Spiritual Awakening: Keep Pressing On!!!!

Miami Fury In life you are very lucky if you get an opportunity to do something you love and also get paid for it. I have been fortunate during my spiritual awakening to connect with The Miami Fury Women’s Tackle Football Team and their owner Gayla Harrington. Gayla exemplifies the idea of pressing on and never giving up. She has overcome much adversity in the years that she has owned The Miami Fury. Her dedication radiates a spiritual energy to all those she comes in contact with as she is always positive despite any challenges that may be going on in her personal and professional life. As I announced The Miami Fury Game today and witnessed them win the game 42-8 one theme kept reoccurring and that was keep pressing on.

Miami Fury Football The game began and their opponent, The Jacksonville Dixie Blues, looked like they would drive down the field and score then they suffered an intentional grounding penalty, then they snapped the ball over the punter and The Fury recovered at The Dixie Blues 11 yard line and the QB Jessica Childers scored on an 11 yard run to give The Fury a 6-0 lead. The 2 point conversion would fail. The Fury continued to press on and took a 22-0 lead. The Dixie Blues would return the kickoff for a TD and convert on a 2 point try making the score 22-8. The Fury would press on and play hard to eventually win 42-8.  As I walked down from the press box I saw the players and coaches from both teams gathered at mid field in a prayer circle. As the game unfolded I would do shout outs for the cure and would learn  about the passing of Michael Childers, Jessica Childers’ Uncle. I would summon up some strength to have everyone do a moment of remembrance. The game elicited many angles that are part of the spiritual awakening process. It had many moments of joy tinged with some sadness illustrating the balance in our lives. In life we will have joy and bliss but we will also experience sadness and despair.  We will experience ups and downs. We will win and we will lose. The key is to understand that all that happens happens for us and contains a lesson to propel us along our spiritual journey so that we can have spiritual enlightenment. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Leading With Your Heart!!!!

 As I emceed Worldfest in Coral Springs, FL on 4/6/2014 I decided to be led by my heart and allow things to flow as they were designed to flow and the day went off without any issues. I adopted the theme that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations and I used my platform as an emcee to remind people of being loving toward their neighbors. I was able to use words like peace, love, joy, and prosperity to spread a message to those in attendance to remind them all that they are divine children of GOD and have something great to offer the world. It was my hope that I could share a little spirituality with the audience so that they would also become more awake and aware and thus celebrate the diversity that makes our communities great. In the spiritual awakening process it is important to understand that though we may all come from different backgrounds we are all still connected by our own divinity.  In one of my announcements yesterday I explained Namaste and had everyone get up and hug the person they were seated next to. This was an awkward setting for some as they were not used to interacting with a stranger in this manner. Many were reluctant to participate in the HUG but those that did told me they felt a shift in themselves. As Worldfest was winding up I made my rounds to the food vendors and many of them thanked me for all the announcements and told me how great my voice was. I invited several to appear on my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on www.wrpbitv.com on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EDT. My Worldfest experience showed me what happens when you come straight from the heart.

 On of the biggest steps we can take in the spiritual awakening process is to open up our heart and make cellular level connections by being in tune with our divinity and the divinity in others. Though ET was different he and Elliot formed a bond of friendship based on being of service and value to each other.  In turning on your heart light you open the many channels that will lead to you experiencing peace, love, joy, and prosperity. You will begin to find more clarity when you lead straight from you heart and answer your calling. You will experience a change where now you are filled with bliss and love and you feel a sense of purpose where in the past maybe you felt fear and anguish because your heart chakra wasn’t open and illuminated. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Honoring Your Commitments!!!!

 When the day of judgment comes and it will come for us all the one thing we will evaluated on is did we honor our commitments. On Sunday 3/23/14 I traveled to Riveria Beach to announce a basketball game for The Palm Beach Pelicans of The Central Basketball League. I did the game and was told I did an excellent job I asked the owner for payment and he told me to wait a minute and I said okay. I was at the concessions area so I couldn’t be missed. He left without paying me and when I confronted him about this he gave me a story about having to take a player to the airport. I said okay come by the WRPBiTV Studios in Boca on Tuesday and drop off the $150 that you promised to pay me. He didn’t show so I asked him again for payment and asked him to come by the studio on Thursday. Thursday came and still no money. I wrote to him and said you have left me no choice but to take this public. He then said you would take this public I said I was going to pay you.  I then thought wow here is someone who professes to own The Central Basketball League and The Palm Beach Pelicans but hasn’t honored his commitment to pay me the $150 that is owed to me. The said part about the situation is that on my way home from the game one of my tires blew out and the $150 would have come in handy to replace the tire and have my oil changed. I was also planning on donating $15 from the $150 to The American Cancer Society Relay For Life. I have learned that not everyone you meet will be as spiritually awake and aware as you are and that not everyone will honor their commitments. When thus happens you have to look at the lesson that was learned and decide what measures to take so others do not get taken advantage of when dealing with this person. I have prayed that the owner of The Palm Beach Pelicans sees the error in his ways and begins to honor his commitments. In taking the action to share this story it is my intention to help those on a spiritual path to protect themselves and make sure people are honoring their commitments.

 In the spiritual awakening process one discovers that the only thing that endures is your character. A coach of mine Shantel Smith taught me that how you do anything is how you do everything and this is so true as you can observe people and see how they act and if they honor commitments and if they do not you know that you are not matching up vibrationally or spiritually and that you may just need to move on and not work with that person as they no longer serve you. Sometimes character is revealed in the height of adversity for one who is willing to sacrifice to honor a commitment is the person you want to work with. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Hope, Healing, and Heroes!!!

 During the spiritual awakening process many times we may find ourselves holding out for a hero when all the time this hero lies with us. So many times we are along the path seeking hope and healing and we continue to hold out for that hero to come along and rescue us only to understand that that hope in healing comes from our becoming one with GOD and becoming our own hero.  We become heroes the minute we decide to take action to walk in our truth and shine our light bright knowing that all the answers are inside of us and contained within our own divinity. The heroic acts of others may fuel us and inspire us, however it is standing for our beliefs and being of service and value that truly makes us a hero.

 David Bowie has created what has become an anthem for many reminding us that we can be heroes. In many cases it is through our own spiritual awakening that we awaken others be it through art, music, poetry, our community service, or simple showing kindness. You can be a hero simple by supporting a cause or keeping your word and living a righteous life. In my life I have found that I have a gift for writing and when I share this gift through my poetry I not only enrich the lives of others but I also enhance my own life. In my writing it is my desire to provide hope and healing to those who read it and to be seen as a hero in their life.

Hope has become a theme of mine as evidenced by my involvement with The American Cancer Society Relay For Life. My site to make donations for The 2014 Relay For Life is http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg1. Shortly after Hurricane Katrina I wrote the following poem as I wanted to give hope to those who were affected by this devastating life occurrence. I then wrote Hope Prevails II to illustrate more of what was happening in the world. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Become A Shredder!!!

tire blow out 2 1 As I stood on the side of the road on 3/23/14 after shredding my tire on my ride home after announcing a basketball game I thought as a spiritual evolved person who has experienced a spiritual awakening this must be a sign to slow down take a breath and let go. I call the State Farm Road ranger Line and the road ranger came and put the spare on. I thanked him and gave him a $5 tip. As I got into my car I prayed to GOD to deliver me home safely. I arrived home safely and the idea of shredding filled my head. I thought the tire shredding like it did was not just a sign to slow down but also a sign to shred the things that are no longer serving me.  As I pulled into The GOODYEAR today and took action to get the tire fixed I also noticed the car was due for an oil change so I decided to do the oil change. As I left and walked to Dunkin Donuts I realized that my experiences with my car are filled with many spiritual awakening lessons such as the one today in which I encourage you to become a shredder.

optimism-quotes-stay-positive-quotes-Optimism-is-a-happiness-magnet ... In shredding all the negative thoughts last night about my tire  shredding I was able to adopt my anthem of Stay Positive and thus move forward and continue to shred any negativity that may be permeating into my personal and personal life. As I began to write down any negative thoughts and then burn them so that they were released to be let go I realized that many times during our spiritual awakening process we need to shred thoughts that are creating blockages and we must be committed to becoming a shredder. In my experience with the car today I could have said wow $161 is expensive and I really don’t have that money or I could shift that thought to I am grateful to have the money to fix the car and the car will be an asset to help me to move forward in the positive direction of my goals. In shifting and shredding the negative thoughts brought on by the lack mindset I was able to see what one of my blockages has been over the years and now being awake and aware I am able to shred the past belief and go from a limiting thought pattern to an un-limiting belief system.  In shredding our past thoughts and changing the perspective we can detach from any situation and improve upon them. We have the ability to take the lemons in our life and make lemonade simply by changing our thought process and allowing things to flow. Understanding their will be trials and tribulations as we become a shredder will help us to grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Read More→