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Spiritual Awakening: 2018 A Year Of Getting Stronger!

As I wrap up 2017 and look back to see if I made it a year of hope and healing I can say that I had many triumphs and also faced many tragedies and I am able to now declare that 2018 will be a year of getting stronger.  I know in order to do this I will need to finish out 2017 strong and find ways to continue to share with others and make them stronger in mind, body, and soul so that I will become stronger.  To become stronger mentally, physically, emotionally,and spiritually you will have to continue to be an action taker. The first step to gaining strength and clarity is to take action and to let go and let GOD. When you have a strong spiritual connection to GOD you begin to see that everything is in order the way GOD has intended it to be.  As you experience your spiritual awakening and declare 2018 to be a year where you will get stronger and grow personally, professionally, and spiritually you will find some very subtle changes in your life that will lead to you having peace, love, joy, and prosperity.  When you make a declaration and you take action to work on manifesting that declaration you will find yourself experiencing positive changes in your life that allow you to be of service and value to other. In working on strengthening you mind, body, and soul you will see the more work you do and the more authentic you are the better the outcome. As you look back on 2017 look at what worked for you and what you could do differently and then declare that 2018 will be a year of getting stronger.

Image result for Spiritual StrengthIn making 2018 a year of getting stronger we must strengthen our relationship with GOD and listen to the messages that GOD is delivering. Each morning make it a point to give thanks to GOD and praise GOD and then commit to letting go and letting GOD. Make it a point to seek the answers from GOD, The Ascended Masters, Jesus, and The Angels and they will guide you to a life where you are strong and capable. Take time to consult the scriptures  and to really live by the word as it will give you strength. I remember a day about 2 years ago I went out to collect for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life with a bible in one hand and a collection canister in the other. I came upon a business and the person behind the counter asked me what I was reading I showed him the bible and he responded I better help as you have a very powerful weapon with you. He donated $5 and I realized that we gain power by being connected to GOD. I carry the bible with me everywhere I go now as you never know how you can help others to find their strength. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: A Journey To The Light Side!!!

As I drove to Boca Raton today (12/21/2017) to pick up copies of this book that Michelle Goebel donated to help in the effort to assist those touched by cancer I realized that this was a journey to the light side as this donation was made with the intention of spreading love to those touched by cancer without any expectations of return. When I arrived at Starbucks I decided to read Michelle’s chapter, The Universe Heals Through The Heart, it was a very enlightening read and really confirmed the importance of journeying to the light side. Michelle’s story illustrates what is possible when you journey to the light side.

Image result for The Light Side SpiritualityAfter reading Michelle’s story I felt a shift of energy in my body as I began to find things to be grateful for and ways to be a beacon of hope and healing to others. It is through the journey to the light side that we are able to find ways to enhance the personal, professional, and spiritual lives of others while also enriching our own lives. It is in finding the light and driving out the darkness that we are able to move forward in a positive direction to enlightenment. In our journey we will encounter darkness however when we encounter darkness we have a choice we can dwell on the darkness or we can tap into our inner divinity and bring bright light to us using the forces of GOD, JESUS, The Ascended Masters, and The Angels to drive out the darkness thus allowing us to be a bright shining light that will help to illuminate the world with positivism. We have the ability to create a life filled with much peace, love, joy, and prosperity by simply reminding ourselves that we are divine children of GOD and GOD wants us to prosper as we journey toward enlightenment. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: A Dose Of Civility Needed!!!

As I have become an action taker I have encountered many great people who truly understand the importance of civility as it relates to evolving as a spiritual being then their are those who simply need a dose of civility. In today’s world that seems to be driven by social media people have become very discourteous in their dialogues not understanding that the way you treat people will determine how far you rise in this life. Last night (12/19/2017) I was watching The Cheribundi Tart Cheery Boca Bowl and interacting on Facebook when I posted a comment on  a post and was immediately berated by the poster with very unsuitable language. I was taken aback by this because I didn’t know this person and he made a horrible impression on me I answered back very politely only to be told to go eat a ****. I took a deep breath and consulted the ascended masters. I received the message that not everyone is as open as you JDOGG but do not get discouraged simply move on and remember those who are meant to interact with you will be shown to you. I have come to learn that what we need in our society today is a dose of civility. I have learned that not everyone will be kind and compassionate and to focus on those who are supportive and realize that not everyone has been awakened spiritually and that it is not my job to drag them kicking and screaming onto the path but to allow them to find the path when they are ready.
Despite the lack of civility on some people’s part it is important to remember the importance of walking in your truth and fighting the good fight. There are going to be times when people say things or do things that make you wonder what the heck. When this occurs it is important to detach from the situation and simply be civil and courteous and allow everything to flow as GOD has intended because if GOD brought you to it GOD will bring you through it. I have come to understand that if you stay committed to following the messages of GOD, Jesus, The Ascended Masters, and The Angels and fighting the good fight you will attract peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life. When you give everyone a dose of civility there is a ripple effect and a subtle change occurs because you remembered that you are  divine child of GOD and you recognize that divinity in others.  If we are truly going to fight the good fight we need a dose of civility. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Waking People Up!!!

As I continue to travel on my spiritual path I have come across many people that need to wake up. Regular readers of this blog know my passion for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and how I am always armed with facts and figures to help people wake up. Today (12/16/2017) I was out promoting Relay For Life and I had a gentleman say I put $1 in the canister and only $.25 (25 cents) goes to the people that need it. I explained that he was mistaken as 96% of each dollar raised goes to research, education, advocacy, and services. I also explained that I was a volunteer and that I do this to honor the memory of those taken by cancer including my mom who was called home to GOD on July 5, 2012 after suffering a massive heart attack while battling non-operable metastatic lung cancer. His reply I do my own thing. I said thank you GOD bless you and I left.  I share this with you to educate you so you have the facts thus you can be aware and awake to the truth.  In another instance today I went to The Pizza Hut in my community where I was a  loyal customer and I encountered a General Manager who immediately blew me off say I had to go through their main office. I was a bit taken about by this as one would think that a General Manager would be empowered to make a donation of 10 pizzas for an event that was 4 months away. I left thinking wow people need to wake up and find more kindness. I went to my car and remembered that some will, some won’t, some waiting, so what, next. As I drove over to Starbucks to write this entry I also remembered that is not my job to drag people kicking and screaming onto the path but instead to shine my light so bright that it illuminates the world and gives people permission to wake up. As I sat down to write this blog I was reminded that if I can not do big things to do small things with great love. I realized that b be caring and kind I would be able to shine my light and thus create a change in the world as I woke more people up..

Image result for Inner Divinity We need to understand that it is our responsibility to carry ourselves in a way in which peace, love, joy, and prosperity are exuded from us so that we raise the collective consciousness of those we encounter so that they will become awakened. It is important to understand that not everyone is as evolved spiritually as we may be and may not share the same passion that we share thus we must find common ground. It is out responsibility as evolving beings to make sure that we meet people where they are and do our best to lift them so that they can become the strong beings that they are.  Read More→

Spiritual Awakenings: A Season Of Gratitude And Healing!!!

As we begin to enter The Holiday Season it is important to make gratitude and healing part of each day and to carry forward the concept of spreading joy. You have an opportunity daily to be supportive of others and to be a lifter all you have to do is focus on making positivism rule your day. The vibrations that you give off will be returned to you.  In the trying times that we face today we need to take a step back and breathe and be grateful for what we have  and celebrate that we have the ability to be action takers and make a positive impact on the lives that we come in contact with through out the day. Every interaction we have is a chance to spread peace, love, joy, and prosperity to others. One of the things I like to do to get me in a positive spiritual frame of mind is to listen to different spiritual related songs so that I stay centered, focused, and grounded on the mission to make this a season of gratitude and healing. In adopting certain anthems and following the ascended masters it allows us the opportunity to make a joyful noise unto the lord providing us to attract more gratitude and healing into our lives.
In making a joyful noise to the lord in praise and worship you open channels to enhance your personal, professional, and spiritual life. In making this a season of hope and healing you will find that you vibrate on a high level that attracts the tools necessary to manifest the life you desire  into your daily routine. In letting go and letting GOD by showing gratitude you will find many issues resolved so that you can move forward in a positive direction of your dreams. Read More→

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Spiritual Awakening: Can You Get It Up?

As you experience a spiritual awakening you will have the opportunity to evaluate how you raise your vibration so as to create more positivism in your life. The question to ponder is can I get my vibration frequency up to the point where it is attract like minded people into my life who will help me to rise up and make positive changes in my personal, professional, and spiritual life? In answering this question and committing to becoming an action taker you will find that you begin to have more success in your life thus creating ore peace, love, joy, and prosperity in your life.  You have a power to make positive changes and to change the vibration that you radiate. Take a look at how you are approaching things and what you can do differently and then begin to make those changes and you will see that your life becomes filled with bliss and abundance.  Your ability to rise up is determined by how you react to situations as they unfold each day.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To help You Get It Up!!!!

Every now and again we all can use a dose of spiritual Viagra to help us to raise our vibration frequency so that it enables us to make a connection to GOD. This Lakota song of praise unto the lord is a fantastic tool to have in your spiritual tool box to help you get it up.

Image result for Raising Vibrational FrequenciesIn the effort to raise your vibrations so that you have the ability to manifest the life you desire it is important to have a tool that will allow you embrace the fact that you possess a great power in you to make changes that will create positivism in your life. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Sowing The Seeds Of Love!!!

In the wake of some of the tragic events that have happened in the last several weeks I felt it was important to encourage people to sow the seeds of love by taking positive actions to spread peace, love, joy, and prosperity everywhere. As you awaken spiritually you will find that taken action from a position of love and kindness will enhance your personal, professional, and spiritual life.  We can go through life being angry and bitter which only leads to heartache and disease or we can choose to come from a position of love and gratitude and thus manifest a life that is filled with bliss and abundance. In looking at life being filled with endless possibilities we begin to tap into our inner divinity which allows us to follow the guidance of GOD, Jesus, The Angels, and The Ascended Masters creating the life we desire. It is important to understand that of you can not do great things that you do small things with great love. When you sow the seeds of love by taking action and following your passion you will find success.
When you answer your calling and embrace it with great love you will find yourself coming alive and being of service and value to others thus manifesting the life that you desire. When you wake up in the morning and realize that out of all the fruits of spirit Love s the greatest you will find yourself dealing with challenges as they arise much easier as you will understand that if GOD brought you to it GOD will bring you through for GOD loves you and wants you to be be happy and prosperous. When you commit to follow your heart the mind will follow and you will begin to create a life that is filled with the fruits of spirit. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Close Calls!!!

Image result for Hurricane IrmaAs Hurricane Irma circled over my condo I had many close calls and as the power went off I thought wow now is a good time to simply pray and meditate. As I prayed and asked GOD to protect me and everyone in the path of this disastrous storm I realized that in my life there have been many close calls and some how each time I experienced a close call I came out of it spiritually stronger as the divinity inside of me became more and more awakened.  As the storm subsided and life took on a sense of normalcy I realized there are many who will have to rebuild as this storm took many of the materialistic items that people had accumulated over time. My mom, who was called home to GOD on July 5, 2012 after suffering a massive heart attack while battling non-operable metastatic lung cancer used to say if money can fix it everything will be all right. She was correct to a certain extent as you can not replace memories or the warmth of a home you grew up in or the items that had sentimental value. As the storm passed I remembered the teaching that if GOD brought me to it God will bring me through it. I thanked GOD for keeping the damage to my community minimal and then I prayed that he would make everyone whole and complete.  This close call made me realize just how lucky I was to make it through the storm and how fortunate I am to have talents to use to be of service and value to others.

Image result for semi truckIn the weeks after the storm I have had some close calls like today (10/3/2017) as I was nearly hit by a semi tractor trailer while driving in a parking lot. At first I was mad that the driver didn’t see me and didn’t yield the right of way to me. After I avoided this close call I parked my car and I thanked GOD for watching over me. I then went in to the barber shop to get my hair cut. As I was leaving the barber shop I witnessed a car on fire two spots away from my car and I called 911 and moved my car to safety. I thought wow I just spent $300 on 2 new tires for the car and it was nearly caught on fire. As I hung up with the 911 operator and saw that I was safe I looked to the heaven and thanked GOD and Jesus for watching over me.  On my way to Starbucks I kept thinking how lucky I was and how many close calls I have had. There must be some message in these close calls. I think it is GOD telling me to slow down and find ways to be of service and value to others.  Read More→