Spiritual Awakening: Introducing A Spiritual Leader- Diana McClintic

by Guest blogger Diana McClintic

Diana McClintic     I met Diana McClintic on line via Facebook. She has some great insight into simply living life and going with the flow and allowing the universe to work for you. Here is here journey.


I have retired from nursing. I was an RN for 32 years. It actually became harder after a knee injury to be on my legs running around lugging a computer for 13 hours while taking care of people, and everything had to be perfect. No mistakes allowed and no time for breaks. There were days I would have 8 patients and discharge a couple of them meaning empty beds so I’d get more folks in from ER while taking care of the others. People were in for getting blood and sometimes you would have 2 of those patients at a time, so after a couple units then you discharge them and there you go another empty bed, another admission. People were in for serious medical problems and some may be sent to ICU and there you go, another admission. Tons of paperwork after the 12 hour shift ended. Nurses do so much that they do not get credit for doing. Now I am a retired nurse living on a small pension from a state job I had for 11 years. My children were doing fine so I finally for the first time in my life could do something for myself.

Although without money to pay for hotels what I did living on the road was hard yet rewarding and I wrote 3 books which I am awaiting the funds to publish them. I spent 2.2 years living on the road but first, I left Florida in 2009 and stayed home in Indiana for a bit, then drove to Northern Idaho and stayed with a friend. I got my Idaho license while there. My mother called me back to Indiana as she said she was sick and needed me so I went back home and stayed until my mother died with me and my younger brother at her side in 2011. Then I drove to Sedona, then to the west coast of California and up the coast then over and up to Mt. Shasta, then to 5 pow wows around Sacramento, then I stayed in Sacramento for a year before being called back home in Florida where I had lived for 19 years, raising my children alone. My daughter’s husband had died and she was in the process of losing her home and lost their business and also had lost 150 pounds as they both had the bird flu. I nursed my daughter back to health. I also have a naturopathic Dr. degree, which is not a medical doctor degree. It is a counseling degree. Florida does not like it when you practice naturopathy if you have a nursing, chiropractor or massage therapy license you have to be careful, not knowing when or who will try to get you for a word on a flyer or business card that you are not allowed to say. I used my skills as a naturopath to teach my daughter how to become well again. I passed the holistic board certification at a 6 hour board sitting exam in Chicago La Joilet college in 2002.

    I have always read cards of one kind or another and I’d love to be on a show taking callers for card readings and talking about my books that I hope to get published soon, and my adventures living on the road. I was always a spiritual person. I have been a seeker and healing facilitator since I was 4 years old. I had a couple of near death experiences and have seen angels. My life has never been easy, and being empathic meant I took on others pain often. I have had a few years now to cleanse my energetic body and prepare for my new life that I am creating with Jesus as my guide. I haven’t had computers for any length of time for a long time. In CA my computer was stolen and so I started spending my time in libraries everywhere I went. I manifested a computer and now it is not working any longer so I am back to using libraries with limited time and my blogs need a lot of work now. My daughter is back in Indiana now and living with family and working. Her house is up for auction June 29 so I am about to be on the road again. I plan to focus on some barter exchange work and finding my soul family. Her old cat needs a home as I do not think the cat will be able to travel. I am totally surrendered without being attached to the outcome, as I live in the now, and am knowing, being and grateful for my new life that is being created so I can be doing again. Readers and astrologers say it is now. Venus is at my birth Venus location now and in travel houses with Jupiter and other planets. I am told the time is now to meet that soul mate who will know and take interest in me, and the soul mate is already here energetically they say. The time is now to publish my books and to make a verbal CD of them as there are people who will pay to do this. I am in the spiritual knowing that all is well. It is not easy work however I can teach everyone how I got to this part of my life by working through the past and through the mind controls and healing myself and bringing in the highest vibes to make a new world for myself. I was born to teach spirituality. I was born to be a healing facilitator. So I am ready for what is next in my life.


Diana McClintic board certified Holistic RN


Spiritual Awakening: Shelter From The Storm!!!


As I read my Facebook feed over the last week I realized just how spiritually deficient many people are as they were so busy arguing for or against same sex marriage and the removal of the confederate flag. I decided that I would do my best by  implementing my philosophy of DNH, Do No Harm. I decided that rather than taking sides I would look at the big picture which is that fact that we need a huge spiritual awakening in the world. It was after seeing all the ironic things happening like WALMART not selling confederate flags but still receiving goods from China and people focusing on GAY Marriage instead of The TPP  that I thought we need a shelter from this storm. We know that from the beginning of time there has been divisiveness used as a way to control the masses. Organized religion has become a divisive part of our society  and many have forgotten the basic principles of the teachings of the scripture and thus we have allowed evil to rule the day. Nowhere in the scriptures does it say you need a fancy church or temple all it states is when two or more are gathered I am present. Nowhere does it say to judge others. Most of the issues we are having in today’s society is occurring because of radical interpretation of the scriptures. As much as I refer to the bible I also understand that it was man’s interpretation that has led to some of the most tragic events in the history of the world. It is important for you to do your research and to have a relationship to the higher power and understand that whatever you call it he knows your name and sees all that you do and can be your shelter in a storm. I have  found that when I create a scared space and meditate and communicate with GOD, The Angels, and The Ascended Masters that I am guided to make a difference in my life and in the lives of others. I was asked the other day what religion I am and I said I do not have a religion I am a spiritualist and I have a relationship with GOD and Jesus and this works for me. When I told a pastor this he went off ans said you can not expect salvation if you use those oracle cards. I said hold on isn’t Jesus and Ascended Master who works with the Archangels to deliver messages so as to guide us to have a life filled with peace, love, joy, and prosperity. The pastor was at a loss and simply walked away. I have come to realize that we can all be shelters in the  storm if we actively work to take judgement out of the equation. I have come to understand that the bible is basic instructions before leaving earth.

When we make a conscious effort to rebuke the storm in the name of GOD we are able to move forward on our spiritual path and become enlightened beings so as to better be of service and value to others. It is when we become a shelter from the storm and help others to find their way that we become stronger. It is when we take that walk in nature and find a sacred place to meditate or pray that we are able to face our storms and then become a shelter from the storm. It is ironic that as i write this entry there is a thunderstorm happening outside the window and while others are complaining I take solace in knowing that GOD gave me shelter from the storm. The storms in nature are necessary so as to nourish the land just as storms in our life are necessary to nourish our soul. As we experience storms we can become shelters of storms or build shelters that will help people until the storm passes. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Changes In Attitudes Changes In Latitudes!!!

As I have been on my spiritual path I have learned that sometimes all that occurs is determined by the energy that we bring to the task at hand. In many cases all we need is a change in our attitude and latitude. In many cases it simply is a matter of taken action and detaching from the outcome and simply  allowing every thing to be guided by GOD. Today (6/28/2015) was a great example of  my spiritual awakening. I was showing my DAD just how easy it is to find events to attend in the community when I typed in City of Sunrise Events 6/28. I found what I thought was a great event being held at The Sunrise Civic Center,a Japaneses Film and Cultural Festival. I drove over to the Sunrise Civic Center and there wasn’t an event, I rechecked the information and guess what it was for 6/28/2014. I was a bit disappointed as I was going to collect donations for Relay for Life. Instead of getting mad and becoming discouraged I found a quiet place to meditate and ask GOD what was next. I received the answer and it was to go to The Starbucks Plaza near La Granja and collect donations. With a positive attitude I took action and I walked into La Granja asking if I could ask the patrons for donations they said yes. Most of the patrons were receptive and donated. I then walked the plaza and asked for donations and many gave. In the past I would have been upset at those who didn’t donate but today I changed my attitude and showed gratitude to everyone regardless if they gave or not. I made a conscious decision that no matter what I would be caring and loving in my approach. One woman even said I am trying to pay my rent and I said eliminate the word try and say I will pay my rent as the use of try will stifle you all the time. In sharing thoughts of positivism and changing my attitude I may just change someone else’s attitude.  I walked into Celebrity Sports and told them that I had been trying to reach them about a position with their store and  I made a quick video to show my voice skills. I have a 2 PM interview tomorrow. Instead of being mad and upset that they didn’t return calls I simply shifted my attitude and did what I do best and that is show people my ability. In shining your light and changing your attitude you change the level of vibration and you create positivism that is illustrated in all you do.
 Regular visitors to this blog  have witnessed many entries ending with Stay Positive!!! I have been signing emails and message with these two words as I strongly believe that we can stay positive and have an attitude of positivism in all scenarios. I even have a FREE HUGS banner that includes words STAY POSITIVE on the bottom that I display whenever I can so as to remind people how showing love and positivism can improve their place in life as they continue to make a mind, body, soul, connection. I have found that by making a commitment to stay positive has enhanced my spiritual journey and allowed me to become more aware and awake to the power that I have inside of me to make each day a positive experience. There will be days where sadness will creep in such as the day of July 5, 2012, the day my mom, Judith Miller, was called home to GOD. Most people would focus how sad her passing and how  how courageous I was for being the one that was there holding her hand when she made her transition. I was sad and a bit angry but I knew that being angry wasn’t going to change anything. So I changed my latitude by going downstairs to my car and grabbing my Relay For Life Hoodie as I was shivering and I cried and then I composed myself and I realized that my mom was already sending me messages. When things are going rough for me I will find a quiet sacred place to sit and meditate and communicate with my mom who directs me with the help of GOD. It is at these times that I realize that sometimes a change in latitude and attitude is all it takes. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Sunrise Sunset!!!

 Today’s entry is inspired by The Fiddler On The Roof song, Sunrise Sunset as it illustrates many of the aspects of the spiritual awakening process. In our spiritual development we will be given many opportunities to reflect and in reflecting learn so that we can move forward on our path toward enlightenment. If we break it down further we can look at it in a daily perspective as when the sunrises say this is the day that the lord hath made be glad and rejoice in in it. Then as the day unfolds come from a position of gratitude and watch what positive things begin to happen. As the sunsets we can then thank GOD for the day and reflect on all the good things that happened for us. Then as we turn in for the night we can relish in the fact that joy comes in the morning. In taking action to come from a position of gratitude, peace, love, and joy  we can enjoy all of our sunrises and sunsets.

So many times while we are in the sunrise of our life we look toward tomorrow and sometimes we miss out on the great things that are happening for us today. Sometimes we get so caught up in making plans we miss out on the peace, love, joy, and prosperity which is happening right now for us. As we celebrate our sunrises we must take action to live our life on purpose so that every ember of our being shines bright for others to see so that we can illuminate the entire world. As we celebrate our sunrises we must also hope that when we experience the sunset that it is not our last. On the day of your last sunset will you be able to reflect and I say I lived a life of joy and my life brought joy to others. If you are able to do this then you can say to GOD, The Ascended Masters, The Angels, and all who that have entered The Kingdom Of GOD that you lived a complete life.
With each day a new sunrises giving us the chance to be of  service and value. Many times we get so caught up with the noise that we do not hear the real message that GOD and The Angels is delivering. We get so trapped by the human existence that we forget to let the sun shine in and become the spiritual beings that we are. When we become more in tune with our spiritual self we are able to create a bond of mind, body, and spirit that creates a oneness consciousness where peace, love, and understanding rule the day. When the sunrises and we are answering our calling and being the change we want to see in the world our sunsets become more and more beautiful and  our final sunset is then magnificent as GOD prepares a place in his kingdom for us to dwell for ever and ever.

As we celebrate our days cherishing the sunrises and the sunsets we will often find ourselves wishing for one more day with those that GOD has called home. Well each day you can have a day with them knowing that they are angels watching over you and that you can simply speak to them and you will feel their presence giving you that one more day that you sought to celebrate another sunrise and another sunset.

From every sunrise and every sunset let your light shine. Each day  find a way to come alive and be of service and value to the community and make it a goal to touch at least one life by letting your light shine. When you do this each and every sunrise and sunset will pleasurable. It is when we make it a point to embrace our spirituality and move forward  in a positive direction toward your goals and dreams that you will be fulfilled.

In every sunrise and every sunset remember that the sun shines on your shoulder and even in a rainstorm there is a bit of sunshine there to warm you. Let the sunshine on your shoulder and be a beacon of hope for others to see daily.

 As you experience the sunrise tae a moment and breathe and then commit to making the day the best day possible. At sunset take a moment to sit in quiet reflection remembering all the good that happened in the day. In doing this and practicing gratitude you will see that not only has your life been brightened but you have brightened up the lives of others. Namaste!!!





Spiritual Awakening: Walking In Your Truth!!!

I have found that during my spiritual awakening that life gets real very fast when you stop trying to being something that you are not and commit to walking in your truth. It is when you begin to be truthful with yourself and brutally honest with others that you are able to walk strong in your truth and shine your light.  Today (5/24/2015) I went tout to collect for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of West Boca Raton, www.relayforlife.org/westbocaratonfl and I realized that walking in my truth and getting my story out compels people to help out. I also had the greatest comeback to those who questioned my legitimacy as i stated before your judge please hear my story then look me up and see why I am so passionate about this cause. As I walked in my truth I came to realize that some people just don’t get it and will never think outside the box and are so wrapped up in their own existence that they will never experience the freedom that comes when walking in your truth. I know it must have looked a bit strange seeing a man in a purple shirt wearing purple sneakers with the words beat cancer on them and shorts. Many people didn’t respond positively but then one woman said I will gladly donate I just lost a friend to cancer. We had a nice interaction and I wished her a good day and said GOD Bless You to which she said may  he bless you. I left and realized that it is imperative to embrace my spirituality and connect with my inner divinity and to share my truth.  As I was driving to Starbucks I had a thought of how walking in my truth and being real with myself is serving me. As I parked the car and walked into Starbucks I picked out my spot and began to settle in and then I placed my order. As I sat down I noticed two women who appeared to be spiritual practitioners talking, one got up and then came back looking for her keys. The other lady came in shortly after and I asked did your friend find her keys and do you work in psychology she said no so I asked do you do any spiritual work she said yes and I gave her my business card and at the end the two women hugged me and told me to keep shining my light. I then introduced myself to the two ladies sitting behind me as I was intrigued by their conversation and they were open to learning about my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on www.wrpbitv.com on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EDT. As they were leaving one said to the other you are young and i said don’t forget to add beautiful to which I was told you are very sweet and it was a pleasure to meet you. By walking in truth one is able to open new doors and to explore new opportunities.

 When you walk in truth praising and honoring GOD you open up your mind, body, and soul to receive the gifts that GOD has prepared for you. It is when you speak and walk in truth that you find peace, love, joy, and prosperity. I have seen this so many times in my personal life. I have long believed that service to humanity is the best work of life and have done my part to help other people excel. As a result I have been rewarded. Years ago a friend of mine was participating in The Leukemia Team In Training Program asking for donations. I donated $18. I was working at The Happy Herald Newspaper at the time and that week I had a great week and one of my sales resulted in a commission of $180.  I gave  from  my heart and gave cheerfully  as my truth is in being a giver. In giving freely without seeking to be rewarded I was rewarded. This comes about when you walk in truth. Through walking in your truth and shining your light you are impacting people and you may not even realize it.  Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: The Half Way Point!!!


Recently I began to walk with a goal of hitting 5000 steps through out the day and when I hit 2500 I find myself pushing forward and speaking positive thoughts so as to continue. Through walking I gain clarity as I am in a meditative state working towards the goal of being healthier. In taking action I find myself better able to make the mind, body, soul connection and thus make it to the final goal. When I hit the 5000 goal I feel a sense of accomplishment and I am filled with a new found energy that allows me to stay focused and be more productive. In gaining mental clarity and becoming more  spiritually awake we are able to better understand our purpose and live our life on purpose.  In looking taking a short break and breathing at the half way point we are able to decide what to keep that serves us and what to release that no longer serves us. In awakening to who you are and what you are here to do you set in motion circumstances that will help you to manifest the life that you want.  In taking a moment to evaluate at the half way point you can best follow your calling and make changes that will continue to have you come alive.

As the end of June quickly approaches now is a great time to evaluate where you are for 2015. What goals have you set for 2015 and how are you meeting them? Now is the time to reflect, relax, and rejuvenate while building u what serves you and releasing what no longer serves you. As you sit in meditation ask your ascended masters, your angels, and GOD for direction and you will receive the answers.  If there is something creating a blockage now is the time to find out the root cause and to remove the blockage.  In looking back we are able to see our blind spots and what is holding us back so we can move forward and enhance our mind, body, soul connection thus shining our light bright for others to see.  As you get to the halfway point you have the opportunity to finish strong by looking at all the wins you have had so far and how you can utilize these wins to propel you forward in creating the life that you desire. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Keep On Moving!!!

Each time I watch this video I keep thinking about a lesson learned in the spiritual awakening process and that is to keep on moving and to gain mental clarity so that you can be of service and value while enhancing your personal, professional, and spiritual life. each day we will face challenges and we will see that the best laid plans of mice and men will go astray however we have choices to dwell on the detour or to accept the detour and get back on to our path. It is when we commit to being an action taker and accepting the fact  that we can only control what our actions are and that what others do is out of control that we are able to move forward in our journey. One of my anthems is Matthew Wilder’s Nothings Going To Break My Stride.

Each time I get upset about someone not honoring a commitment I remember the lyrics of this song and I realize that getting upset and angry does not serve me and only hinders my progress be it in raising money for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of West Boca Raton, http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg2, booking guest for my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on www.wrpbitv.com on Tuesday at 6:30 PM. representing The South Florida Gold of The American Basketball Association, The Miami Fury of The Women’s Football Alliance, securing emcee work, voice over work, or pubic address announcing, and doing marketing and media relations consultations. I have  come to realize that all I can do is be impeccable with my work, don’t make assumptions, don’t take anything personally, and always do my best and everything will be as planned as everything is in divine order just the way it is meant to be. In not allowing the naysayers and haters to break my stride I have been able to achieve much success in my life.  In not allowing cancelled appointments to upset me I have been able to move forward and achieve goals that I have set for myself thus creating a peaceful existence that allows me to remain connected to GOD. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: When A Loss Is Actually A Win!!!

For those of you who follow me on Facebook or have liked my fan page or joined one of my groups you know that I was nominated for a John C. Maxwell Leadership Award. I was honored to be nominated for this prestigious honor in the community service category. When I was notified that I made the top 100 I was elated as my message of service to humanity being the best work of life was being heard. I did not make it to the top 30 which had me thinking is this a loss  or a win  and I concluded it was a bit of both as i didn’t make the top 30 which can be viewed as a loss but I did gain tremendous insight into areas of my life that need to be improved so this was a win. As I reflected and meditated on the entire experience I realized that in the spiritual awakening process what we may perceive as a set back can actually be a spring board for personal and spiritual development. I have come to learn that there are times in our life when what we perceive as losing is actually winning because setback allow us to have step ups.  Sometimes it is as simple as looking at what did I learn from the process? In the case of The John Maxwell Leadership Awards I learned that making a positive impact is important and putting yourself out there in an authentic manner by walking in your truth can be a very cathartic experience. I learned that as long as you are shining your light others will see that and recognize that so you do not have to brag because there are many people who will recognize your greatness. I also learned that when you are following your calling and tapping into your divine guidance system that everything will work out and you win in the end.

Through out the spiritual awakening process you will face many challenges. Many of these challenges will seem like losses when in reality they are lessons to move you forward along your path that will lead you to prosperity and greatness. I remember when I was competing with The Jaycees in The John H. Armbruster Competition which is a resume writing and interview skills competition based on the community service work done with The Jaycees and I didn’t make the call backs the first time out but I went home and practiced and started to do more and more work with my Jaycees Chapter and the next time out I made the finals (callbacks) and I finished #2 and at the end of the year I finished #2 again and missed out on a trip to The U.S. Jaycees  National Competition. I could have quit and said okay #2 is good enough but I didn’t as I had a goal to represent The Florida Jaycees on a National Level.  I worked very hard and began to tap into my divine guidance system and in 1995 I made it to The U.S. Jaycees National Armbruster Competition. Not only did I make it to the competition I was named one of The Top 5 Jaycees in America. This is another example of when a loss can actually be a win. I learned to persevere and continue to go after a goal so as to grow professionally, personally, and spiritually. Many times on our journey there will be times when we perceive to have lost but in reality we won because we never gave up and we moved forward in a positive direction of our dreams. Many times a loss gives us the motivation to continue to chase our dreams and thus we create a win. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Who Are You Walking With?

During the spiritual awakening process we must step back an look at who we are walking with? Are we walking with those who are taking action and those who are supporting us and lifting us along the way during our spiritual journey?  As we sit in meditation we should ask the question of who does GOD want us to walk with? The answer will be to put GOD first and then allow him to send you the people you should be walking with. In evaluating who you are walking with ask yourself are the people I am walking with bringing me up or bringing me down? Ask yourself are the people I am walking with evolving spirituality are they growing in mind, body, and spirit so as to create a oneness consciousness? Ask yourself are the people I am walking with vibrating at a high positive level? If you find yourself walking with doubters and haters it is time to change your path and find people who will lift you up and encourage you. If you find yourself being mistreated by the people you are walking with it is time to change your path and find the people who will treat you with respect and support you with positivism. If you are walking with people who forget everything and run it is time to stop walking with them and walk with those who will face everything and rise. If you are walking with people who do not seem to have a vision it is a time to walk with those who have a vision and who are taking action to move forward in a positive direction of that vision. Do not allow people to tell you it can not be done or that your idea is crazy simply go forward and find supporters to walk with. If you can not find supporters than simply walk with GOD and he will lift you up and lead you on your spiritual journey.

When you choose to walk with GOD you will guided and protected and at times carried so that you can fulfill the purpose GOD has for you. So many times we disconnect from source and attempt to walk with those who profess to be on the same path as we are that we create chaos in our life until we reconnect with source and commit to walking with GOD. In making the commitment to walk with GOD and praise him daily we begin to see great things happen in our life. When we decide that everything is in GOD’s hands and it is not ours to question we will see vast improvement in our personal and professional lives. When we open our hearts to GOD and decide to walk in faith our world changes as he provides opportunities to us that will allow us to live the life we desire.  As we answer GOD’s calling and make changes we begin to come alive more and more and thus we begin to find a life filled with peace, love, joy, and prosperity. If you want peace you must walk in peace and surround yourself with peaceful people, if you want love you must show love and be loving and caring in what you do, if you want joy you must illicit joy in all you do, if you want prosperity you must be willing to help others prosper. In walking with GOD you will find that all these are possible by simply listening and being obedient to GOD. In walking with GOD you will receive fruits of spirit. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Being Victorious!!!

American Pharoah Wins Triple Crown: All the Memes You Need to See ...As I watched history being made by American Pharoah as he became the first horse in 37 years to win The Triple Crown I began to think about being victorious in our spiritual journey.  Victor Espinoza, American Pharoah’s jockey visited  the grave site of a very well respected Rabbi seeking divine guidance prior to the race. Bob Baffort, American Pharoah’s trainer spoke of the presence of his parents who had passed. American Pharoah’s owner is an Orthodox Jew. As I researched all the spiritual connections to this horse I  thought wow if one is spiritual and righteous in their life they can become victorious in all they do. The journey for American Pharoah began with taking action followed by a lot of training. The end result was the breaking of a 37 year drought and a thirst for a Triple Crown Winner. The next step is some rest and then a few more races and then The Breeder’s Cup Race then American Pharoah will retire to stud.

Belmont Stakes: American Pharoah Becomes 1st Horse to Win Triple Crown ...As one looks at the cycle of American Pharoah’s Journey one can see how it relates to our everyday spiritual journey.  It all starts with a spiritual awakening then taking action on the messages that come your way. For example the owner of American Pharoah was going to sell the horse and then decided to buy the horse back as stick with the horse and now the owner has a triple crown winner. This shows you that you must sometimes follow what your heart wants and listen to your inner divine guidance system. It may not be your plan to own, train, or ride a race horse but it may be your plan to positively impact the world by maximizing your message. You can become an award winner simply by shining your light for others to see and doing what you are directed by GOD to do.  The other day I was notified that I had made it to the top 100 in The John Maxwell Leadership Awards and was a candidate for the top 30. I went to the website and filled out the essay questions and now will wait for the results. I  have detached from the outcome and realized that simply being nominated was a victory because someone noticed what I was doing to be of service to my community. In watching American Pharoah I  realized that each day we have an opportunity to be victorious in our personal, professional, and spiritual life.

Spiritual Awakening: Tool To Help You Be Victorious!!!

The first key to being victorious is to take the first step. If you know what you want and go for it by taking a  first step you will find success.

Eliminate fear from the equation by simply not asking what of it doesn’t work out ask instead what happens when it works out.  Worry only holds you back. When you eliminate the fear and make the conscious decision to go for it you will see that you will have many success. I used to hold back and then I realized that by taking action and nt being afraid of what would happen and just doing that I was happier and more productive.

Spiritual ConnectionsGet connected spiritually by creating a oneness consciousness that allows you to create the life that you want. Many ways to do this is through prayer and meditation. I recently tapped into some spiritual gifts that are helping me in making a mind, body, soul connection. As a result I now interact with people and do my best to make them feel good so as to crate a positive shift in energy that will lead to success.

Books such as these, the ones available by clicking on The Hay House Link, or Sources of Wisdom Book 2 can assist you in achieving victory. It is in adopting and applying what you read that will propel you to success.

I have found music such as this to be a great tool to being victorious as we all need an anthem that will keep us on our path to greatness and success.


Affirmations to get you inspired! Read more and get a free template at ...they never relinquish the dream or goal! I have found that affirmations and quotes serve as excellent tools to help one become victorious.

Victory can be achieved simply by visualizing what victory looks like with the assistance of some meditative music.

God makes all things possibleNo limits Bible verses and a connection to GOD have always served as a great tool to help one become victorious.

Spiritual Awakening: JDOGG’S Victory Songs!!!

I chose these 10 songs as they have aided me in visualizing victory and the taking action and bringing the visualization to life.  You are a winner and a divine child of GOD. Go be victorious.  Namaste.