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Spiritual Awakening: Stop The Madness!!!


A few years ago I made contact with an organization, Stop The Madness, and today I was looking for a topic to write about and I cam across this video and thought regardless of our race, sex, sexual orientation, creed, or social status that it is time for a spiritual awakening in our country. It is time that we all come together as one and recognize that we are all divine children of GOD and GOD has a purpose for each and everyone us. It is time for all of us to recognize the divinity in each other seeing that we are more alike than different. It is time to become action takers and make peace, love, and understanding the rule of the day.

It is time to stop the madness and start looking out for one another. It is a time of great change going on in our world right now as we are being confronted with challenges that have not been seen before thus it is time to face everything and rise and work together to make sure that while we journey along our spiritual path that we are shining a light so bright that it serves as a beacon of hope and healing for everyone to see. It is time to put differences aside and find a common ground so that our personal, professional, and spiritual lives are enhanced while we help to improve the lives of others. It is time we look for ways to come together and be of service and value to one another so that we can make our world a better place. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: A Funk Soul Brother!!!

As I reviewed my Facebook feed I saw a comment that read wishing you peace and light soul brother Jonathan. It was at that moment that I remembered this song by Fatboy Slim titled Funk Soul Brother. I began to think about what it means to be a Funk Soul Brother it means living in peace and sharing peace, love, joy, and prosperity. It mean being loving and caring in all you do. Being a Funk Soul Brother means standing up to injustice by using peaceful means and serving as an example to others that service to humanity is the best work of life. It means not allowing negativity to permeate your daily life. Being a Funk Soul Brother means walking in your truth by taking action that allows you to shine your light and illuminate the world.

There will be times when being a Funk Soul Brother has its challenges as your human side will want to override your spiritual side. It is at times like this that you must turn inward and be guided by your inner divinity so that you can live by the principles that have lead you to be a beacon of hope and healing for others. It is knowing that you can overcome any adversity that comes your way for if GOD brought you to it GOD will bring you through it.  It is when we begin to understand that we are all divine children of GOD and GOD has great plans for us that we can step into our power and become Funk Soul Brothers and Sisters.  It is when we stand in our truth that we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening:Feel The Rhythm!

 It is when you can feel the rhythm and vibrate on a high level that you achieve a spiritual awakening and awareness that makes you unstoppable. It is when we feel the rhythm that we can take action and move in a positive direction toward our dreams. It is when you begin to clear blockages and find clarity in your purpose that you will be in rhythm with GOD and thus create the life that you desire. As you continue to find you stride you will make beautiful music with your message through which ever medium you decide to share your gifts. As you begin to embrace your spiritual calling and adopt anthems and mantras you will find that there may be some obstacles along the way. These obstacles or speed bumps as I call them are put in our path to show us important lessons such as the fact that not everyone is going to resonate with us or agree with the way we do things. As these obstacles come into our path we must stay in the rhythmic relationship with GOD and follow his message understanding the plan GOD has for us is far greater than the plan we have for ourselves.  As we stay connected to GOD and vibrate with the rhythm that he has given us we are able to come alive and further change our personal, professional, and spiritual lives.

There will be many times that we are challenged and taken out of our rhythm. When this happen it is important to remember that you have the music inside of yourself and it is important for you to let it out for the whole world to hear. When someone tries to suppress your music simple detach from that person and move beyond anything that they do to negatively affect you.  The key is to know that you are a divine child of GOD and GOD wants you to be successful. To stay in rhythm put the negative emotions like anger and hate aside and instead be loving and forgiving.

When I have a tough time letting go and finding myself out of rhythm I turn to songs like this one to remind me that sometimes we must forgive people for they do not know what they do. Sometimes we must forgive ourselves for actions that have taken us out of rhythm and get back in tune understanding that  along our spiritual path there will be distractions and challenges  rearing their ugly heads in an attempt to get us out of rhythm. When this occurs take a deep breathe and ask yourself how are you going to stay on your path and create an excellent personal, professional, and spiritual life. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Finding The Sunny Side!!!


As we experience spiritual awakenings we will encounter darkness and light. When we encounter darkness it is important to take action and find the sunny side. As I continue to do my fundraising for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Boca Raton,, I encounter many people who for one reason or another find it necessary to condemn my actions and who are not open to listening to the reason behind why and what I am doing. Many times I get upset and this takes me to a dark place filled with anger because as much as I do my best to detach from the negativity there are times that my human side interferes with my spiritual side. In the last few weeks I have encountered some people who are so filled with themselves and a desire to be right that I found myself wanting to just punch them in the throat then I realized that this emotion did not serve me well and it was like wrestling a pig in the mud where you both get dirty but the pig enjoys it. As I looked back on my reactions and began to let go I felt relieved and began to focus on all those who were receptive to my work to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. It was when I began to look at the positive that I found many people who shared my posts and my entire outlook changed as I realized that you can find a sunny side in every situation.

Such was the case just now as I am sitting in Panera Bread working on this blog entry after a not so pleasant encounter while out collecting donations for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Boca Raton. As I was writing I received a Direct Message on Facebook from someone who promised me a donation and she wrote done. I checked my donation page and saw that her donation now puts me at $834.83 raised. She even went as far as sharing the donation page with others. This not only put a smile on my face but t also put a warmth in my heart and put me in a place of light as opposed to darkness. It is amazing what happens when you look for the sunny side in life. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Water Your Spiritual Gifts!!!

I often start my day off with a spiritual bath where I play meditative music and allow the water to wash over my body to cleanse off any negativity that I encountered and then I call on  GOD, my angels, and the ascended masters to help me to water my spiritual gifts. It is when the spiritual gifts are watered that they grow and expand an further allow me to be of service and value to others. In embracing my spiritual gifts I have been able to move forward with many projects such as my fundraising for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Sunrise. This morning I was at $852 raised so I asked GOD to direct me and guide me so I will reach my goal of $1000. His message was to send our more messages to people asking for donations.  I did just that asking people to visit and as of 6:30 PM today (3/17/2016) I am at $912 raised. In watering the spiritual gifts and allowing GOD to intercede I have been able to manifest some excellent results this week showing me again that when you are connected to GOD great things will happen. In watering our spiritual gifts we show respect to GOD and he allows us to nurture these gifts and grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. Just like a flower that blooms where it is planted when nurtured we also bloom where we are planted when we are nurtured.  It is  when we understand that we are divine children of GOD and God doesn’t make any junk that we can connect with our inner divinity and water our spiritual gifts thus creating a better life for ourselves and those we choose to help.
When we call on the water people to help us nurture our spiritual gifts we tap into our talents and as a result we achieve all that we set out to do. It is when we look at what we are doing and how it is affecting our life that we are able to make changes and thus stay focused, centered, and grounded which in turn propels us to soar to heights we never imagined. The greatest days of our lives are the day we are born and the day we discover why. When we discover our why and we begin to water our spiritual gifts we are able to tap into our inner divinity and live a life of purpose. When we stop worrying what other people will think and we make a mind, body, soul connection by watering our spiritual gifts we create a oneness consciousness that allows us to connect with others on a positive vibration frequency that creates a positive shift in the world around us. When we find our power and step into it by watering our spiritual gifts we are able to make positive changes in our life that brings us peace, love, joy, and prosperity.

As you water your spiritual gifts you will begin to see miracles all around you and you will gain a new appreciation for the connection that you have with GOD. I have come to understand that if GOD brought me to it GOD will bring me through it. I have come to learn to listen to GOD’S messages and act accordingly as he will put you in situations that allow you to prosper yourself and thus prosper others. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: The Great Buffet Of Life!!!

When the word buffet is mentioned most people think of food and all you can eat. What if I told you there is an endless buffet available to each of us to partake in that will nourish our mind, our body, and our soul. It is the great buffet of life which includes healthy food to fuel our body, knowledge to strengthen our mind, and a divine guidance system to build our soul.  When we begin to partake in the great buffet of life we understand that we are divine children of GOD and in order to praise and connect with GOD we must eat what builds our body up and doesn’t break the body down. It is when we take the action to commit to eating better that we will see major improvements physically and mentally. I know that when I am making better food choices I find myself feeling better and thus I am able to be of more service and value to others. So to start enjoying the great buffet of life I suggest you become aware of what you are putting into body and how it is making you feel. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: 2016 A Year Of Hope And Healing!!!

Healing and Hope | Counselor Blog As 2015 winds down I look back on the declaration to make it a year of  growth and expansion and I realize that so many great things happened for me in 2015 that lead to personal, professional, and spiritual growth. The highlights for 2015 were numerous as I was The Munford Johnson Community Service Award Winner for The City Of Lauderhill, I was an All Star with my fundraising for Relay For Life, I booked many gigs as an emcee, secured PA Announcing and Voice Over Work, and learned that many times in life I was the person responsible for what happens in my life and the importance of not playing the blame game. I can say that in 2015 I grew personally, professionally, and spiritually by becoming an action and paying more attention to the messages I was receiving from GOD, The Ascended Masters, and my angels. In 2015 I became more aware and awake in relation to what I was doing to manifest certain things in my life. I found that I was more in tune with myself and how my energy was affecting the outcomes of projects I was working on. I learned that by following my calling and making changes that I could come alive and as a result make a positive impact on the community. I learned to detach from outcomes and let go of expectations and simply allow things to unfold as they may. As a result my 2015 has been very good. There are 8 days left in 2015 and now I start to look to 2016. I have  declared 2016 to be a year of hope and healing.

The Hope and Healing CenterIn order to make 2016 a year of hope and healing I understand that I must make a commitment to transform instead of to conform. If I am to hold fast to my dreams I must check the emotions at the door and truly practice the principles of being impeccable  with my word, not taking anything personally, not making judgments, and to always do my best. This will mean taking time out to get in touch with my inner divinity and really implementing the idea of making a mind, body, soul connection. I have already begun to make some changes in my life as I have a personal trainer who is helping me to make a body transformation for me know if we look good and feel good we can do good. I have been very cognizant of what I am eating as I realize that what we put into our body has an effect on what we do and how we do it.  I have learned over time that if you are to truly be hopeful and heal you must peel back all your layers and be truthful with yourself. In getting in touch with who you really are you can make incredible inroads to remove the blockages that in the past were holding you back.  As 2016 approaches I suggest you take inventory on where you are and where you want to be and then take the necessary action steps to move you forward on your spiritual path. Read More→