  In becoming a peaceful warrior whose actions are filled with love and compassion you grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. In understanding the idea that you must stand for something or you will fall for anything you begin to strengthen your ability to make a mind, body, soul connection. In taking action to be a spiritual warrior you set things in motion that will attract peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life. In becoming a spiritual warrior and living like a warrior you start to see that the outcomes you are getting in life are related to the energy you are bringing to the tasks you are performing.

Mother Teresa once said if you can not do great things do small things with great love. Mother Teresa was a spiritual warrior who impacted many lives and taught us many lessons of love and compassion. Mother Teresa taught us that each day we can start over and light a fire that will burn bright to light a path for others to walk so that peace, love, and understanding become the way of the day. It is important that we light the flames of hope of healing and keep them burning by becoming peaceful spiritual warriors who share peace, love, joy, and prosperity with others. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Get Your Swag On!!!

 One of the terms I have  come to learn in the promotional and marketing realm is SWAG, which refers to the free items you get at events from different vendors. SWAG is also short for Swagger used to describe the way someone carries themselves. As I put on my Chuck Taylor Purple Beat Cancer Sneakers I began to see how getting your swag on can determine how people perceive you. Many have admired my sneakers and they have opened up a line of communication that has allowed me to interact with people and share my story. As a result I have attracted many people who want to help me on my mission to plant the seeds of hope and healing for cancer patients, their families, and their friends. As I walked into many businesses I saw people looking at my sneakers and I smiled and many made positive comments and I realized as I shine my light and get my swag on I have the chance to illuminate the world one person at a time. I have come to understand that when you get your swag you must be prepared to instill a philosophy of some will, some won’t, so what, some waiting, next as it is not your job to drag people kicking and screaming to your way of thinking but to simply shine your light bright for others to see thus giving them permission to shine their light. It is when you get your swag on that you can have a great influence on people and thus show the world that service to humanity is the best work of life.

When you decide to take action and get your swag on it is important that when you carry yourself with confidence and begin to assert yourself it is important to understand that not everyone will resonate with the way you do things or your message. Also remember the most successful people in the world were those that were seen as different or a bit out there as their thoughts were not mainstream however those who thought differently and implemented their ideas were the people that changed the world. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: The Christmas Milkshake!!!

As I sat at Starbucks today watching the baristas make many holiday drinks I began to think about making a Christmas Milkshake. I stated to think what would be in The Christmas Milkshake and I thought a dash of candy cane to represent the kindness that Christmas brings out, some heart shaped candies to show the Love of Christmas, some whip cream to exhibit the sweetness of Christmas, some snowflake shaped ice cream to represent the Joy of Christmas, some green gummy bears to show the abundance and happiness of Christmas. In the end it would be blended to illustrate the concepts of peace, love, joy, and prosperity.

After I made The Christmas Milkshake I would make sure there was enough for everyone and I would share it in hopes that the spirit of Christmas would be held in everyone’s heart and that through out the year they would take action to bring peace, love, joy, and prosperity into their personal, professional, and spiritual lives.  I would also invite people to come and enjoy The Christmas milkshake while listening to not only upbeat Christmas songs but also to motivational and inspirational music. Imagine the spiritual connections that could be made if we all just sat down and shared a Christmas milkshake. What would you put in your Christmas Milkshake?

The goal of serving the Christmas Milkshake would be to bring a sense of joy to the person receiving it.  If we could all sit down and share a Christmas Milkshake what would you bring to the table?The Christmas Milkshake could lead to a whole shift where people become of more service and value to each other.

Spiritual Awakening: Music To Accompany The Christmas Milkshake!!!

May your Christsmas be filled with much peace, love, joy, and prosperity. May the spirit of Christmas be filled within  you heart all year through as you continue on your spiritual journey as you create a oneness consciousness that will bring you much fulfillment.  When times get tough and you need motivation and inspiration sit back and make yourself a Christmas Milkshake.


Spiritual Awakening: We Are One!!!

 One day when the world has a spiritual awakening we will all realize that we are one. We are all made in the image of GOD with a divine purpose and calling and must honor and praise GOD and be of service and value to those we come in contact with so that we can create a world that is full of positivism. We muss start by checking our ego at the door and seek ways to improve the lives of others thus improving our own lives personally, professionally, and spiritually.  One day we will see only positive things being reported on the news and people beginning to help one another. This shift can occur if we all begin to subscribe to Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements.

The Four Agreements | Quilting JetgirlImagine if we had these four agreements plastered all over our schools, in our government buildings, and in public places and started a movement to create more positivism in our world. Imagine of we started to look beyond the outer and into the inner and saw people as divine children of GOD and began to interact with people and finding ways to help each other. What if we put all of our preconceived notions and judgments aside and started getting to know people on a cellular level and connecting with positive vibrations. Things would get easier and brighter.

Each day we all have an opportunity to make things easier and brighter our actions can create an avalanche of positivism that leads to hope and healing.  each day we wake up we should ask ourselves what can I do to add value to someone else’s life. By helping others and being a lifter you will be lifted. When we realize that times are changing and we must be more loving and compassionate our world will change. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Worth More Than Gold!!!

Gold opened at $1,127.13 today and I started to think about how focused we get on our self worth and came up with the answer tot he question of what are you worth. The answer is I am worth more than GOLD. I started to examine what my response truly meant as it relates to a spiritual awakening and the message I received was simple that you are worthy and you are enough and that  GOD knows you are worth more than gold. As I delved more and more into the idea of self worth I began to realize that many people do not value themselves highly enough and thus are struggling with their personal, professional, and spiritual growth. To combat this I suggest that you start believing that you are worth more than gold and that you are deserving of all the greatness coming your way. I have learned that when you create the worth more than gold mindset that you can overcome any adversity that comes your way. Many times all you need to understand is that you are a divine child of GOD and GOD doesn’t make any junk. Begin to process the fact that you are a valuable person and that you have a talent that will serve the world in a great way and you will begin to see great changes in your life as you are worth more than gold.
One of the anthems I have adopted that has helped me to take action is this song by Britt Nicole, Gold. It has helped me to realize just how important it is to value yourself  as I have learned if you do not value yourself no one else will.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To Create A Worth More Than Gold Mindset!!!

Affirmations have proven to be a great tool in forming the worth more than gold mindset while staying centered, grounded, and focused. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: When A Loss Is Actually A Win!!!

For those of you who follow me on Facebook or have liked my fan page or joined one of my groups you know that I was nominated for a John C. Maxwell Leadership Award. I was honored to be nominated for this prestigious honor in the community service category. When I was notified that I made the top 100 I was elated as my message of service to humanity being the best work of life was being heard. I did not make it to the top 30 which had me thinking is this a loss  or a win  and I concluded it was a bit of both as i didn’t make the top 30 which can be viewed as a loss but I did gain tremendous insight into areas of my life that need to be improved so this was a win. As I reflected and meditated on the entire experience I realized that in the spiritual awakening process what we may perceive as a set back can actually be a spring board for personal and spiritual development. I have come to learn that there are times in our life when what we perceive as losing is actually winning because setback allow us to have step ups.  Sometimes it is as simple as looking at what did I learn from the process? In the case of The John Maxwell Leadership Awards I learned that making a positive impact is important and putting yourself out there in an authentic manner by walking in your truth can be a very cathartic experience. I learned that as long as you are shining your light others will see that and recognize that so you do not have to brag because there are many people who will recognize your greatness. I also learned that when you are following your calling and tapping into your divine guidance system that everything will work out and you win in the end.

Through out the spiritual awakening process you will face many challenges. Many of these challenges will seem like losses when in reality they are lessons to move you forward along your path that will lead you to prosperity and greatness. I remember when I was competing with The Jaycees in The John H. Armbruster Competition which is a resume writing and interview skills competition based on the community service work done with The Jaycees and I didn’t make the call backs the first time out but I went home and practiced and started to do more and more work with my Jaycees Chapter and the next time out I made the finals (callbacks) and I finished #2 and at the end of the year I finished #2 again and missed out on a trip to The U.S. Jaycees  National Competition. I could have quit and said okay #2 is good enough but I didn’t as I had a goal to represent The Florida Jaycees on a National Level.  I worked very hard and began to tap into my divine guidance system and in 1995 I made it to The U.S. Jaycees National Armbruster Competition. Not only did I make it to the competition I was named one of The Top 5 Jaycees in America. This is another example of when a loss can actually be a win. I learned to persevere and continue to go after a goal so as to grow professionally, personally, and spiritually. Many times on our journey there will be times when we perceive to have lost but in reality we won because we never gave up and we moved forward in a positive direction of our dreams. Many times a loss gives us the motivation to continue to chase our dreams and thus we create a win. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Spread The Sunshine!!!

As I was emceeing The Florida Initiative For Suicide Prevention 5k Hugs For Hope  event today (5/9/2015) I saw a shirt worn by one of the teams that read Spread The Sunshine. This became the theme as I announced the runners finishing, which then turned into doing shout outs as people would tell me the runner’s name and I would build them up and encourage them. I then had the opportunity to deliver a message of HOPE before giving out the medals. After handing out the medals and waiting for my payment many people came up to me and complimented me  on how great my message was. One woman told me that my comment about the two things that matter in life  are if you lived your life with joy and if your life brought joy to others moved her to tears. As I arrived at Starbucks I put out my Oracle Cards to see if it would stimulate conversation and help to make connections thus creating a positive shift and encouraging people to spread the sunshine.

Inside all of us is a divine energy that allows us to spread our inner sunshine and thus we can light up the world and make an effective change. As I emceed the event today I challenged the crowd to meet someone they didn’t already know. I then went to Starbucks and put this into practice and I met a record producer and we had a great conversation and he told me to give him a call. When you reach out and spread your sunshine you put out an energy that radiates to others to let them spread their sunshine. In making the mantra I will spread my sunshine into a daily anthem you will begin to see opportunities present themselves that will allow you to grow personally and professionally.  It is when we use the lessons of the ascended masters to awaken spiritually that we are able to tap into our inner divine sunshine and answer our calling by taking action to be of service and value to others. In committing to spread the sunshine you put yourself  in a position to come alive and help the community. In helping the community you begin to help yourself.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To Help You Spread The Sunshine!!!


Quotes and bible verses are excellent tools to help in spreading the sunshine. Read More→