Spiritual Awakening: Remembering Dr. Wayne Dyer!!!

 When I saw Serena Dyer’s post about her dad, Dr. Wayne Dyer being called home to GOD on August 29, 2015 I shed a few tears. Though I never met Dr. Dyer personally and we only corresponded through Facebook I felt a bond as he would send me his books and his calendar and his dvds to use for my fundraising efforts with The American Cancer Society Relay For Life. I had the pleasure of being the one who coordinated his column for The Happy Herald with his office and each time I received the column my smile widened and my heart fluttered just a bit as I was the first to see what was going into The Happy Herald.  Over the years I read his books and implemented his teachings. It was though I knew him on this spiritual plane where though we never met we connected.  Many of the people that Dr. Dyer was associated with came on my radio show when I hosted Get Motivated With Jonathan JDOGG Lederman. When I interviewed his daughter Serena I felt a bit of him coming through her. His legacy will live on in all of us whose life he touched. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening:Keeping It Real!!!

When we explore our spiritual awakening and making the mind body soul connection we must become authentic and transparent. If we are to truly keep it real we must take stock in where we were, where we are, and where we are going. If we are to evolve spiritually we must own our mistakes and find ways to correct them so that we remove any blockages that are stopping us from moving in a positive direction of our dreams. When we keep it real and take action we have the opportunity to grow and expand. As we use our anthems to keep it real we become more in tune with our vibrations and thus are able to resonate with those who are on the same spiritual journey that we are on and thus we can work together to create a positive spiritual shift in our lives and the lives of others. In an effort to keep it real and to be authentic it is a good spiritual practice to seek guidance from the ascended masters and follow the messages that are  being presented.

I found that when I stopped trying to please others and focused on pleasing GOD and myself that my results were better and that I became much happier. I have also learned that when I leave expectations out of the process that I am able to keep it real and achieve great things.  I have  also learned that when you are shining your light and doing the right thing you will have detractors and haters. You must detach from the detractors and the haters and keep being real so that you can grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. Sometimes when you keep it real you find that you will be leaving people and things that no longer serve you behind.  I have found that if you are true to yourself  you will shine your light bright and attract the people and things necessary to step into your power and achieve greatness.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To Help You Keep It Real!!

I have found that cards like this by Doreen Virtue to be a great tool to keep it real.

I have found the use of essential oils is a great way t stay focused, centered, and grounded in a quest to keep it real. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Hands Of Time!!!


As I sat in Starbucks today (8/22/2015) reflecting on the past few days and some of the trials and tribulations that I faced I realized that I can not go back and change what had occurred as the hands of time already passed and have brought me to the moment where I am at now. I  have often stated what was, was, what is, is, and what shall be, shall be. If we spend to much time trying to turn back the hands of time or projecting the future we lose sight of the present and the many joyous things that are happening in our life.  One of the things that I have learned through the spiritual awakening process is that you can not change time as that is the one constant that remains in everyone’s life. It is up to us how we use the hands of time that we have been given. If we focus on the sadness of past losses instead of the joy we had with people in our lives we fail to grow personally, professionally, or spiritually.  If we keep bring up past victories and don’t go after new challenges we stay stick and thus do not manifest the life we desire or the life that GOD has planned for us. If we sit and reflect about what might have been or what will happen we never evolve to be the person that simply lives in the moment. None of knows what tomorrow may bring all we know that yesterday is gone and tomorrow may not come and that is why they call today a present. I have shared in the past a ritual I do in the morning as I say this is the day the lord hath made be glad and rejoice in it, I then write in  my gratitude journal, then I read Rev. Dee Adio Mosses, Heal Your Life, and Maryanne Morrisey’s book,Miracle Minute. In doing this I manage to stay focused and grounded and live in the present moment allowing the hands of time to turn as they may.

The reality is that we can not save time in a bottle and thus the fact remains that you must live the life that GOD has given you allowing the hands of time to tick as they may. It is important to make moments count and do the things that you love to do so you will have a sense of purpose and fulfillment. At the end of the day you want to have had the opportunity to love a little, laugh a little, and cry just a little. If you can do those three things you will have had a good day. Many of wish that we can go back in time and change some of the things we said or did and the truth is we can not but we can make amends by first forgiving ourselves fr not using the hands of time to the fullest extent of our capabilities then we must forgive those who may have hindered our growth because they took up many f our hands of time.  Today take a moment to look back and forgive and  then commit to using the daily hands of time to the best of your ability.  many times we get so caught up in the planning that we put off the doing and before we know it the hands of time like the sand in an hour glass has run to the bottom.  I have stated on several occasions that would of, could of, and should of need to be stripped from our vocabulary. It is when we realize that we can make a change and we have the ability to use the hands of time to do so. Sometimes it means sacrifices being made and streamlining your priorities so that they are in alignment with GOD’S Plan. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening; Fighting The Good Fight!!!


As I continue to journey on my spiritual path and become more and more aware and awake I realize that there comes a time to fight the good fight and face everything and rise. As I worked The Howard Davis Jr. Foundation Fundraiser last night(8/15/2015) for Celebrity Sports, The Ultimate Gift Store, located at 1825 N.Pine Island Road, Plantation, FL I had the opportunity to interact with Howard Davis Jr., whose now fighting cancer and is using alternative medicine as a form of treatment. After hearing from Howrd’s doctor, Dr. Mark Rosenberg I realized just how important it is to continue to fight the good fight and let people know that there are other ways  beside traditional chemotherapy and radiation.  The more and more I thought about it the more I realized how important it is to fight the good fight and spread the message that there are other treatment options available. As I listened to Howard Davis Jr. speak I realized just how many people are battling something and just how important it is for all of us to become lifters and to help them fight the good fight. Some of you reading this may argue that fighting only increases the problem because what we focus on expands and I would agree however it is how you fight something that truly matters. In fighting for health if we come from a peaceful and caring mindset we become healthier as we begin to feed our body the nutrients that are necessary in defeating an opponent like cancer.  If we ask GOD to help in cleansing our body and getting our mind straight so we can fight the good fight in a peaceful and loving manner GOD will see us through after all if GOD brought us to it GOD will bring us through it.


As I left the fundraiser and drove home I began to understand why GOD chooses certain people to fight the good fight. He choose Howard Davis Jr because Howard is a caring compassionate man who can use his platform to reach the masses and thus effect change in the lives of those touched by cancer by bring a message of hope and healing through alternative methods. Howard Davis Jr. continues to fight the good fight while inspiring others. It was truly my honor to be in the presence of Howard Davis Jr. a true champion for humanity. In the end we will all win as we lift Howard and all those touched by cancer up. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Soul On Fire!!!

As I was driving in to WRPBiTV today i was listening to Reach FM and Third Day’s song Soul On Fire was playing and I immediately thought how important it is to be a soul on fire and create a oneness consciousness that will strengthen the bond of mind, body, and soul. Have you ever gotten so excited about something that became an action taker and started out really fast and then the fire in your heart and soul started to dwindle as you experienced trials and tribulations and you stopped pushing forward? I think we have all been there, I know I have.  Through out the spiritual awakening process I have learned that as long as there is a single burning ember in your soul you can fan that flame and ignite a fire that propels you past your negative self talk and all the negative outside influences that doubt your ability to achieve.  It is when you become a soul on fire that you can overcome your doubts and the doubts of others.

When you are seeking to set your soul on fire it is important to look inside ourselves and draw from our experiences that drove us to succeed so we can create more successes. As I marked a 1/2 century on earth on August 2 I sat in quiet reflection and realized that I had accomplished many great things because of my soul being set on fire.  I have written previously about how my soul is on fire to show the world that service to humanity is the best work of life. I have lived by several beliefs that still burn in my soul today and one is that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations. This was best illustrated by my U.S. Peace Corps Service from July of 2002- February 2003 in The Philippines as I served as a Community Services Educator at a Regional Rehabilitation Center For Youth in Bauang, La Union. Each time I sense the fire to continue to be of service and value  smoldering and about to go out I draw on the memories of those 6 months and I get fired up again. I have a CD with The Philippines National Anthem and some other local Filipino music that I play to get me fired up and to remind me why I am setting my soul on fire.
Each time I play The Philippines National Anthem  I rekindle a spark and and able to start a fire in me that hopefully will burn bright enough to illuminate the world to show people that  there is hope and healing all around and that together everyone accomplishes more.

As you fan the flames in your soul and fan the flames with purpose you will set your soul on fire and you will not be stopped. I have stated that the two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you figure out why. When you discover your why you will see that the flame in your soul can not be extinguished. When you commit to being lead by GOD and your passion and you decide to take action by starting a fire in your soul you will see a great deal of growth in your personal, professional, and spiritual life. Once that flame is lit in your soul the only one who can extinguish it is you.  Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Standing The Test Of Time!!!


In everyone’s life there will be trials and tribulations and how we stand these tests will determine just how evolved we become. We can choose to be defeated by loss or we can choose to become stronger from the loss. As we awaken spirituality and take action to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually we must remember that pain doesn’t last forever and what does not kill us will make us stronger.

In a blink of an eye our life can change forever. In sports it is often an injury that makes us take stock in our life thus begging us to question why am I here. As we begin to answer this question we begin to understand that it is GOD’S will and that GOD’S plan for us is far greater than the plans we had for ourselves. As we sit and ponder our purpose we realize there is one constant thread that allows us to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually and that is that faith in GOD gives meaning and purpose to human life. Though an injury may derail our first vision we can come through the injury and grow stronger in mind, body, and spirit. As we grow and understand that this injury did not happen to us it happened for us we begin to realize that if GOD brought us to it GOD will bring us through it. The question remains as to how will you stand the test of time? What challenges will you face and overcome that will shape you into the strong, divine child of GOD that you are.  As you awaken and begin to comprehend that everything happens for a reason and it is not for us to understand you will find yourself evolving on your path toward spiritual enlightenment and growing beyond the heights that you thought were unreachable.  There will be times when you don’t seem to know why something s happening but when it is all said and done you will understand  as you become more and more spiritually aware. One set back can be overcome as long as you battle forward you will stand the test of time.
 I have adopted this song as an anthem to get centered and grounded as reflect on how I have stood the test on time. We all have been through challenges and we have a choice in the face of a challenge. We can forget everything and run or we can face everything and rise.  We stand the test of time by standing in the face of adversity and realizing that through a strong faith we are guided and protected. I have learned over time that to stand the test of time it is important to turn to the spiritual teachings and to answer our calling. Many times I have looked to heaven and said it is not mine to decide it is GOD’S to decide. I have found that listening to the messages from GOD and taking positive action has allowed me to stand the test of time and to become filled with peace, love, joy, and prosperity. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Reach Up!!!

 Today’s blog entry was inspired by The Special Olympics and this new theme song, Reach Up. As I listened to the song I realized just how strong of a message it was and how in tune with a spiritual awakening it was.  I began to reflect on my involvement as a Special Olympics coach and volunteer and how empowering the experience was as I had the chance to work with many inspiring athletes.  As I watched the Special Olympics  World Games and saw the many stories about the athletes I was reminded just how important it is to be an action taker as you continue along your spiritual path.  I remember the first time that I heard The Special Olympics Oath of Let Me Win But If I Can Not Win Let Me Be Brave In The Attempt and thinking what a great philosophy to have in life.many time sit is simply by be brave in the attempt that we step into our power and achieve greatness. It is when we reach up and overcome our limiting beliefs that we are able to make a mind, body, and soul connection that allows us to create a oneness consciousness that creates peace, love, joy, and prosperity in our life.  As I watched the Special Olympics World Games I was moved by the story of Olivia Quigley a Special Olympian who is battling stage 4 breast cancer whose positive approach to life is very inspiring.

It is my hope that this story will move you to push through any challenges that you are facing and allow you make a spiritual connection that will enable you to create the life that you desire. In facing challenges head on we are able to reach up and come alive  and thus make a positive difference in lour community.  I have learned that when we are grateful for what we have that we are able to reach up and overcome the fears that may have created blockages in the past.  When we reach up we are able to fly and thus enhance our personal, professional, and spiritual life. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Creating A Glorious Day!!!

Each day we have a choice to awake and realize this is the day that GOD hath made and to be glad and rejoice in it or to awake and find fault in it. I choose to awake and be connected to GOD and make it a glorious day. I am asked many times JDOGG How do you create a glorious day? My answer is to simple understand that GOD has put us on this earth for a purpose and each day it is up to us to live our life based on that purpose. I have found that my purpose is to be of service and value to others. Each day I awake I ask a question how can I add value to someone’s life today?  Many times the answers are easy and range from showing someone gratitude to giving out tickets to a game for the professional basketball that I am The PA Announcer and Team Ambassador for, The South Florida Gold. It can be a s simple as sharing the store I work with, Celebrity Sports, and giving people a chance to get great memorabilia at excellent prices. It could be a s simple as sharing some knowledge to help someone grow their business. The key to creating a glorious day is to be loving and caring in all you do. To truly glorify the lord one must be willing to take action that positively impacts the lives of those around you. In some cases all it takes is a kind gesture or a smile. Sometimes it is just being a friend to others.

Many times creating a glorious day starts with the adoption of an anthem to be there for others not only when they may be down but when they are also experiencing great joy. The greatest measure of someone is not that they will ride in the limo with you when times are good but that they will ride the bus with you when you are facing challenges. Being a friend and having a friend creates a glorious day as you can be a lifter and also be lifted. Look for ways where you can do good deeds that you may never be repaid for by simple being a friend. It is when you can be a friend that you can create a glorious day. Another way to create a glorious day is to be conscious of the words you are using and to speak life. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Striking GOLD!!!

Musco Lighting Champions of Character Team I was at The South Florida Gold Workout today (7/19/2015) in my capacity at PA Announcer and Team Ambassador when I met Nate Thomas. Through out my spiritual awakening I have had this sense of striking gold and such was the case with Nate Thomas as he and I had a deep conversation of being a complete person. As I left the gym I thought wow that was a golden moment. As I drove to Starbucks I kept thinking how many times do we miss opportunities to strike gold?

 While speaking with Nate Thomas I mentioned The Layup 4 Lauren Challenge and he immediately had all the players at the work out participating. I even participated. I missed my layup and went to www.layup4lauren.org and made my $10 Donation. I then set up a page at https://curestartsnow.z2systems.com/np/clients/curestartsnow/campaign.jsp?campaign=124&fundraiser=81061&team=39 and set a goal of raising $300. I hope the readers of this article will help to strike gold by making a donation.  Lauren Hill taught us about striking gold by taking a debilitating disease that would eventually take her life and facing it everyday living life to the fullest. The South Florida Gold will use the lessons that Lauren Hill taught us to strike gold. Today ask yourself how you are striking gold in your personal, professional, and spiritual life?

Devon Sills was given quite the blow when his daughter Leah was diagnosed with Cancer but he was able to strike gold when the Cincinnati Bengals kept him on their practice squad so that his daughter could receive the treatment she needed as shes says to beat up cancer. As I watched the ESPYS and heard his heart felt speech I realized that when we are connected to GOD that we can take action and overcome any challenge that is put in front of us.  I learned that we all have the opportunity to strike gold by simply living a life of purpose and allowing the divine in us to come  out and be seen by others. It is when we realize that we have gold inside of us that we can create golden moments that bring peace, love, joy, and prosperity into our lives. Devon and Leah’s story is shared by many families and it is nice to know that their faith bonds them together so as to give a glimmer of hope to everyone. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: The Best Day Of My Life!!!

As I sit at Starbucks today to write this entry I start to think how everyday can be the best day of my life. Through the spiritual awakening process I have come to understand that each day we awake we have the opportunity to create a day filled with peace, love, joy, and prosperity. If we wake up and the first thought we have is that today is the day the Lord hath made be glad and rejoice in it we will have a blessed day that will be the best day of my life. Each day is a new day to tap into our inner divinity and make that connection with GOD to create a oneness consciousness. If we are to achieve peace we must first become peaceful. Once we become peaceful we can make everyday the best day of our lives. It is great that we accumulate photographs and memories and can use them to move forward in a positive direction of our dreams, however if we continually bring up the memories we may be hindering our personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

 Looking back at the photographs and remembering the memories that they represent can motivate us to take steps to move forward along our spiritual journey. In being motivated to move forward we are able to shine our light bright for others to see and subconsciously we give others permission to shine their light and the whole world is then illuminated. In taking action t make each day the best day of your life you are able to put aside that which may be holding you back and release it so you can be motivated to move forward. I have  found that meditation on the past and learning from the messages that the past has delivered is a great way to still remember while at the same time moving forward.  Every now and again it is great to look at the highlights of your life and then make plans to take action to create new highlights. Read More→