Spiritual Awakening: We Are All GOD’S Children!!!

As the news came in about Paris, Nigeria, Bali, Beirut, and other parts of the world about acts of terror I kept thinking we are all GOD’S children and now is time to show the world that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations.  As I scrolled through my Facebook Page and saw all The French  Flags I thought why not a universal peace flag that would encourage people to show love toward one another.

I saw many people spewing anger and saying things like you can not coexist with people who want to kill you. I thought about Gandhi and the quote an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind and how important it is to find ways to allow people to simply be who they are and to drive out hate by showing love. If we were to focus on the root of the issue with terror and how it has become the topic of the week we would see that many people are so caught up in proving that they are right they forget about doing the right thing.  I then decided to change my focus and started posting positive things  and encouraging people to do the same. Instead of just sending prayers to Paris I began to send prayers to the world emphasizing that we are all GOD’S Children. I then went back to the teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz and The Four Agreements.

If we spent more time teaching this and showing love and compassion toward each other our world would be a better place. If we began to recognize that everyone is a divine child of GOD and GOD doesn’t make any junk we could build people up and thus alleviate the many challenges that we face in our lives. In many cases it is hard to detach from the events that are being reported in the media. What if instead of focusing on the negative that people are doing we begin to focus on the good that people are doing imagine how illuminated our world would be.  If we could simply come together and understand that we are all GOD’S Children our world would become a true kingdom of GOD while we are here on earth.

When I saw this story about millions of children meditating in Thailand I thought where are the big media outlets to cover this? I then thought wouldn’t it be great if all of us on  social media started a movement to profess our love for one another and spread a message that we are all GOD’S Children? On my Facebook feed I have been sharing stories that I have found to be inspiring and empowering.


We can be angry at the terrorists but that anger will not serve us we must show love and compassion toward our fellow humans as well as animals and start to think globally and act locally. Instead of seeing the problems let us actively seek the solutions to embrace the people that come into our lives by showing love. Let us not force our beliefs on anyone and simply understand that as long as we do no harm and make a connection with GOD that things will change for the better.

I found this song and it was fitting that it was performed by someone in The Philippines as I was a U.S.  Peace Corps Volunteer from July 2002 – February 2003 in The Philippines working with at risk youth at a Regional Rehabilitation Center For Youth. It was there that my belief that faith in GOD gives meaning and purpose  to human life was reinforced and that I began to understand that we are all GOD’S Children.

A great reminder to praise GOD and be grateful for all the good he has done in my life.  It is in honoring GOD and recognizing that we are all GOD’S Children that we have the opportunity  to make a positive shift in this world.

 It is when we begin to spread love and see that we are all GOD’S Children that we begin to open the channels to improve our personal, professional, and spiritual life. It is through GOD that all things are possible. The next time you see a stranger do not judge simply look up and smile and recognize that they are one of GOD’S children. It is when we all become a shining light for the lord by being of service and value that we create a oneness consciousness that lights up the world.

Remember  that you are a divine child of GOD.  Stay Positive!!! Peace!!!Love!!! Joy!!! Prosperity!!! Namaste!!!





Spiritual Awakening: Don’t Turn Back!!!


In many of the spiritual teachings there is one common truth that if you are truly to evolve spiritually you must let anything that no longer serves you go. You must take action to eliminate all things that block you form experiencing peace, love, joy, and prosperity in your life. In many cases it means moving on from jobs and activities that you thought were helping you but in reality were only hindering you. If you are to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually you must be committed to moving forward and not turning back. I have  learned many important lessons over the last few weeks. One of those lessons was to truly research who you associating yourself with so as to avoid being taken advantage of in your personal and professional life. I have learned that if you do not value yourself no one else will and if someone doesn’t value you it is time to say to bad, so sad, don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you and then do not turn back. I have began to implement Don Miguel Ruiz’s Fifth Agreement and question everything. I have begun to peel back the onion and see things for what they are. I have also come to realize that there are many people who will claim to come from a spiritual base but in reality are only using the guise of spirituality to get over on others. I have also learned that when deciding to move on and not turn back it is goof to consult GOD, The Angels, and The Ascended Masters.

 Whomever you have a spiritual relationship with call it GOD, Jesus, Spirit, Source, Jehovah, or anything else it is important to tap into your inner divinity and not look back once you have committed to let it go and not turn back. If we look forward and commit to living a righteous life and being of service and value we will see some divine changes in our life that will help to create a oneness consciousness that then allows us to shine our light and illuminate the world. Along the way there will be people who are not as evolved as you who will try to use you for your spiritual gifts not understanding that your spiritual gifts have value. There will be those who pretend to appreciate you but in reality they are only using you so it is important to discover this and eliminate these people as they will not be of service to you in your quest to be a global citizen of the world spreading peace, love, joy, and prosperity everywhere you go. Let these types of people go and don’t turn back. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: !!!

 As I listened to this song by Abba I began to realize that on a spiritual path gratitude and using your talents for good are important in tapping into your inner divinity so as to bring peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life and into the lives of others. We all have talents inside of us and when we use these talents for good GOD rewards us. When we step out and let our talents out we shine our light bright and thus give permission to others to do the same. When we use our talents for good the entire world is illuminated.


The Parable of the Talents (also the Parable of the Minas and the Parable of the Pounds), is one of the parables of Jesus, which appear in two of the canonical gospels of the New Testament; a thematically variant parable appears in the non-canonical Gospel of the Hebrews. Although the basic story in each of these parables is essentially the same, the differences between the parables that appear in the Gospel of Matthew 25:14-30 and in the Gospel of Luke 19:12-27 are sufficient to indicate that the parables are not derived from the same source.[1] In Matthew, the opening words link the Parable of the Talents to the preceding Parable of the Ten Virgins, which refers to the Kingdom of Heaven.[1]

In both Matthew and Luke, a master puts his servants in charge of his goods while he is away on a trip. Upon his return, the master assesses the stewardship of his servants. He evaluates them according to how faithful each was in making wise investments of his goods to obtain a profit. It is clear that the master sought some profit from the servants’ oversight. A gain indicated faithfulness on the part of the servants. The master rewards his servants according to how each has handled his stewardship. He judges two servants as having been “faithful” and gives them a positive reward. To the single unfaithful servant who “played it safe,” a negative compensation is given.

As I work with clients I see there talent and come up with ways for them to monetize their talents. Many times I hear all the excuses why they are not using monetizing their talent and they keep throwing up roadblocks. When they do this I say let’s find a way to really integrate your talent with ways to make money so you can be of service and value to others. I hear all the time how the market is saturated or I don’t have a big name. I answer you have a talent and you will attract the people that are seeking your products or services. What roadblocks are you putting up that is stopping you from using your talents to create the life you desire? Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Spark One Up!!!

As I lit incense and played the Amy Barbera CD and meditating on what my next move would be with The South Florida Gold I realized that GOD was telling me to move forward in a direction that would reward me for my talents and to take action to follow my heart and use my powers fro good. As I began to think that it was time to rekindle the inner spirit of divinity inside of me and to light a fire that would illuminate the world. It is when we spark our spirituality and feed the fire that we can make positive changes in our life and move forward in a positive direction of our dreams. So many times we get caught up in worrying what will people think of the fear of closing one door so another can be opened that we create blockages that stop us from reaching our full potential. It is time that we take a flame to all these blockages and allow them to melt away so we can clear the debris and open up a new path that will lead us to creating a oneness consciousness that will help us to get more in tune with our inner divinity. It is time to spark one up and take action on our dreams and not allow any set of circumstances to hold us back. It is time to find a way to attract the people in our lives that will support us sparking one up and fan the flames that will lift us to levels that make us more awake. If someone is trying to hold you back simply take a deep breath and find away to eliminate them so that you can open up opportunities to bring those that will serve you into your life. Each situation we encounter in our life is made manifest by our own thoughts and actions. If we are strong enough to move away from those who do not serve us we can keep the spark buring inside so that it creates a fire.

When we ignite an internal fire and allow it to drive us as we answer our calling and follow our purpose we are able to step into our power and achieve greatness. As we fan the flames of hope and healing we are able to find our passion and thus take action and achieve success. When we find what makes us come alive and we nourish that fire we create a life filled with peace, love, joy, and prosperity. When we keep sparking it up and shining our light we give permission to others to do the same and before you know it we are changing the world and illuminating our communities. When we light the fire inside us and detach from outcomes we begin to flourish and our personal, professional, and spiritual life is enhanced. When we seek to be ignited with the spirit of GOD, The Angels, The Ascended Masters, and Jesus nothing can stop us. There will be doubters there will be those who don’t want to give you what you deserve and what is rightfully your birthright. When you encounter these people simple take a breathe and if you can spark one up and let them go. Sometimes you will be loyal to a fault and learn a harsh lesson that not everyone will share your philosophy of being of service and value. When this happens realize that it is time to move on and GOD has other plans for you. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Allowing GOD To Speak Through You!!!

In this scene from Joyful Noise the choir director tells the group that I want to hear GOD through you. As I watched the scene I began to ask how are you allowing GOD to speak through you? I started to reflect and realized that when you are GOD centered all things work out. I started to think when you do the right thing and are righteous in all you do GOD will prosper you. I have experienced this so many times. Just recently a team I work for told me they couldn’t pay me for the work I was doing in their office and that they may not be able to afford me to be their announcer. I thought wow I have been loyal to them from day 1 and this is how they are treating me and then I realized it was GOD’s way of telling me to move forward an work with those who truly appreciate my value. As I got home  I checked my Facebook page and there was a message from someone I have worked with and who has always appreciated me and helped me asking if I could work with her tomorrow (11/1/2015) and she would pay $100. I said yes and realized that GOD will make up for any money list from the team and that it is time to use my talents to prosper myself so I could then be of service and value to others.

As I sat in prayer and asked GOD to help me pick up free lance work he has started to deliver as my insurance agent wants some help with social media and will be using me at least once a month. GOD is able to direct us as look as we ask and follow his message.  I have learned that when things seem to be the darkest GOD is there to make them bright. What seems as being taken for granted may just be the sign that it is time to move on and pursue the purpose that GOD has for us. It is when we take the action to tap into our inner divinity that we are able to let GOD  speak through us thus allowing us to step into our power and  shine our light that we illuminate the world.

As you ask JESUS to shine down on you he will give the tools and the talents that will allow GOD to speak through you. It is when you detach from what might happen and just allow things to happen that you become more spiritually aware and awake. As we begin to really connect with GOD we see things very differently and we begin to find more peace, love, joy, and prosperity. When we truly peel back our outer shell and begin to show the world our authentic self we begin to thrive and  add more bliss and abundance in our lives.  It is when we choose to not sweat the small stuff and to remember it is all small stuff that we can better embrace the idea that if GOD brought us to it GOD will bring us through it.  When we let go and let GOD we allow GOD to speak through us and thus we improve the world simply by be kind and loving. It is when we understand that things don’t happen to us they happen for us that we can open our heart, mind, and soul and allow him to speak through us. So when you are questioning why something is unfolding the way it is remember that it is part of GOD’s master plan to speak through us. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: The Universal Conspiracy!!!

So may people talk about The Law Of Attraction and Manifestation but do not realize that it takes action to bring forth the desires you want in your personal and professional life. You may want to raise $2500 for a charity, like The American Cancer Society Relay For Life but until you take committed action to do this the thought is but  a figment of our sub conscious. I have found that by writing down I will raise $2500 for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and then sharing my donation page at http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg4  to be very effective in attracting donors. The universal conspiracy is that GOD and The Angels want you to succeed and will put all you need to succeed in front of you however you must be willing to take action and use all the tools you are being provided with so as to manifest your desired outcome. The paradox however is that you must also be willing to detach from the desired outcome and just allow things to flow as GOD and the universal powers intends for you.  The fact remains that you can talk about doing but until you write it down and start to take action it remains talk. I have learned that if it is in sight it is in sight and will be accomplished but if it is out of sight it is out of mind and will not be achieved.  I have often asked the question GOD what is the next step and he has delivered a message that I follow and thus move closer to exceeding the goal that I set.

Another universal conspiracy that is very important to understand is that what the mind can conceive and the heart can believe you can achieve.  If your desires are genuine and heart centered with the idea of being of service and value you will find success. It is important to follow your heart and allow everything else to follow. On Tuesday (10/27/2015) I saw a post on Facebook about a company that paid out over $3 million in commissions so I posted a comment that is great now you can visit http;//main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg3, which is my fundraising page for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Sunrise,FL. A gentleman posted a reply it is always good to give back. I wrote back yes it is I am not looking for much as I am asking everyone to donate $25 he replied done. I received notification of a donation and it was $100 from this gentleman.  I immediately though Thank you GOD and The Angels for guiding me and allowing me to come straight from the heart. When you are doing things from a heart centered place the universe will conspire to deliver positive results. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Life Is Beautiful!!!

  Life is beautiful even if we are faced with challenges that sometimes shake the core of our inner divinity. An instance happened yesterday (10/26/2015) as I was in bed rest due to my high blood pressure and hyper tension and worked from home. As I worked and took breaks to rest I realized that there will be setbacks in our life but life is still beautiful. I have come to understand that the only thing that we can control is our action and reactions to that which is happening for us in our life.  I have come to learn that we can not control the way people do business or what they choose to be involved in so we must allow things to flow as GOD has planned and detach from outcomes and simply live our life on purpose realizing that life is beautiful. If we are to eliminate the negativity that tries to invade our personal, professional, and spiritual life we must change the way we react to things and detach from outcomes. It is when we begin to understand that not everyone will resonate with our message or the way we do things that we begin to create a beautiful life. I have learned that to create a beautiful life we must eliminate the energy suckers from our life. When we stop expecting things to happen a certain way and we start to just allow things to flow in the natural way as dictated by GOD and the angels we begin to see that life is beautiful.  In seeing that life if beautiful we are able to become a difference maker and start to positively impact our personal, professional, and spiritual life while also positively impacting the lives of others.

 I have found that when you are committed to making a difference you begin to see life as beautiful as you have the opportunity to utilize your talents for good. I have learned that sometimes taking a step back actually helps you to move forward in a positive direction of your dreams. As frequent readers of this blog know I am very involved in The American Cancer Society Relay For Life. This year I have set up two donation pages one for Broward County at http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg3 and one for Palm Beach County and Out of Area Donors at http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg4. This year I have decided to simply be a participant and offer my emcee services. I did this with out any expectations and a plan just to put positive things out into the universe and watch them manifest. In releasing the expectation of results I have been able to celebrate and see the beauty of just doing my part to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. In detaching from expectations and realizing that I can only control my actions and reactions I have been able to see life as beautiful. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: The Third Time Is The Charm!!!

 As I was shooting my wadded up paper into the garbage at Starbucks I missed on the first two attempts and on the third attempt it went right in. I shot from the same spot each time and realized that in the spiritual awakening process sometimes you must remain in one spot until you fully grasp the message. Many time it takes 3 attempts before we get full understanding and awareness of  the messages that are coming to us.  I have learned as an action taker that the way you have done things over time needs to be adjusted so you can optimize the results. In missing the first two shots at the garbage circle on top of the garbage at Starbucks I asked what did I do that made my shot go awry and what could I do to improve my chances. On shot number 3 I adjusted my elbow and focused on the target and the shot went it. This teaches us that over time on our spiritual journey we must make adjustments. I have learned that by changing strategy and making adjustments you will understand your calling and purpose more clearly.  In understand that many times it is the third time that is the charm as you begin to become more aware and awake on your spiritual path. I have seen the same message many times and haven’t acted upon it and then after seeing it for the third time I acted upon the message and as a result was able to put myself in a very positive place along my journey. I have seen the message of coming alive many times and each time it reminds me that you must tap into your inner divinity and step into your power and share yourself with the world.

In life many things follow a series of 3 like The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost or The ID, The Ego, and The Super Ego. As we explore the meaning of the number 3 and what the repetition of the number 3 we come to understand that Number 3 carries the vibrations of communication and self-expression, adventure, inspiration and creativity, humur, optimism and joy, spontaneity and enthusiasm.  Number 3 also symbolizes the principle of increase and growth, expansion andabundance on the mental, emotional, financial and spiritual levels. Number 3 is the number of manifesting and manifestation and carries the vibration of the Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters help you to focus on the Divine spark within yourself and others, and assist withmanifesting your desires. They are helping you to find peace, clarity and love within.

Angel Number 3 is an indication that your angels are trying to get your attention. The angels and Ascended Masters want you to follow your intuition and inner-wisdom so that you are able to take appropriate action/s at this time. Use your creative skills and abilities to manifest your desires and enhance your life and that of others. The angels encourage you to follow your life path and soul mission with optimism and enthusiasm.

When Angel Number 3 appears it suggests that your prayers and positive affirmations have been heard and are being responded to by the Universal Energies. Have faith that your goals and desires will manifest in your life in Divine right time. Trust your personal skills and talents and the love and support from the angels. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Allow Yourself To Fly!!!

Today’s blog entry was inspired by the action that I took to go to Taste of Tamarac and promote The South Florida Gold, a professional basketball team that plays in The American Basketball Association. I am the announcer and team ambassador  and thus have a responsibility to share the team with people. As I walked through the even The president of the chamber told me it was in a appropriate to solicit the vendors so I told him to pound sand and continued about my business and everyone I spoke with was very receptive especially after I did complimentary promo videos for them. I went in with the attitude that I was going to be positive and ignore anyone who tried to stop me from flying. As I continued to walk around the event I cam across The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Tamarac and they all recognized me for my work with other Relays and I was able to lend my talent to make a promo video for them. The event ended and I went to Starbucks and a few gentleman I knew from their martial arts studio came in and immediately I gave them a schedule and invited them to come to a South Florida Gold Game. This really got  me to thining how important it is in spiritual development to allow yourself to fly.  I came to the understanding there will people who try to hold you down and there will be people who build you up and it is better to be around those that build you up.

 It is possible to fly high and really experience a spiritual awakening by getting in touch with your divinity  and not allowing anyone to stop you from reaching your full potential. Sometimes it means taking action to eliminate the doubters and the naysayers and calling people out so you can allow yourself to fly. Sometimes we must remind ourselves that we are divine children of GOD and that GOD knows our name and knows the plans he has for us to fly high.  We must remember that there will be people who may not be as evolved as us spiritually and will try to use your skills without honoring you or allowing you to fly so you must look and see if being involved with this person is of service or is it time to cut ties and allow yourself to fly. The best we can do to those who have trespassed against us and created a blockage is to forgive and move on understanding that the only person that you can change is you. I have come to learn that sometimes you will encounter people who do not appreciate you and your efforts so in order to allow yourself to fly you must tell them to go pound sand. Read More→