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Spiritual Awakening: Creating A Glorious Day!!!

Each day we have a choice to awake and realize this is the day that GOD hath made and to be glad and rejoice in it or to awake and find fault in it. I choose to awake and be connected to GOD and make it a glorious day. I am asked many times JDOGG How do you create a glorious day? My answer is to simple understand that GOD has put us on this earth for a purpose and each day it is up to us to live our life based on that purpose. I have found that my purpose is to be of service and value to others. Each day I awake I ask a question how can I add value to someone’s life today?  Many times the answers are easy and range from showing someone gratitude to giving out tickets to a game for the professional basketball that I am The PA Announcer and Team Ambassador for, The South Florida Gold. It can be a s simple as sharing the store I work with, Celebrity Sports, and giving people a chance to get great memorabilia at excellent prices. It could be a s simple as sharing some knowledge to help someone grow their business. The key to creating a glorious day is to be loving and caring in all you do. To truly glorify the lord one must be willing to take action that positively impacts the lives of those around you. In some cases all it takes is a kind gesture or a smile. Sometimes it is just being a friend to others.

Many times creating a glorious day starts with the adoption of an anthem to be there for others not only when they may be down but when they are also experiencing great joy. The greatest measure of someone is not that they will ride in the limo with you when times are good but that they will ride the bus with you when you are facing challenges. Being a friend and having a friend creates a glorious day as you can be a lifter and also be lifted. Look for ways where you can do good deeds that you may never be repaid for by simple being a friend. It is when you can be a friend that you can create a glorious day. Another way to create a glorious day is to be conscious of the words you are using and to speak life. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Introducing A Spiritual Leader- Diana McClintic

by Guest blogger Diana McClintic

Diana McClintic     I met Diana McClintic on line via Facebook. She has some great insight into simply living life and going with the flow and allowing the universe to work for you. Here is here journey.


I have retired from nursing. I was an RN for 32 years. It actually became harder after a knee injury to be on my legs running around lugging a computer for 13 hours while taking care of people, and everything had to be perfect. No mistakes allowed and no time for breaks. There were days I would have 8 patients and discharge a couple of them meaning empty beds so I’d get more folks in from ER while taking care of the others. People were in for getting blood and sometimes you would have 2 of those patients at a time, so after a couple units then you discharge them and there you go another empty bed, another admission. People were in for serious medical problems and some may be sent to ICU and there you go, another admission. Tons of paperwork after the 12 hour shift ended. Nurses do so much that they do not get credit for doing. Now I am a retired nurse living on a small pension from a state job I had for 11 years. My children were doing fine so I finally for the first time in my life could do something for myself.

Although without money to pay for hotels what I did living on the road was hard yet rewarding and I wrote 3 books which I am awaiting the funds to publish them. I spent 2.2 years living on the road but first, I left Florida in 2009 and stayed home in Indiana for a bit, then drove to Northern Idaho and stayed with a friend. I got my Idaho license while there. My mother called me back to Indiana as she said she was sick and needed me so I went back home and stayed until my mother died with me and my younger brother at her side in 2011. Then I drove to Sedona, then to the west coast of California and up the coast then over and up to Mt. Shasta, then to 5 pow wows around Sacramento, then I stayed in Sacramento for a year before being called back home in Florida where I had lived for 19 years, raising my children alone. My daughter’s husband had died and she was in the process of losing her home and lost their business and also had lost 150 pounds as they both had the bird flu. I nursed my daughter back to health. I also have a naturopathic Dr. degree, which is not a medical doctor degree. It is a counseling degree. Florida does not like it when you practice naturopathy if you have a nursing, chiropractor or massage therapy license you have to be careful, not knowing when or who will try to get you for a word on a flyer or business card that you are not allowed to say. I used my skills as a naturopath to teach my daughter how to become well again. I passed the holistic board certification at a 6 hour board sitting exam in Chicago La Joilet college in 2002.

    I have always read cards of one kind or another and I’d love to be on a show taking callers for card readings and talking about my books that I hope to get published soon, and my adventures living on the road. I was always a spiritual person. I have been a seeker and healing facilitator since I was 4 years old. I had a couple of near death experiences and have seen angels. My life has never been easy, and being empathic meant I took on others pain often. I have had a few years now to cleanse my energetic body and prepare for my new life that I am creating with Jesus as my guide. I haven’t had computers for any length of time for a long time. In CA my computer was stolen and so I started spending my time in libraries everywhere I went. I manifested a computer and now it is not working any longer so I am back to using libraries with limited time and my blogs need a lot of work now. My daughter is back in Indiana now and living with family and working. Her house is up for auction June 29 so I am about to be on the road again. I plan to focus on some barter exchange work and finding my soul family. Her old cat needs a home as I do not think the cat will be able to travel. I am totally surrendered without being attached to the outcome, as I live in the now, and am knowing, being and grateful for my new life that is being created so I can be doing again. Readers and astrologers say it is now. Venus is at my birth Venus location now and in travel houses with Jupiter and other planets. I am told the time is now to meet that soul mate who will know and take interest in me, and the soul mate is already here energetically they say. The time is now to publish my books and to make a verbal CD of them as there are people who will pay to do this. I am in the spiritual knowing that all is well. It is not easy work however I can teach everyone how I got to this part of my life by working through the past and through the mind controls and healing myself and bringing in the highest vibes to make a new world for myself. I was born to teach spirituality. I was born to be a healing facilitator. So I am ready for what is next in my life.


Diana McClintic board certified Holistic RN

Spiritual Awakening: The Power of The Platforms!!!


Home » Leopard print platform shoes - RedWhen one thinks of platforms they often go to the idea of ladies shoes instead of the concept of platforms to communicate their message. There is a power in both. have you ever watched a man and his reaction to a woman in platform shoes? This power can also be used to spread your message by looking at what platforms you have to use to express your message. I have found that most women who wear platform shoes exude a confidence and deliver their message quite effectively. As I discovered this fact through my spiritual awakening I thought what If I could figuratively model the behavior of those confident women and find ways to use the power of my platforms?  As I sat in meditation and sought the answer to the question of how to use the power of my platforms to empower and inspire others the answer came to me. The answer was to just go with your heart and let everything else flow as it is intended to.  Over the last few months I have learned that we all have a voice and a power to utilize it for the betterment  of our world. I have learned that one of the best ways use the power of the platforms is to understand that we are powerful beyond measure and the only thing that can hold us back is our self. So many times we do not step into our power because we do not know just how powerful our voice can be. many times we do not take actions because we are afraid that someone might say no or not share the same enthusiasm we have for our passion.

Starbucks-Logo-Wallpaper-starbucks-3208054-1440-900Today I am at my local Starbucks writing this blog entry and I overheard two people speaking about art and music  and the development of their websites. I immediately walked over and introduced myself and gave them my business card. I have a great platform with as I host a TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EDT. The Anything Bucket is reaching over 50,000 viewers in 145 countries every week. This is a powerful platform as people can come on The Anything Bucket share their message, but the clip of their appearance, and utilize that clip in all of their marketing.  The greatest platform you have is getting out in public and sharing who you are and what you do with others as you never know who you may meet and how each of you can be of service and value to one another.  Part of the spiritual awakening process entails reaching out to others so as to enhance their personal and professional lives. It is through helping others that we help ourselves. Sometimes all it takes is the courage to say hello  to a stranger and watch what unfolds. Remember you have something to offer others and when you shine your light the entire world is illuminated. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: A Tribute To Greatness – Maya Angelou

When the news came across my Facebook Feed that Maya Angelou had been called home to GOD today (5/28/2014) my heart sank as she was a pioneer, an icon, a leader, an action taker, and an inspiration. Her legacy will be one of hope, success, and change. Maya Angelou played a major role in my spiritual awakening as it was her writing and her presence on this earth that helped me to understand many of the spiritual philosophies and beliefs that I had been studying. Maya Angelou was courageous as she fought for what she believed in and as a result affected change. As we celebrate her life we ask ourselves what will our legacy be? We ask what will become our memorable anthem. How far will our spiritual awakening take us?

 Maya Angelou was an award winner whose contributions to the world will live on in each of us. As we continue to find our inner divinity and share it with others we can learn from the many teachings of Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou  answered her calling and embraced it and as a result has inspired people to come alive and make a positive change in their lives. She brought entire communities together and taught us to detach from our preconceived notions and to rise about all judgments. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Pink, What Does It Mean?

 In the month of October the color pink represents breast cancer or breast health awareness. The NFL along with a partnership with The  American Cancer Society have teamed up to encourage women to get screened for breast cancer. I personally am asking everyone to participate in POINTS FOR THE CURE, a program where fans pick their team for 1 week during the season and pledge to donate $.25(25 cents) per point their team scores and then they visit and make their donation to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. Their is something very spiritual about being able to bring people together to celebrate the strength of those who have survived breast cancer, remember those who have lost their battle to breast cancer, and fight back so future generations do not have to hear the words you have breast cancer. This is a form of cancer that if detected early can be beaten. Please be an action taker and help to support my efforts to help those touched by breast cancer.



     As I was writing this entry I began to think what does the color pink represent and here is what I found.


The meaning of the color pink is unconditional love and nurturing. The color pink represents compassion, nurturing and love.The color pink, created by combining white and red, is the color most often associated with girls, especially babies. In 1597, Shakespeare used the word pink to describe a feeling. “In the pink” is a phrase that means feeling good and doing well. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Bethany Hamilton Inspires Beyond The Surf!!!



As I found the movie Soul Surfer on TV the other night I was intrigued and I watched what turned out to be an amazing inspirational story about Bethany Hamilton. As Bethany began to understand the impact she was making on the world far beyond the reaches of the surf she became in tune with her spirituality. The shark attack that took her arm was a tragic event that set in motion events that would not only transform Bethany’s life but would also transform the lives of those who followed Bethany’s Story. One of the most poignant scenes in the movie for me was when Bethany traveled to Phuket, Thailand to help World Vision after The Tsumani to help rebuild and help the villagers.  She took a surfboard to the water and continued to motion to a little boy to come to the shore line. The boy was afraid and hesitant but eventually trusted Bethany and he got on the surfboard and then other villagers followed and began to regain their strength and confidence.  Bethany would return home to stacks of fan letters explaining how she had inspired so many simply by getting back on her board and trying. Bethany would train for The Surfing National Championships and though the judges didn’t count the final wave as they determined she stood up after the horn all the competitors counted it. Bethany would win The National Championship The Next Year.

 Bethany shares her story and the role that her faith played in her moving forward. Today Bethany is 23 years old and continues to inspire beyond the surf.  Bethany proves that your faith can help you to overcome any adversity that comes into your life.  Her positive message is empowering and inspiring many.   Thank you to Bethany Hamilton for inspiring this blog entry today. Read More→

Lisa McCourt, Writing Coach, Joy Trainer, and Best-Selling Author (

Spiritual Awakening: Let’s Get Juicy And Scrub Our Souls!!!!

Thank you to Lisa McCourt for this guest blog. I hope that it helps you on your continued path to a spiritual awakening. Remember it is when you cleanse and stay centered and grounded that you find the most success.
     I’m needing a soul-scrub.  Maybe it’s spring in the air; maybe it’s just that I’ve let too much psychic debris accumulate in 2013; maybe it’s emotional triggers stirred up by media coverage of tragic events.  But I’m definitely wanting to release some of the build-up in my life right now.  I’ve started pulling clothes out of my closet to give away . . . I’ve started unsubscribing to email lists . . . I’m purging my kitchen of foods that don’t nourish.
It feels good, but it’s not enough.  I need a top-to-bottom, emotional rub-down.  In case you’re resonating with any of this, I invite you to join me in a 21-day spring-cleaning event on all levels.  I’m asking my wisest guru friends for advice.  I’m culling from my own workshop practices.  And I’m spending time in meditation every day, inviting Universe to guide me in a grand scale Let-Go.
Here’s how it will work:  For three weeks, starting today with this newsletter, I’ll give you the best practices I can dig up for releasing all that doesn’t serve — physically, psychically, emotionally.  I’ll send you two more installments over the next two weeks.
Let’s start by deciding to do it.  Set the intention with me right now that you’ll be lighter, freer, far more clear and vibrant — just 21 days from now.  Know that it’s entirely possible, with just a bit of effort and commitment.  You with me?  Let’s go. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Removing The Shackles and Finding Your Freedom


 As I sat in the audience at The Women of Faith Conference in Sunrise, FL listening to Mandisa sing her version of  this song that was originally done by Mary Mary I kept thinking how many people are being shackled by their choices and haven’t found their freedom. Then I thought how can I help you break the shackles and find your freedom and the answer was to share this blog entry with you. Mandisa gave a very  moving  testimony that showed those in attendance that regardless of the current circumstances you can break free and remove the shackles that may be holding you back. As she shared her story about bing eating I thought wow I have been there. When she shared that once she began loving herself and realized she was loved her life began to shift and her path became clearer and today her message is being shared with people worldwide. I encourage you to begin each morning with some type of ritual that will help you to remove any shackles that are holding you back.
 Mandisa and Toby Mac deliver a message taht will help you to have a good morning and a good day as you continue to break the shackles and find your freedom.


 It is when we truly break out of the shackles and realize we have a power inside of us that is given to us by the divine taht we truly find freedom.  Think about those who are telling you it can be done, or that will never work, or you are not good enough and begin to edge them out of your life and move forward because happiness and prosperity is your birth right.


Spiritual Awakening: Tools to Break The Shackles And Find Your Freedom

For those that read this blog on a regular basis you know I am a big proponet of books and implementing what you have learned from the books. At Women of Faith I had the opportunity to hear Sandi Patty perform her music and give her testimonial. Her books and music will help you break the shackles and to discover your freedom. Brenda Warner was also there, though I didn’t hear her speak her story is motivational and inspiring. Brenda is married to Kurt Warner, whose story of going from a stock boy to a Superbowl MVP is amazing.



I have often mentioned that the use of humor or comedy is a great tool to help break free. I had the opportunity to hear Mark Lowry at Women of Faith and you have to see him to fully understand his message.

 Mark Lowry also has a serious side as evidenced by his son Mary Did You Know. When I saw him sing this on Friday 10/26/12 at Women of Faith I teared up.

As you continue to remove the shackles and find your freedom you will discover quotes and affirmations that will help you on your path.




Meditation is a great tool to use to break the shackles and to find your freedom. The following video will help you.

I leave you today with this song from Mandisa to encourage to start now and break those shackles that may be holding you back.




Spiritual Awakening: The Circle Of Life

As I listened to the song Circle of Life from the movie, The Lion King, I was reminded about some of the occurances over the last several weeks, which have reminded me to cherish each moment and to enhance people’s lives by simply being a positive force for them to turn to. The last 4 weeks have been a true awakening with the passing of Kathy Dedek, my mother, and  the mudslide that took Dr. Lynn Migdal’s home in British Columbia along with her ex-husband passing as a result, her two daughters are still missing and we hold out hope that they will be found alive.

As I sat and questioned GOD the answer came as it is the circle of life.  As I began to meditate on this I began to realize that we come into this world as dust and we leave this earth as dust. The circle of life is an easy concept to grasp however the questions many as we live our lives as spiritual beings having a human experience. Many times it just takes a moment of introspection to understand  how we are all intertwined in the universe and that the circle of life does not end in the passing of  someone it continues for them in the spiritual world, where they can be of service to those left behind.  The signs that I have seen in the last 10 days since my mother’s passing have shown me that she is okay and doing things from the other side. Her legacy of sharing and caring liveson in my deeds an each day I find a way to hold a sacred space for her in my mind and my heart. She may not be with me physicallly, however the signs that I have encountered truly show me that she is looking out for me. Read More→

This is Destiny’s Child with a remake of The BeeGees Song Emotions in which the lyrics gives us insight into the baggage that we hold onto  in many cases that hold us back.

Spiritual Awaening: Removing Emotional Baggage

Before we begin to remove emotional baggage we must first define what emotional baggage is.

Emotional baggage can be defined as ‘Painful memories, mistrust and hurt carried around from past sexual or emotional rejection’.[1]

It is an image of ‘a big sack that you carry around with you at all times…[with] every disappointment, trauma, and wrong that you’ve ever experienced….This image, the metaphor of emotional baggage, has penetrated our culture’.[2]

What emotional baggage are you carrying? Well it is now time to unpack and only keep the things in you bag that will serve you and help you become a better person personally and professionally.

 It is time gto throw that suitcase away and release the emotional baggage that may be holding you back.  We all have had pain for some it is physical, some mental, and for some both. The events of our life that we couldn’t control can no longer be allowed to control us. What ever the painful memory is it is time to find a way to let it go for when you let it go and release your emotional baggage you can move forward. Many times we hold onto to things emotionally and we find ourselves in a rut because we have associated all these negative emotions with the situation. It is time to become an action taker and do something to remove the emotional baggage. It can be as easy as adopting a new song to help you get over the situation and remove the emotional baggage. A song like this, Read More→