Spiritual Awakening: Doing The Deed!!!


As school started today in South Florida I began to reflect on all the dirty deeds that I did while in high school and the lessons that these deeds contained. From 1979-1983 I was a bit of a rebel and my rebellious actions often landed me in Internal Suspension. This rebellious side also led to many good deeds being done as I was able to reflect and turn the rebellious side into a positive side. It was when I decided to take action and confront my rebellious side that I had an awakening of sorts that kept telling me there must be a better way. As I matured I began to understand that the dirty deeds needed to stop and the good deeds had to take over. By committing then to do good deeds and to be of service and value I began to see a more positive shift in my life. As I began to walk a spiritual path and do what was right in my heart I began to grow and great things started to happen. I was beginning to feel fulfilled as I was helping others and as a result I was helping myself. I began to get recognized for my good deeds. It was when I decided to change that my life began to change. In 1983 I was accepted to 4 colleges, University Of Maryland, American University, Stetson University, and Hofstra University. I chose Hofstra and in The Fall of 1983 I began a journey that would change my life. In 4.5 years I would learn so much about myself and I would see that I was evolving asa spiritual being. My ways of doing things were a bit different and yet highly effective. As I look back on the deeds done in college I can tell you that most of them were good and changed some lives.  In 1989 I joined The Jaycees.Junior Chamber of Commerce and learned a lesson that I use as a mantra today That Service To Humanity Is The Best Work Of Life. One of the things that I learned through out the spiritual awakening process was that we weren’t born to follow.

As I began to embrace the fact  that we were not born to follow that we were born for a purpose and to lead I realized that the best leaders are the ones who allow others to aspire to leadership roles. Some will say that we all ca not be leaders and the truth is that yes we can as we can lead our lives as leaders in our lives that we can do what we believe in our heart and follow our heart. The only two people we have to follow is GOD and yourself. If  we tap into our genius and step into our power we will lead the life that GOD has prepared for us and no one else’s life. So many time we are told what we should do or what we have to do by people that don’t understand that we were not born to follow we were born to stand out. To these people I say I will do what I believe will honor GOD and myself and all will work out in the end as it is divinely planned.  In many cases we must detach ourselves from those who want us to follow and we must take the path that GOD has provided for us. It is when we learn to hold on to our dreams that we are able to understand the plan that GOD has for us and to better follow his plan by doing the deeds he has set out for us. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: BOOM! BOOM!! On Come The Lights!

gremlins wallpaper | Gremlins-Gizmo Today I was inspired by the scene in Gremlins where Gizmo is exposed to bright light and he reacts by saying bright light, bright light. This had we thinking about how many times people have been shone the light during the spiritual awakening process only to shield their eyes and close off the light and the message.  How many times have you been shone the light and decided not to allow them to illuminate your life and then you look back in reflection and realize that the bright lights were being shone to you so you could be in the center of the attention to shine your light.  Sometimes the message is so clear but we are blinded  by the lights and all the noise that we do not heed the message. Many times people will make excuses or choose to turn off the light and as a result they create darkness in their lives and are left wondering why this darkness is occurring. To combat the darkness one must let the lights come on and embrace the messages that are being sent. In embracing the light and taking action one can brighten up their world and thus brighten the lives of others.

On most Friday Afternoons I am found at The Starbucks on University Drive North of Oakland Park Boulevard in Sunrise, FL turning on people’s heart lights by giving out FREE HUGS!!! I have found that by hanging this sign and interacting with the patrons that I am able to help people shift into a more positive frame of mind. It has become like a community outreach center where people come to get a hug and talk for a minute and as a result possibly find the answers that they are seeking. The power of turning on your light is amazing as it also gives people permission to turn on their light and before you know it the world becomes a brighter and better place.  In turning on your light your light you may encounter those who want to keep you in darkness. Remember that if you are walking in The Light Of GOD no evil shall come upon you.

No Weapon Formed Against Us Will ProsperWhen you understand that the light inside of you is more powerful than you know you will begin to turn on your light more and more and GOD will protect you as you become enlightened in your faith walk. The walk is a daily practice and when you see the light you begin to experience the greatness that GOD has in store for you.  So many times we succumb to the fear of what others may think and we don’t turn on our light thus missing great opportunities and the chance to shine bright for others to see. There are two people in this world to please GOD and yourself. When you turn on your light and honor GOD you do not have to worry what others say about you for you are protected and watched over. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: The Big Break Up!!!


We all have been there with the big break up. One of the biggest parts of the spiritual awakening process is detaching and releasing that which no longer serves you. Determining the people, places, and things to remove from our lives as part of  taking action to make our mind, body, and soul connection and create a oneness consciousness is the most difficult task that we will face in our spiritual awakening.  Sometimes we may think or perceive someone has our best interests in mind when in reality all they are doing is passing judgement on us and spreading falsehoods. When this occurs it is time for the big break up.  How many times have you encountered someone who is going to tell you how to live your life when their life is not  what it appears to be.  Sometimes the best thing you can do is just walk away and never look back.

GLOBAL AWARENESS 101 - Let your VOICE be heard and get involved. OUR ... How many people have you encountered that thrive  on pointing out your flaws or telling you that this one said this and that one said that about you. Then they begin to tell you how you should live your life and what you need to do  when you didn’t ask? These negative people are life suckers and need to be dropped from your life. The key is for you to be of service and value to yourself so that you can positively impact the lives of others.  It comes down to going to places and interacting with people who appreciate you and don’t just tolerate you.  Recently through my own spiritual awakening I have found that those meant to be in life  will be in my life and those that are meant to work with me and help me advance in the positive direction of my dreams will be directed to me. I have come to the realization that we are not going to resonate with everyone and that there are people who will not let go of situations and each time you see them bring it up because they thrive on drama. In the cases where I encounter those people I simply say thank you have a nice day. If they persist I simply say again that you have a great and prosperous day and  I walk away.  Most of the places I go and most of the people I interact act with are glad to see me and those that are not well as the saying goes to bad, so sad, don’t let the door hit you where GOD split you, bye bye.

Moving On Quotes PictureIf a person place or thing no longer serves you then severe ties and don’t look back.  The key is to keep moving in the positive direction of your dreams while understanding that everything you encounter or experience has a purpose. Sometimes it is in realizing that detaching and never looking back is the best thing you could do. In detaching from that which no longer serves you positively you begin to grow personally and professionally. I learned through out the spiritual awakening process that there will always be people that for whatever reason like to stir up things or bring up negatives. The key again is to remove these people and find people who are lifters. One way to move on is to make the big break up and not look back.

What happened in the past should not control what happens in the future. You have the power to decide who you want to be associated with. Don’t look back and wonder what if; move forward and be who you are, a divine child of GOD with greatness inside of you.  Don’t look back and make excuses move forward with the knowledge that we are all works in progress and that each day is a new day and a day to improve. Learn from the past, plan for the future but live in the present. I have learned that when making the big break up to just do it and don’t look back. Sometimes it is difficult because you might have really enjoyed doing the work you were doing but for what ever reason it was time to move on.  Every day is a new opportunity to focus on your purpose and to make the big break up.

moving-on-quotes-picturesThere comes a time when we realize that some people, places, and things are not meant to be part of our journey and must be removed from our life. If people are not accepting of you, judge you or talk about you remove yourself from those people and move on. Stay Positive!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Opening Your Eyes!!!

As I awoke this morning I did my gratitude prayer as part of the spiritual awakening process. As I laid down in meditation a message kept coming to me, open your eyes. I then asked open my eyes to what and an avalanche of answers came to me.  As I came out of meditation I began to think how we can no longer turn a blind eye to what is happening in the world. We must acknowledge that there is evil at work and if we are going to turn the tide of negativity we must be aware and open our eyes to what is happening. As spiritual beings we can no longer shut out the rest of the world and pretend that everything is fine while  wars in the name of religion are being staged all over the world. Extremism seems to be ruling the headlines today as people are using religious beliefs to justify the killing that is happening around the world. It is time that we all begin to realize that we are all interconnected  and that regardless of what we call GOD we must all respect life by opening our eyes and understanding we are more alike then different. I have learned that we can all coexist if we respect each other and do not force our views on others or condemn others for not sharing the same beliefs we may have. One of the things that I learned over the years is that we are all divine children of GOD and GOD loves us all equally.  Unfortunately since the beginning of time wars have been fought over religion because people on each side of the religious spectrum are so busy trying to indoctrinate others into their way of thinking that they lose sight of the fact that we are all share a spiritual connection and can coexist.  Gandhi once stated that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. The killing will not end until we decide to love ourselves more than we hate others. I have often stated that the way things are and the way things should be  are two different things. In a perfect world people would get together on the same wave length and help one another.  People would see that we are all divine children of GOD and would celebrate and applaud each other. In a perfect world we would put down our weapons and exchange hugs and share love with everyone and see how we all could be of service and value. The reality of the situation is that as long as there are extremists trying to force their beliefs and their are people watching the news about this it will continue.

18 Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law. (Psalm ... This is a prayer I share with you so that we can all open our eyes and see that all those we come on contact with are beautiful in some way. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Tapping Into Your Genius!!!



When I sat down with Priscilla Dames of www.wingspanseminars.net we discussed the importance of becoming an action taker and sharing knowledge with others to help other people excel. In the spiritual awakening process one begins to expand their knowledge and understanding and thus begins to hone there skills to such a level that they can share it with others. As a result of wanting to share knowledge Priscilla Dames has put together this workshop designed to help people to tap into their genius and find ways to monetize their genius. When someone mentions money and spirituality many tend to cringe because they do not yet have the mindset that it is okay to sell your genius and be spiritual and rich.

Bible Verses For Prosperity Job 36:11 HD WallpaperVerses On Prosperityhttp://jumpei-mitsui.com/aboutme/prayers-quotes

All through out the bible the idea of prosperity is spoken to us and the key element that creates the prosperity is being a giver. I have always believed that if you are in a position to give than give and give cheerfully. If you are in a place where you can be of service and value be of service and value and you will be rewarded. I have also come to realize through the spiritual awakening process that it is okay to be compensated fairly for your talents. A few blog entries prior to this one I spoke of  The Parable Of Talents and how GOD rewards those that use their talents for good and punishes those who squander their talents. I have come to understand that there are enough people who seek your talent that you do not have to worry about competition for GOD will deliver those who are seeking your talents and he will reaffirm that you are deserving to be compensated  fairly. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Serving Warmly!!!

As I sat at Starbucks this afternoon (7/30/14) I took a glance down toward the bag that contained my banana bread at there it was a sign of a spiritual awakening the words, WARMLY SERVED. I sat an pondered the idea of being connected to source and making a commitment to serve warmly without expectation of return. I watched The Baristas as they interacted with the customers and how each one showed a level of gratitude for the customer. Many knew the customers by name and greeted them very friendly and warmly. As a result much positive energy was released into the universe.  It was in witnessing positivity that I began to think how important it is to serve warmly.  Thus I ask you to reflect and  ask how am I serving warmly!!!

After you answer the question of how you are serving warmly it is important to make a decision to shine your light. In shining your light you will illuminate the love and greatness that you possess and thus you will give others permission to shine their light. As we all begin to serve warmly and shine our light the whole world becomes illuminated with a sense of hope.

 In the movie Monsters Inc. the slogan is we scare because we care as they were used the fear of the children that the monsters generated to create energy for the community. Then one day a young girl breached the barrier as she created more energy by laughing and as a result Sully and Mike Lebowski and Boo discovered that laughter was more powerful that fear and began to harness the laughter and thus the energy crisis was fixed and by serving warmly the entire energy changed.  Think of ways you can change fear from forget everything and run to face everything and rise. When you can laugh in the face of adversity you can meet and overcome the challenges that sometimes come into your life like the energy crisis in Monsters Inc. The question is how will you face down your monsters? Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Moment By Moment!!!


On August 8,2008 the world had an opportunity to experience a spiritual awakening as nations from around the world gathered to celebrate the greatness of their respective athletes as they gathered in Bejing, China for The Summer Olympics. This is awakening showed us the beauty of China while also waking up the world to human rights violations and thus reaffirmed that in our spiritual practices we will see things that we must act upon so that we can positively shift our world and help those who may be oppressed. It is up to us to take each moment and learn from the moments so that we can enhance the lives of others. When the Olympics ended we had many great memories however the fact that people are being oppressed all over the world remains today. This oppression can come from the mind set that has been driven into the psyche of most humans from day one that you were programmed to do what your parents and what your government wants and any resistance is futile.  This oppression may be self imposed as you don’t think you are good enough or every time you face a challenge you forget everything and run. Oppression can be overcome when you look at each moment and you face everything and rise. In facing everything and rising you will experience some hardships however you will win in the end.

In the movie Teen Wolf we learn a lesson that in life their comes a moment to step up and embrace our uniqueness and to use our power for good. The movie showed us that we could use the power of the wolf that lies in us and control our situation and without getting overly aggressive we can face whatever oppression we may be facing then we can conquer it and have our shining moment. Read More→