Spiritual Awakening: Making The Big Score!!!

 We have all heard someone exclaim I made a big score be it after closing a big sale, making a clutch basket, scoring the winning touchdown, kicking a winning field goal, receiving a great care package, or releasing weight. Sometimes we get so caught up in making the big score that we forget the steps needed to take to make the big score. The first step is to get centered, focused, and grounded understanding why we desire to make the big score.  I remember  about a year ago I wanted to make a big score with The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton but first I had to define the reason why. Once I realized that my why was to honor the memory of my mother, Judith Miller, who God called home on July 5, 2012, things began to flow easily and GOD started to send me messages on how I could make the big score. It was when I listened and acted upon those messages that I started to make a big score. One Day GOD and The Angels told me to write to Doreen Virtue. I did and I told Doreen why I was doing Relay For Life and her reply was favorable and she put me in touch with her publicist at HAY HOUSE. I spoke to the publicist and a few weeks later what many would consider a big score as a care package arrived at my condo containing over $800 worth of Doreen Virtue items to use in my fundraising efforts. Well not only did I raise over $2700 for The West Boca Relay I was able to spread the wealth by sharing the items with other Relays. In knowing why you are doing something you can make a big score.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To Help You Make The Big Score!!!

 I have found that in adopting songs like Matthew Wilder’s, Nothing Going Break My Stride to be a great tool to stay focused and thus enabling us to score big while making a mind, body, and soul connection.
Gratitude is a fantastic tool that will propel you to making the big score. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Ducking Off!!!

Today as I was waling to my car there were several ducks surrounding my car and I immediately began to think how great it is to be free to roam where you want and duck off. In my community we have a large lake where the ducks can find respite from the heat and simply do what ducks do. I unlocked the car and started the engine and waited for the ducks to safely move out of the way. As I watched the ducks I noticed that several waited for the one lagging behind to catch up. Once I knew they were out of harms way from me backing out of my space I backed out of the space and started to think about the innate compassion these animals have and how they look out for one another.  As I drove away I began to wonder what the ducks symbolized in the spiritual realm and  I found out that ducks are symbolic of emotions, as they are associated with the water element. They help in reminding one to take care of their emotional self, to nurture, and be easy on the spirit. They represent being able to handle your emotions with grace and strength.  I  also found out  that these ducks teach one to trust their instincts about others and to  align yourself with those that have a kind spirit, fostering healthy relationships. I then began to reflect on all the times the duck has appeared as an important element in my life.  When I was a student at Hofstra University from 1983- 1987 we had one of our characters as a Duck representing the ducks that were know to gather around Long Island. I was selected to dress as The Hofstra Duck on several occasions for events ranging from visiting children at the hospital to sporting events. As I reflect back on that time I now began to grasp how this all relates to my spiritual journey.

  It all started to make sense as ducks are connected to feminine energies, the astral plane
and emotions through their connection with water. Ducks remind us to drink deeply from the waters of life. Find comfort in your element and with those of like mind and spirit. Ducks teach you how to maneuver through the waters of life with grace and comfort. Psychologist and therapists often have Ducks as a totem, assisting them to help others move through emotional tangles. As I reflected on the many times that I donned The Hofstra Duck Costume and the joy it brought to others while giving me a sense of purpose I began to further understand the spiritual awakening process and the messages and their meanings that are being sent to me through the ducks.

On of the football teams I follow is the Oregon Ducks. I started following them years ago because I liked there fast paced way of  playing offense. As I look back on why I choose to follow this team I realized it was because of the fast paced action of their team and the innovation of their head coach and how the team seemed to play with a passion and purpose. Though The Oregon Ducks haven’t won a National Title yet they have  competed and shown fans how determination and hard work can help you to make a mind, body, soul connection. They have taught me to detach from the outcome and to always do your best. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Laying The Smack Down!!!

  As I continue to speak my truth and lay the smack down it is my intention to empower and inspire people to take action and find ways to be of service and value to one another. It today’s world where sometimes things seem to be spinning out of control it is important to stop take a deep breathe and commit to not only speak your truth but to walk in your truth and shine your light bright for others to see. It is important to remember that you are a divine child of GOD and GOD doesn’t make any junk. Make it a point to be a lifter and to encourage people  each day. Be the person who shines a bright light on each person that you interact with and share your truth.

 When you begin to speak your truth you will begin to see that GOD will put you in his favor and the message that GOD sends along with The Angel Messages that you receive will be easier to act upon and thus you will be more able to speak your truth and lay the smack down as you move forward the positive direction of your dreams.

When we stay in spirit and walk in our truth and lay the smack down we experience a freedom to co-create with GOD the life we desire as we continue to create a oneness consciousness that allows us to make a mind, body, and soul connection that will expand our ability to be of service and value to others. I have often stated how important it is to remain in spirit and to be loving and caring in all you do as you will be rewarded. In my life I have garnered many awards for being of service and value. In 2015 I was Awarded The Monford Johnson Community Service Award by The City of Lauderhill S,A,K,E. Awards.  Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Inside Out and Upside Down!!!


As one begins to awaken spiritual they will realize that there will be many things that turn them upside down and inside out. As they begin to eliminate these things and move forward while taking action not to be turned inside out or upside down they will awaken more and grow in mind, body, and spirit. In life we will see things that are inside out and inside out  and feel there is nothing we can do to change things when in reality you can take action to change things by changing yourself. You can begin to look at things from a different perspective and start sharing your views in a positive manner .  It  is when we look beyond the outer and into the inner that we are able to effect change simply by making a positive shift in our lives.  Sometimes we have to be turned upside down and inside out so that we can get in better touch with our divinity in order to be guided by GOD whose plans for us are far greater than our own.

When we recover from being turned upside down and inside out it is important to work on getting stronger everyday.  This week I was turned inside out and upside down literally and figuratively. On Tuesday the phone rings it is my financial adviser’s office asking if I sent an email requesting a transfer of funds for a substantial amount of money. I replied no to which she said I am glad I din’t just fulfill this order. I said I am too let’s put a note on the account that only verbal instructions from me done via phone or in person by me are to be followed. I had a suspicion of who it was so I confronted them and the response I received further proved to me that you must choose who you work with wisely as many are not as spiritually evolved or in tune as they profess to be. On Thursday after seeing my doctor on Wednesday I had a very bad medical episode which I haven’t had in years as I became severely light headed with the chills so I laid down and went in and out of consciousness. I took this as a sign to slow down and evaluate my personal, professional, and spiritual life. As the chills went away and the headaches subsided and I began to feel better I began to realize that I must not allow myself to be turned inside out and that I must work on getting stronger mentally, physically and spiritually and that I must realize that my happiness is up to me and GOD and that I must work on me before I can help anyone else excel. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Wow, That’s A Big Muscle You Have!!!

As I continue to evolve in my spiritual development I have  come to understand that the most important muscle to develop is your brain. In developing your brain you are able to build your connection between the conscious and unconscious thinking and thus strengthen the mind, body, and soul connection. In reprogramming the way you think and eliminating the limiting thoughts that have created blockages in your life you are able to move in the direction of having a limitless belief system where you begin to believe that all things are possible. In strengthening your brain you will also begin to see a change in how you react to things. You will find yourself beginning to use power words instead of lack words, you will find that you are slower to anger, and you will see that you are easier fulfilling your purpose as you develop your brain.

As you begin to understand the workings of your brain and how it relates to your faith and spirituality you will start to create the life that you desire. The first step in building the strong brain muscle is to commit to be an action taker.  Look at what may be subconsciously holding you back. The thing holding you back could be that you allowed people to soften your brain muscle by buying into their opinion that you aren’t good enough or that you are not deserving. It is time to stop listening to others and understand you are a divine child of GOD capable of anything that you put your mind to. The key is to understand that GOD’S plans for you are far greater than your plans. The key is to develop a mindset that you are a strong, capable, driven, person who is making a difference in your life and in the lives of others.  As you reprogram your thoughts and strengthen your brain power you will begin to see a tremendous difference in your personal, professional, and spiritual development. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Worth More Than Gold!!!

Gold opened at $1,127.13 today and I started to think about how focused we get on our self worth and came up with the answer tot he question of what are you worth. The answer is I am worth more than GOLD. I started to examine what my response truly meant as it relates to a spiritual awakening and the message I received was simple that you are worthy and you are enough and that  GOD knows you are worth more than gold. As I delved more and more into the idea of self worth I began to realize that many people do not value themselves highly enough and thus are struggling with their personal, professional, and spiritual growth. To combat this I suggest that you start believing that you are worth more than gold and that you are deserving of all the greatness coming your way. I have learned that when you create the worth more than gold mindset that you can overcome any adversity that comes your way. Many times all you need to understand is that you are a divine child of GOD and GOD doesn’t make any junk. Begin to process the fact that you are a valuable person and that you have a talent that will serve the world in a great way and you will begin to see great changes in your life as you are worth more than gold.
One of the anthems I have adopted that has helped me to take action is this song by Britt Nicole, Gold. It has helped me to realize just how important it is to value yourself  as I have learned if you do not value yourself no one else will.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To Create A Worth More Than Gold Mindset!!!

Affirmations have proven to be a great tool in forming the worth more than gold mindset while staying centered, grounded, and focused. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Remembering Dr. Wayne Dyer!!!

 When I saw Serena Dyer’s post about her dad, Dr. Wayne Dyer being called home to GOD on August 29, 2015 I shed a few tears. Though I never met Dr. Dyer personally and we only corresponded through Facebook I felt a bond as he would send me his books and his calendar and his dvds to use for my fundraising efforts with The American Cancer Society Relay For Life. I had the pleasure of being the one who coordinated his column for The Happy Herald with his office and each time I received the column my smile widened and my heart fluttered just a bit as I was the first to see what was going into The Happy Herald.  Over the years I read his books and implemented his teachings. It was though I knew him on this spiritual plane where though we never met we connected.  Many of the people that Dr. Dyer was associated with came on my radio show when I hosted Get Motivated With Jonathan JDOGG Lederman. When I interviewed his daughter Serena I felt a bit of him coming through her. His legacy will live on in all of us whose life he touched. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening:Keeping It Real!!!

When we explore our spiritual awakening and making the mind body soul connection we must become authentic and transparent. If we are to truly keep it real we must take stock in where we were, where we are, and where we are going. If we are to evolve spiritually we must own our mistakes and find ways to correct them so that we remove any blockages that are stopping us from moving in a positive direction of our dreams. When we keep it real and take action we have the opportunity to grow and expand. As we use our anthems to keep it real we become more in tune with our vibrations and thus are able to resonate with those who are on the same spiritual journey that we are on and thus we can work together to create a positive spiritual shift in our lives and the lives of others. In an effort to keep it real and to be authentic it is a good spiritual practice to seek guidance from the ascended masters and follow the messages that are  being presented.

I found that when I stopped trying to please others and focused on pleasing GOD and myself that my results were better and that I became much happier. I have also learned that when I leave expectations out of the process that I am able to keep it real and achieve great things.  I have  also learned that when you are shining your light and doing the right thing you will have detractors and haters. You must detach from the detractors and the haters and keep being real so that you can grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. Sometimes when you keep it real you find that you will be leaving people and things that no longer serve you behind.  I have found that if you are true to yourself  you will shine your light bright and attract the people and things necessary to step into your power and achieve greatness.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To Help You Keep It Real!!

I have found that cards like this by Doreen Virtue to be a great tool to keep it real.

I have found the use of essential oils is a great way t stay focused, centered, and grounded in a quest to keep it real. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Hands Of Time!!!


As I sat in Starbucks today (8/22/2015) reflecting on the past few days and some of the trials and tribulations that I faced I realized that I can not go back and change what had occurred as the hands of time already passed and have brought me to the moment where I am at now. I  have often stated what was, was, what is, is, and what shall be, shall be. If we spend to much time trying to turn back the hands of time or projecting the future we lose sight of the present and the many joyous things that are happening in our life.  One of the things that I have learned through the spiritual awakening process is that you can not change time as that is the one constant that remains in everyone’s life. It is up to us how we use the hands of time that we have been given. If we focus on the sadness of past losses instead of the joy we had with people in our lives we fail to grow personally, professionally, or spiritually.  If we keep bring up past victories and don’t go after new challenges we stay stick and thus do not manifest the life we desire or the life that GOD has planned for us. If we sit and reflect about what might have been or what will happen we never evolve to be the person that simply lives in the moment. None of knows what tomorrow may bring all we know that yesterday is gone and tomorrow may not come and that is why they call today a present. I have shared in the past a ritual I do in the morning as I say this is the day the lord hath made be glad and rejoice in it, I then write in  my gratitude journal, then I read Rev. Dee Adio Mosses, Heal Your Life, and Maryanne Morrisey’s book,Miracle Minute. In doing this I manage to stay focused and grounded and live in the present moment allowing the hands of time to turn as they may.

The reality is that we can not save time in a bottle and thus the fact remains that you must live the life that GOD has given you allowing the hands of time to tick as they may. It is important to make moments count and do the things that you love to do so you will have a sense of purpose and fulfillment. At the end of the day you want to have had the opportunity to love a little, laugh a little, and cry just a little. If you can do those three things you will have had a good day. Many of wish that we can go back in time and change some of the things we said or did and the truth is we can not but we can make amends by first forgiving ourselves fr not using the hands of time to the fullest extent of our capabilities then we must forgive those who may have hindered our growth because they took up many f our hands of time.  Today take a moment to look back and forgive and  then commit to using the daily hands of time to the best of your ability.  many times we get so caught up in the planning that we put off the doing and before we know it the hands of time like the sand in an hour glass has run to the bottom.  I have stated on several occasions that would of, could of, and should of need to be stripped from our vocabulary. It is when we realize that we can make a change and we have the ability to use the hands of time to do so. Sometimes it means sacrifices being made and streamlining your priorities so that they are in alignment with GOD’S Plan. Read More→