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Spiritual Awakening: Times They Are A Changing!

As you experience a spiritual awakening you will start to experience changes in your perspective that allows you to vibrate at a higher level thus positively impacting your personal, professional, and spiritual awakening. When you awake in the morning with the attitude that you can be a world changer and then you take action you will see that you can become a world changer. It is said that one snowflake has little impact but get a bunch of them together and watch what happens.  Everyday things are changing at a rapid pace and may believe that these are the end days. If they are the end day my suggestion is to become as righteous in the ways you carry yourself by being impeccable with your world, not taking anything personally, not making any judgments, and always doing your best. The times are definitely changing and as a spiritual being it is your responsibility to change with the times and to be driven by your inner divinity. As the times change remember it is not about being right or wrong it is about doing the right thing. As you become more and more aware and awake you will begin to attract abundance into your life that allows you to live a life filled with much peace, love, joy, and prosperity. It is when you begin to adapt and overcome by not compromising your spirituality that you will enhance your personal, professional, and spiritual life.
As the times are changing we must come together as spiritual beings and stand up to injustice. It is when we show others that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations that we can look beyond political ideologies and start to come together as one. It is when we realize that we are all divine children of GOD with a purpose to be of service and value to one another that we make improvements in our world. It is when we begin to dialogue with one another without judging that we can come to peaceful resolutions that make our communities stronger. Everyday make it a point to go out and meet someone who you do not know and see how you can be of service and value to that person. In some cases people may not be to receptive as interaction with a perceived stranger can be scary and many people are programmed to become defensive. The key is to remember that it is not your job to bring them kicking and screaming onto a path of change but to shine your light so that when they are ready they will follow you as a beacon of hope and healing. I have always believed that some will, some won’t, so what, some waiting, next. Some people will not see the positive messenger that you are because they are still wrapped in their ego thinking that they know it all when in reality we can all learn from someone. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Get Off The Bench!!!

As we experience a spiritual awakening we must commit to become an action taker and get off the bench. There comes a time when we must simply put ourselves in center field and prepare for the world to see our light shining bright. So many times we get so caught up with worry about what will other people think that we keep ourselves on the bench. As a result of sitting on the bench and forgetting everything and running we create blockages that stop us from having the success that GOD has intended for us. It is only when we take action to face everything and rise by committing to getting off the bench that we manifest the live we want as divinely guided by GOD.  Through a spiritual awakening we learn that we are talented beyond measure and when we use our talents for good we create a life that id filled with peace, love, joy, and prosperity. Every time we decide to get off the bench and take action we will be greeted with challenges. It is in overcoming these challenges that we grow personally, professionally, and spiritually knowing that if GOD brought us to it GOD will bring us through it. It is when we decide to get off the bench and look at everything in a positive light tat we begin to find more happiness and success in what we do. It is when we decide to get off the bench and play the game by our rules that we create bliss and abundance.

What game will you play to manifest the life that you desire. Will you be an action taker or an excuse maker? Will you go against the norm and play by your own rules not worrying what others think or will you succumb to the pressure of what is perceived as normal  and hold yourself back? The choice lies with you and if you choose to tap into your inner divinity and be guided by GOD, The Ascended Masters, and the Angels you will see that the game you play will be one filled with many victories. Each day you have a choice you can sit on the bench wondering what might have been or you can get off the bench and see what will be. Every day you have 86,400 seconds in the day to get off the bench and to take action to answer your calling.
Make this a year where you get off the bench and use your time wisely. It is when you vibrate with love and commit to doing small things with great love that you begin to shine a bright light that illuminates the world. When you get off the bench you put forces in motion to help you move positive in the direction of your dreams.  Make your season a season where you are guided by love and compassion and you will see that love and compassion is given back to you. Be one who is genuine in your desire to be of service and value. Seek ways where you will vibrate on a higher level that attracts people and things to you to help you in exceeding your goals and objectives.  Get off the bench and be limitless. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Finding Joy!!!

People have asked me JDOGG how do you continue to find joy after losing your job on Friday, being in a Dunkin Donuts that was robbed on Friday, and all the other things that you have been through in your life. I answer very simply by being grateful for the experiences and understanding that if GOD brought me to it GOD will bring me through it. If I commit to serve GOD with love and joy in my heart GOD will deliver love and joy into my heart.  When I stay connected to GOD I am able to find joy and comfort. Through this connection I am able to give praise to GOD and show gratitude thus creating a life filled with much peace, love, joy, and prosperity. I have  come to learn through the spiritual awakening process that it is when we are connected spiritually that we can create a better human existence.
In giving praise to GOD I have been able to find joy despite some of the obstacles that have  come into my life. I have  come to understand that GOD will not put anything on your plate that you can not handle. I have  also come to learn that GOD will put people in your life that may create some adversity so as to teach you lessons so that you can move forward in a positive direction of your dreams. It is when we give the glory to GOD that we are able to receive glory here on earth. It is through praise and acknowledgement of GOD that we can check our ego at the door and stop edging GOD out. It is when we are connected to GOD that we find joy.

 We may have some sadness that our weeping washes away so as to make room for the joy that GOD will give us. It is when we go very deep inside and tap into our inner divinity that we are able to let go and let god and thus find joy that then leads to abundance. It is important to find out what makes you happy and what also pleases GOD and then to take action to follow whatever it is that brings joy into your life and also pleases GOD. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: A Change Of Scenery!!!

 As I reflected  back on my experience as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in The Philippines and a very insightful trip to The Botanical Garden in La Union I realized that as we awaken spiritually we must change our scenery from time to time.  I remember the day I ventured to the Botanical Garden it was extremely hot and the walk from the center of San Fernando was about 6 KM( 4  miles). I was alone but along the way I was able to stop and engage with some of the local Filipinos and they all said the same thing it is a long walk here is some tubig (water). I took the water and drank it and as I walked I realized just how lucky I was to have the opportunity to do something that showed that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations. I arrived at The Botanical Garden and as I walked the garden grounds and saw some great sites I sat on the  bench pictured here and really began to understand that if I want to things to change I had to change. As I rode in the jeepney down the mountain all I could think of was how a change of scenery can positively affect your attitude. It was at that point that I realized that sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery to change the way things are going in your life. I finished my service with the Peace Corps in February 2003 and here it is 13 1/2 years later that I find myself using this lesson to enhance my personal, professional, and spiritual life.

 Where I live now we have a big lake and in some areas around the lake there are benches to sit and just enjoy being out in nature. On days when it is clear and I get off work early or have a day off I will find myself walking around the lake and then sitting on a bench and sitting in quiet reflection or talking with GOD. Sometimes I find myself speaking with my mom who was called home to GOD on July 5, 2012. When reflecting or communicating with GOD, my mom, and other angels I find myself getting a new way of looking at things. I have found that when doing this I am able to release the negative feelings that create blockages and hold me back from evolving and creating the life I want. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Changing The Lock!!!

As I completed a meeting  earlier today (6/29/2016) I had what could be considered another spiritual awakening as I realized that sometime you have to give something up to gain so much more. I was very attached to collecting donations at a special event as was told that the organizers  didn’t want me to do this but that I could collect at other events that they sponsored. I had this big mental lock as I couldn’t understand why the city would say no to this but after a great discussion I changed that mental lock from resistance to acceptance and began to see the big picture.  At the same time I was told that HOOTERS and Twin Peaks could not be endorsed by the 501-c-3 organization that  I was working but that I could do an independent fundraiser as long as I didn’t promote it as this organizations event.  I again was upset as I believe in engaging all those that want to help. I again changed a lock and opened up to where the organization was coming from and decided to simply go with the flow and follow their protocols. I will still be doing a fundraiser with Hooters in October and will  be donating the money to the organization. I learned that sometimes you just have to do things the way others in perceived power want you to  and follow their protocols.

It is when we change our mindset and stop thinking that our way is the best way that we can change our mental locks and grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. I have come to learn through all the spiritual awakenings that we must change our attitudes and latitudes so as to gain a better perspective on how we can live a life of purpose. In many cases you must be willing to change and accept that which you can not change and do the best you can with the tools you have. In changing the locks you remove blockages that may hold you back from becoming a powerful being capable of doing amazing things. Over the years I have come to understand that the way things are and they way things should be are 2 different things. In understanding this I continue to change the mental locks and change the way I do  things.  As I continue to expand my understanding and detaching from outcomes I continue to rise to a new level of spiritual and personal development. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening:The Spiritual Highway!!!


When you decide to take action after your spiritual awakening you will see that you will embark on a journey that will have you driving on  a spiritual highway. Along the high way there will be many exits to get off and many on ramps to get you back on the highway. Each and every exit and on ramp will bring you opportunities to gain knowledge and understanding of your spiritual purpose while here on Earth having a human experience. When you decide to take an exit make sure you stop and truly receive the message that took you off the main highway. As you get off the main highway and you begin to explore the area where you exited keep in mind what question you were seeking an answer to and the answer will be revealed. Your exit from the highway may be short or long depending on how long it takes you to gain understanding and to take action on the answer that you received. Each time we get onto the spiritual highway we are better prepared to navigate the road that lies ahead. ON our trip on the spiritual highway there will be obstacles that slow us down or even prevent us from moving forward in our quest toward making a mind, body, soul connection. When these obstacles enter into our human life we must understand that they are signs from GOD being delivered to us so that we can create the life we desire with GOD’S guidance.

When we get off the highway we will begin to explore and have  decisions to make and many times we must take the road less traveled by as going against the norm makes a world of difference. In taking the road less traveled by we  find ourselves back on the spiritual highway more enlightened and better prepared to answer our calling. Along the spiritual highway we will have opportunities to come alive by being of service and value to the communities that lie along the highway simply by detaching from our desired outcome and simply flowing with the messages that are being delivered form GOD. I remember a time I was in The Philippines serving as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer and the road took me a path that would take me to The Botanical Gardens in San Fernando. Along my path I would encounter many people who found it odd that I would be walking the 5 KM (3.1 miles) to the botanical gardens. Each person I came in contact with gave me a valuable lesson as I walked what became a very spiritual walk filled with much peace and further understanding as to why I became a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer. When I arrive at the top of what I could only describe as a mountain I was parched and my legs were weary. I came across what I would call a concessions stand and I was able to purchase water and continue on my exploration of the botanical gardens. I would take many photos unfortunately as I went to The ATM machine later in the day I forgot my camera and when I went back it was gone so I only have the memories of the vivid sites and the tranquil moments of the botanical gardens and the lessons that came to me that day through the messages from GOD, The Ascended Masters, and my angels. As I sat in reflection that night I realized that along the spiritual highway we will find lessons that help us to evolve personally, professionally, and spiritually.

It was at that moment that I knew my calling was far bigger than I had originally thought and that my mission is to shine GOD’S Light that is inside of me to help plant the seeds of hope and healing. As I completed my sixth month of Peace Corps Service and came home I realized what I received was far greater than anything I could ever give. I realized that this exit off the spiritual highway carried many lessons where I strengthened my belief that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations and that service to humanity is the best work of life. As I arrived home I began to think how can I apply what I learned in The Philippines to make my community a better place.  It is now 13 years that I have been back in The United States and I have been on and off the spiritual highway and each exit has brought me lessons of attracting peace, love, joy, and prosperity into my life. Each stop along the way has provided insight into why I am here and what my purpose is while here on Earth. I have learned that it is my mission to help others by being my authentic self and striving to be my best self as directed by GOD.

Spiritual Awakening: JDOGG’S Gifts To Help You Travel The Spiritual Highway!!!

I give you this song to remind you of your quest as you travel the spiritual highway.

I give these bible verses to you so that you will be filled with purpose and spirit along  the spiritual highway.

As you travel the spiritual highway don’t forget to return home every now and then. With Gratitude and Love!!! Namaste.