Spiritual Awakening: Kindness Begets Kindness!!!

... Self Care Challenge for today: Perform a random act of kindnesskindnessActs of Kindness As the news stories broke and all the acts of violence I kept thinking where are the stories of kindness.  Through the spiritual awakening process I have learned that what we focus on expands so if we focus on violence and aggression that this is what we will see but if we focus on kindness and caring this is what we will see. I believe no is the time for people to take action and to be kind to one another. It is time to adopt an anthem to be loving and caring in all we do and to show kindness through our actions. I was at Taco Bell yesterday and the cashier asked if I would like to donate $1 to help end world hunger. I gladly gave the $1 as GOD loves a cheerful giver and I told the cashier next time ask if I would like to help feed people. It is the same question phrased differently but the universe responds better when we use positive words. I have been promoting The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton and they adopted a theme of Finish The Fight which sounds great and gets many people’s attention but it goes against spiritual principles because what you resist will persist so now instead of saying Finish The Fight I ask please help me help those touched by cancer get back on a path to health and wellness. In making this shift I have seen better results in my fundraising efforts. The website to help those affected by cancer and to give generously is http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg2.  Ask yourself how are you phrasing things and how are your words impeding kindness to flow to you and from you.

Courtesy of the Random Acts of Kindness FoundationThe Kindness WaveI have found that when I make a conscious decision to be kind in whatever I do that I find more success. I have learned during the spiritual awakening process that it is important to be nice regardless of the situation. When you feel yourself  moving away from your kindness zone  take a deep breathe and  be nice. I have learned that people will not always treat you the way you want to be treated  be kind to them anyway.  I host a TV Show, The Anything Bucket, on www.wrpbitv.com that airs on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EST. One of my responsibilities is to secure guests. I am a bit surprised by people when they turn down the opportunity to be on the show. I find myself being a bit critical  then I realize that this does not serve me well so I remember the teachings that some will, some won’t, some waiting, so what, next. I also remember that it is not my job to drag them kicking and screaming along the path but to rather shine my light and show them that there is room on the path and when they are ready they can start. In learning to be kind and focus on the positive I am able to evolve spiritually and thus improve my life and be of service and value to others. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Get Lost!!!

When we look in the mirror and we see ourselves and the negative self talk starts to enter our thoughts it is important to say to ourselves get lost!!! In getting lost and losing our negative thoughts we find ourselves filled with spiritual guidance from GOD. Instead of making excuses it is important to become an action take and loose yourself so that you can embrace your divine purpose in life.  In eliminating that which is holding you back and ridding yourself of negativity and judgement you will begin to move forward in the spiritual awakening process.  When we begin to loose our negative and remove the negative people or things in our life we begin to feel better about who we are and we allow ourselves to be divinely guided. It is in being divinely guided and following this guidance that we are able to achieve great things. In adopting an anthem to be of service and value and to remove that which no longer serves us we are able to move in a positive direction thus becoming more spiritually evolved. As we evolve in our spirituality  and learn from the ascended masters our ability to make the mind, body, and soul connection is increased.  By mentally telling people to get lost  and deciding not to interact with those who do not lift you or encourage you will see a drastic improvement in your life. When you begin to make the changes in your life that allows for you to answer your calling you can affect change and thus come alive. When you come alive you are able to shine your light for the community to see and thus you are part of illuminating the entire world.
When we detach from ourselves and turn it all over to GOD we become his instrument. In order to be a productive instrument and make a joyful noise unto the lord we must clear the blockages and shift our mindset. In clearing out the garbage and taking out the trash we  open up channels that will positively manifest our dreams and help us to deal with any emotions that may hold us back.  It is when we tell these negative emotions to get lost that we are able to move forward and  not get too high or too low emotionally but to stay balanced in our quest to become a faithful servant unto the lord. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow!!!

Through my spiritual awakening I have come to cherish the moments that I have today.I have learned yesterday is gone, tomorrow may not come so live in today and understand that is why it is called the present. I have come to be an action taker and put things in motion so that if anything happens to me someone can continue the work I have started.  It is always great to make plans but remember things may change so sometimes it is best to go with the flow and do the things you planned to do tomorrow  today.  So many times we say oh I will do it tomorrow and in many cases tomorrow doesn’t come. Make today the day you go out and do the things you meant to do so when it is all said and done you can look back and say  I had an extraordinary day.

 I sat at my local Starbucks today writing this blog entry I had a moment to truly dial in to the message of this song. Many times we get so caught up in chasing money that we lose the true meaning of life and that is to love life and celebrate every moment and find people to share in the love and joy that is the gift of life. Today is the day the lord hath made be glad and rejoice in it.  Each day we are given is a gift from GOD who will direct you to achieve the life he has in store for you. He will sometimes put obstacles in your way to teach you lessons so that you appreciate the day he has made.  In sitting in a near tranquil state I received the message to take each day moment by moment step by step. As I took deep breaths in and out I became more centered and grounded and more grateful for the day. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: You’re Fired!!!


 In pottery in order to strengthen the piece that is being made it is placed into the kiln to be fired and thus it is made stronger and whole.  Such is the case in the spiritual awakening process as we are all put into  GOD’S Kiln to strengthen us and make us whole. It is when we begin to get fired and let go of all of our weaknesses that we become stronger in our faith and our ability to step into the power that GOD has given us so we prosper. While in GOD’s Kiln we will be tested with challenges so that we can become stronger and be available to be of service and value as we make the mind body soul connection creating a oneness consciousness. It is being fired that we move forward and gain strength allowing us to evolve in our spirituality.
When we are filled with the fire of the holy spirit we are capable of  incredible things. It is when this fire begins to consume us and when we fan the flames that we are able to take action on the messages that GOD is sending us. These messages come in all shapes and sizes and in many forms. As you begin to be filled with fire look for the signals and the message and ask GOD what they all mean. Sometimes GOD send you difficult people or challenges so that you learn and overcome thus becoming stronger.  In being filled with fire you begin to see changes that enable you to go forward in the direction of your dreams. Sometimes it is in being filled with GOD’S fire that allows you to come alive and to shine your light for the entire community to see. In shining your light and sharing your passion with others you will allow the fire to spread so that the world around you improves. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: More F Words!!!

One great F Word that you will use and practice during your spiritual awakening will be forgiveness. In forgiving yourself for any decisions that may not have served you properly is the first step in spiritual growth. When you forgive yourself you are able to forgive others for their trespasses and  thus open up a whole new world of opportunity in your spiritual and personal development. Sometimes it can be actions like writing forgiveness letters to yourself and others. The one key element to remember when seeking forgiveness or giving forgiveness is that is makes you and the  other person to do some deep soul searching and some people may not  be ready to peel back the onion and accept the fact that they may have wronged you in some way.  In forgiving and letting go and letting GOD we liberate ourselves from the blockages that may be holding us back. It is when we dig deep into the core issues and release them that we are able to move forward in the positive direction of our goals and dreams. In taking the action to forgive you alleviate many burdens that may have been hindering you from becoming the best you that you can be. When we understand that there will always be doubters, haters, and nay sayers we are able to forgive them and move on creating the life we desire. Many will spend their entire lives pointing fingers which doesn’t serve them. Until they forgive and let go they will remain stuck. Today is your day to become unstuck and to forgive yourself and others so you can turn the page and improve your personal and professional life.

FellowshipAt Broadman , we believe in Christian fellowship . Fellowship is about ... Fellowship is another great F word. When you gather with others for praise and worship and commit to being of service and value you will see that great things begin to happen for you.

For where there are two or three gathered together in My name, I am ...When GOD is in the mix you will see that your life is greatly enhanced. When you surround yourself with lifters and and encourgagers you become empowered and inspired and thus you are able to become a lifter and an encourager. Sometimes it is a simple as just reaching out to another person and offering them a kind word, a listening ear, or a hug. It is amazing what happens when people of like minds get together for the common good of the community.

Feeding your Faith & Starving your FearFeel Good Friday: 10 Quotes + Scriptures on Having FaithFree Printable Faith Tree - How to use PicMonkey

Faith is another great F Word as it allows us to strengthen our relationship with GOD.It gives us the chance to understand that we are divine creatures of GOD and GOD doesn’t make any junk. It is when we act in faith that GOD opens up the doors to opportunity and sends us messages to help us manifest a great life.  Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Banging The Drum!!!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.comOne of my favorite characters is Animal from Muppets.  Animal represents the dichotomy that is life as he had the crazy out of control side and the loving caring compassionate side.  So many us are like Animal as we experience our spiritual awakening.Many of us keep ourselves chained up afraid of what may happen if we unleash our greatness on the world. It is when we are unchained and release the fear of what might happen that we begin to excel and truly tap into our authentic self.  We have choices along our spiritual path we can face everything and rise or we can forget everything and run. We can be lie Animal and learn to balance our crazy out of control self with our grounded, loving, caring, compassionate self. There are times when it pays to be a bit out there because it shows you are comfortable with who you are and that you are evolving beyond the concept of being a people pleaser.  It is when we choose to bang on the drum and step out of our comfort zone that great things happen.

As you bang on your drum of spiritual and personal development remember that you are a divine child of GOD capable of great things. Do not allow anyone to tell you differently and if they do tell them thank you and let them go. Sometime you have to look them in the eye and say to bad, so sad, bye bye and just release them as they are not going to be of service and value to you.  The decision you make should be to bang your drum and to share the drum with those who lift you and support you in your efforts to make the mind, body, soul connection while endeavoring to positively impact the world.  Sometimes you want to let others bang the drum  so you can experience the vibrations and receive the positive vibes. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Action, Action, We Want Action!!!

 I must have been about 11 years old and in middle school when I first heard the cheer A-C-T-I-O-N Action, Action, Action We Want Action.  At the time I did not realize the impact that cheer would have on my however through the spiritual awakening process I have learned that it takes action to create the life one desires.  I then heard this song by Elvis and I began to think how appropriate as if we want to find love we must take action to be love and to pursue love. If we are truly to awaken spiritually and become aware of the divinity that we possess we must begin by taking action. In all we do we must take action steps to manifest what we desire. One of those action steps can be to set your intentions in writing and then to take the action necessary to turn that intention into reality. In one of my workshops I speak about if it is in sight in can be put into flight but if it is out of sight it is out of mind. Right now as you are reading this take out a piece of paper and write down 3 intentions for the week, then write down action steps to take to bring this intention to fruition.  I have been using this method for several years and I can tell you that when I write a statement starting with I Will I accomplish what I wrote.

Heroes finish the fight.Last year I wrote that I will raise $1500 for The American Cancer Society  Relay For Life Of West Boca Raton and I saw that intention everyday. I took daily action and as a result I raised $2557. This year I wrote that I will raise $3000 and I am taking daily action to reach this goal. The 2015 American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton will take place on May 2, 2015 from 12 PM – 12 AM at The St. Jude Catholic Church in Boca Raton. As of today (11/3/2014) I have raised $977 and continue to ask people to visit http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg2 and support this effort.  In taking action you will move forward in a positive direction of your goals. In sharing your purpose and story you will attract people who want to help you.

When I first heard about The South Florida Gold last year I called and auditioned to be their Public Address Announcer and I was hired. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Trick Or Treating With A Purpose!!!


Just For Halloween – 2012 Halloween Light Show – Gangnam Style1810-trick-or-treat-2880x1800-holiday-wallpaper.jpg As I awoke today I was given a message on this Halloween to Trick Or Treat With A Purpose!!!! Though I am 49 years old and a little bit old to go door to door I answered this call from my spiritual guides and began to post the following message on Facebook and Twitter, TRICK OR TREAT Instead of candy I am asking everyone to visit http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg2 and donate to help those affected by cancer. I put it out there and detached from all expectations and decided to just let it flow as it may and  understand that those meant to donate will visit the site and make a donation. As I continued through the morning posting this message I received the message to go to Starbucks like I do each Friday but instead of giving out hugs today hang a sign that says Strike Out Cancer Today and to dress up as a baseball player and to play the role of relief pitcher.  I made a sign on my computer and went to Starbucks, where I am now writing this entry from. Again I am detaching from the expectations and just allowing things to flow and those that are meant to come my table will do so and make a donation and any money collected will be more than I had when I started.  The idea is to use the resources we have to Trick Or Treat With A Purpose Today!!! We have a great opportunity to spread our message and to shine our light so that the entire world becomes illuminated.

il_570xN.499073771_b7vf.jpgImagine there is a knock on the door and as you hand out the candy you hand out sheets with bible verses on them as well. If not bible verses perhaps affirmations or quotes. This will allow you to share your spiritual awakening with others and perhaps help people to either get on a spiritual path or to continue on their spiritual path, You may get some blow back by taking this action to share your message. Another great thing to do is to hand out messages from the ascended masters and explain that Jesus is an ascended master. In using Halloween and trick or treating as a catalyst to spread the word you will be trick or treating with a purpose. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: In Your Face!!!

I can not tell you how many times along my spiritual awakening journey that I wanted to look at someone who was being negative or who responded to me in a negative way and say in your face. Understanding that people will not always resonate with me or do things the way I would do them has allowed me to not be confrontational and to continue in a positive direction of my goals and objectives in my personal and professional life.

Relay For Life Logo 2014 Metro omaha relay for lifeIf you are an avid reader of this blog you know my passion for raising funds for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton. While promoting and seeking donations recently I posted  in a Jaycees Group and one of their members replied with this to my request.

you need to stop pushing this issue about donating. it  is NOT GOOD TO SHOVE IT DOWN PEOPLE’S THROATS. if this is what you want to do then YOU DO IT PRIVATELY but DO NOT PUSH THIS ONTO OTHERS.

Read More→