Spiritual Awakening: Be Prince Charming!!!


Prince_Charming_Shrek_the_Third.jpgI receive Conversations With GOD from Neale Donald Walsh on a daily basis. These daily missives of God Wants You To Know have helped in my spiritual growth as they serve as a  great reminder that I and all those I come in contact are part of something much larger than ourselves.  Today this is what I received:

neale-donald-walsch.jpgI believe God wants you to know…

…that you can live a charmed life, and that there is a
formula by which you can make this work.

Here is the formula: You can live a charmed life by
causing others to live a charmed life. That is, be the
source of ‘charm’ — of charming moments and
experiences — in the life of another.

Be everyone else’s Lucky Charm! Make all who you
touch today feel ‘lucky’ that you crossed their path.
Do this for a week and watch things change. Do it
for a month and you’ll be a different person.

Love, Your Friend …

 When   we become the person that makes others happy we begin to grow and flourish and thus we create a better understanding of our spiritual calling. In being like Prince Charming and taking action to pursue our goals and dreams with a sense of passion and purpose we set in motion awesome vibrations that resonate with those who can assist us in achieving our vision. When we throw caution to the wind and say regardless of what may happen I am going for it. When we are grateful for the opportunity and detach from the outcome and just simple let things flow we generally achieve a greatness that we could never have imagined.


 The other day I went to www.nike.com and through NIKEID designed this sneaker to wear at my Relay For Life. The right side says BEAT and the left side says CANCER. As I was discussing the sneaker and showing people the photo I got the idea to contact NIKE and suggest they make the sneaker available to the general public. Today I took action and called NIKE Customer Service and told the lady about my idea to have NIKE Produce and sell the sneakers and give a percentage of the proceeds to The American Cancer Society Relay For Life. She loved the idea and said she would buy a pair. She took the information and said she would forward it to the right people. She gave me the world headquarters number for NIKE and guess what I called it and was put through to The Community Impact Person. I left her a message. LIke Prince Charming has his quest and pursued it we must have our quest and pursue it with relentlessness as  we can achieve our visions if we take action and eliminate that which is holding us back. People may have told me that I was crazy and NIKE will never go for this. My answer is you don’t know until you take action and ask. Look inside and ask yourself what is it that is stopping me from taking action. My mindset was what is the worst NIKE will say, we are not interested. You never know until you take action.

... Doreen’s oracle cards, including the specialty focus of each cardWhen you are like Prince Charming and have a goal in mind and take action to reach that goal the results are incredible. I was on FACEBOOK a few weeks ago and I reached out to Doreen Virtue for some products to use in a Chance Drawing for my Relay For Life and she referred me to her publicist at Hay House.I emailed the publicist and the publicist ased what i was looking for.My answer was anything you can send. About a week later there was a package at my door with over $800 worth of Doreen Virtue Products. I did the same with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Louis Hay and they send items. I asked Serena Dyer and Sonia Choquette and they sent items. The idea is to be like Prince Charming and seek the connection.  When your vision is clear and the blockages are removed it is amazing what can happen. Again ask yourself what is stopping you from pursuing your quest.


Spiritual Awakening: Ways to Be Like Prince Charming!!!

Eliminate Fear by facing everything and rising. Do not allow doubters and naysayers or the negative self talk hold you back. Be a warrior and embrace the adventure that awaits on your spiritual path.
Live with abandon and put you trust in GOD and you will be guided along your path and closer to achieving your vision.  Do not allow what others think or say hold you back.
Remove the shackles and break the chains that may have imprisoned you in the past and stopped you from moving forward in your personal and professional life. Praise GOD for the talents he has given you and use them to achieve your vision. Each day break the chains and say today I will step into my power and achieve greatness then watch what happens.

Never Give Up!!!  Jim Valvano delivered a moving speech at The ESPYS as The First Recipient of The Arthur Ashe Courage Award that teaches us valuable lessons to help us be like Prince Charming.

Spiritual Awakening: JDOGG’S Gift To Help You Be Like Prince Charming!!!

 Today remember to stay positive!!! Namaste!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Taking The Higher Ground!!!

Former Miami Heat Dance Team Captain Joins the ABA South Florida Gold ... Whoever thought that GOD would send a message during my spiritual awakening process through a challenge from a coach of an opposing team. As many of you who read this blog on a regular basis know I am The PA Announcer for The South Florida Gold of The  American Basketball Association. On Sunday, 2/22/2015, I was announcing the game when in the 4th quarter things got heated due to the number of team fouls recorded against The Gold the opposing coach for The Midnites was irate and started to pound the scorer’s table and then was very aggressive toward the team owner of The Gold, who was keeping the official book so I stood up told the coach to take a seat and he got belligerent at which time I said don’t make me come from behind this table to which he challenged me to come from behind the table. Being a man of great integrity I came from behind the table and then one of his biggest players came in between us so I decided to take the higher ground and go back and sit down to which the lady keeping the book for their team said to someone he almost got himself killed. She didn’t realize that at the time I could handle myself but in taking a deep breath and stepping away I became the bigger person. At the end of the game the final score was Midnites 115- Gold 111. I went and did the right thing and shook the coach’s hand to which he said no hard feelings and wished all the opposing players good luck the rest of the season. I learned that next time let the person vent and don’t buy into their anger because anger only diminishes our vibration and puts us in a bad light. The Key to remember when someone is being confrontational is that GOD sees all and wants you to take a higher ground. I was reminded that if I am to grow in spirit and create a oneness consciousness that I must check my ego at the door and just allow things to unfold and if someone is going to get that bent out of shape over a basketball game they have bigger issues that the way team fouls were being recorded.

spiritual lessonsAs I sat in quiet reflection this morning, 2/23/2015, I realized that regardless of the outcome of a basketball game, a baseball game, a football game or any sporting event at the end of the day the result is but a minuscule speck on the landscape of life. The lesson I learned from the events of yesterday is that anger doesn’t solve anything and it creates blockages that interfere with your ability to make a mind, body, and soul connection that will allow you to perform at higher levels. Anger does not serve us as it takes away from the ability to create peace, love, joy, and prosperity. Yesterday GOD sent a clear message that sometimes just sitting back and saying nothing is the best way and that being a peaceful warrior.  Sometimes it is the hard lessons that propel us to become more evolved spiritually so that when challenges occur we are better equipped to face them. Many times we get so caught up in wanting to win what amounts to just a game that we lose site of the big picture and that is answering the question as to how am I adding value to someone’s life. My getting angry and almost getting physical was not going to lift up anyone and it was only going to diminish the way I was seen in the eyes of others and the eyes of  GOD. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Focus on GOD!!!

Sitting in quiet reflection and taking action as directed by GOD creates an amazing vibration that attracts the right people to help you in your advancement of spiritual development. As you focus on GOD and create a oneness consciousness you will see just how much favor GOD wants to give to you. To receive the favor of GOD one must do everything to honor and praise GOD. I have been making calls today (2/20/2015) to secure donations to help those touched by cancer  and after each call I have thanked GOD for those who have been open to receive my message to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays by visiting http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg2.  As I was making calls I had an encounter with a woman who was going through a struggle with her 42 year old son who was in prison for 10 years for selling drugs and now blames her for his circumstances. I told her until her son starts to focus on GOD and take responsibility for his actions that she should not speak to him because his issues are not hers and GOD wants her to prosper and the only way that GOD can prosper her is if she is helping to prosper others and her son will not prosper until he surrenders to GOD and gets right with the lord. Many times we make decisions that adversely affect us because we became disconnected to GOD. This disconnection can be fixed simply by refocusing on GOD and doing things that will honor and glorify him. When we honor and glorify GOD and show our love for GOD openly we are honored and rewarded.   When we recognize that our GOD is an awesome GOD and he will make things correct if  we take action to correct them using his teachings and principles we move forward in our spiritual awakening strengthening our mind, body, soul connection. When we use terms like I rebuke you in the name of JESUS be gone we must really be willing to put the people, places, and things that  are taking our focus off GOD behind us.

bible quotes   bible versesBible Verses on Pictures and Images

Are you believing for God to help you in your time of need?Remember ...from their wicked ways then i will hear from heaven amp will forgive ...When we turn to GOD and accept him in our heart we are able to achieve things that only others dream about. In taking action to honor and glorify GOD we are awarded.People ask me all the time JDOGG why does GOD allow bad things to happen and I answer GOD does not allow bad things happen bad things happen because so many are not focused on GOD they are focused on the things tat GOD disdains and that the enemy embraces. When GOD’s laws are broken GOD is angered and evil is allowed to come into society and wreck havoc until this evil is defeated and people start to focus on GOD  there will be issues. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Make The Moment Last!!!


As I sat in reflection today  I had the following message delivered to me, Make The Moment Last. Throughout the spiritual awakening process I have learned one of the greatest actions one can take is to be focused on the moment at hand creating positive memories that will not only impact you but will impact others as well. I started to ask the question how do I capture the moment and hold it in a special place without it stopping me from moving forward in my spiritual development? The answer was easy put the magical moments in a special compartment in your heart that your mind can retrieve so that you can continue to grow in mind, body and spirit. As I sat in reflection this one moment of a trip to an Aviary in Tampa with a young lady who is now an angel in heaven, Pam Hamrick, kept replaying in my mind and I laughed and I cried. Pam and I stood on a bridge and watched the Bald Eagles that were being cared for at the aviary and we embraced in what seemed to be the longest hug in the history of the world. I laughed because that was a happy moment. I cried because of the sadness that Pam is no longer here in her human form but her spirit is always in my heart.  When things seem to be turning topsy turvy in my life I call on this memory and realize that everything is in divine order just the way GOD intended.

 Along our spiritual journey we will experience many magic moments it could be a kiss with someone special, a hug with a loved one or a friend, winning of an award, or just the joy of knowing you are creating a oneness consciousness. Whatever your moment is it is important to capture it and hold on to it so it can propel in a positive direction along your path. Many times during the spiritual awakening process there will be moments that serve us well because we let go of fear and stepped into our power and showed our authentic self and as a result we made a  spiritual connection that removed blockages and allowed us to move forward along the path that GOD has placed in front of us. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Born For This!!!


 I have come to adopt the anthem of you were born for this before I do tasks that I may have questions about. This mantra stated before  I do anything has served me well as it allows me to take the proper action and set the proper tone so that everything moves in a positive direction. I have used the phrase you were born for this on many occasions especially before speaking engagements and emcee gigs and it has led to success. The phrase you were born for this can serve as a great boost when told to someone else.  many of my friends have overheard my positive self talk when I get ready to take the stage and they all agree and say JDOGG you are right you were born for this. There are two great days in your life the day you are born and the day you figure out why. When you discover your purpose and you take action to live you life on purpose you begin to grow and expand in ways you only imagined. When you begin to focus on your purpose you begin to vibrate at a level that will resonate with those meant to help you to continue on your spiritual path and thus furthering your purpose.  When finding your purpose it is a good idea to consult with GOD, The Angels, and The Ascended Masters so that you can follow your calling.

When you find your purpose open up your heart to GOD so he can author the story he has planned for you. Each day that you wake up ask yourself how you will further your purpose by being of service and value. My purpose is to help other people excel. I do this by shining my light be it when I am raising funds for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton and encouraging people to visit http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg2 and to make a donation, promoting The South Florida Gold of The American Basketball Association, a team I announce for at their home games, hosting my TV Show,The Anything Bucket, whcih airs on www.wrpbitv.com on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EST, or simply helping people find marketing and media solutions for their business. The key is to live life on purpose and make every day a beautiful day.

Each day I wake up without a white chalk line around my body I know it will be a beautiful day as I get to live life on purpose and impact the lives of people I come in contact with through out the day. I generally tell people smile things will get better. I have come to understand this as GOD will turn you mess into a message and your test into a testimony. It is when you know your purpose and do everything that is humanly possible to live life on purpose that you begin to grow spiritually and as a result enhance your personal and professional life. In knowing your purpose you can make changes that allow you to come alive and therefore strengthen your mind, body, soul connection that will allow you to come alive and better serve your community. It is when we detach from the limiting beliefs and begin to understand that we were born this that we grow and expand and further move in a positive direction toward our dreams.

On the day we discover our purpose and the fact that we were born for this we also gain an understanding that GOD was with us all this time. I have come to understand that GOD will reveal the answers to us about furthering our purpose when he believes we can handle it. GOD know what we were born for now it is up to us to embrace the fact that we were born for this.

You Were Born For This (Part 1)As you continue to work toward spiritual enlightenment remember that in many cases what you are doing you were born for. GOD has given you many talents to use and he intends to reward you when you use your GOD given talents to help other people. You were born to shine. In using the concept of born for this you will grow in spirituality and have a better understanding of your calling as you create a oneness consciousness with GOD. There will be many times that you will seek but remember that when you seek the answers will be given and you will further understand that you were born for this.

When in doubt remember that you were born to love and to shine your light so bright so that you light up the world. Stay Positive!!!

Spiritual Awakening: Calling All The Messengers!!!

As I was driving today (2/9/15) and listening to Reach FM this song by Lecrae came on titled Calling All The Messengers and I thought during the spiritual awakening process that is what we need to find, the messengers, so that we can become a messenger and spread a message of faith, peace, love, and prosperity. It is when you walk strong in faith that you can deliver a strong message that will be relevant, entertaining, and resonating and thus help you to move further along your path toward enlightenment. In taking action we are able to get more in tune with our divinity and as a result continue to live a life of purpose. When you wake up in the morning ask how you can be of service and value and when the answer is revealed do everything possible to implement practices that lead you to following the message so that you can walk in your truth and give your message.

As I was writing this entry this is the message I received to share with you today and that is to seek GOD. I have learned that all the answers we need in our life are held by GOD who wants you to be successful. It is his plan not ours that we must follow. We can make a better life for ourselves and others by becoming a messenger. It is through Christ that all things are possible because he strengthens me.  In become a messenger and sharing how GOD has put us in his favor we are able to touch the lives of others while also having our life touched. As I sat taking with my DAD today I was compelled to open up Rev. Dr. Dee Adio-Moses’s book Heal Your Life With Daily prayer and affirmations. The entry for today was about tithing and how when you give you receive. So my DAD and I committed to be givers and t further spread the message about creating a world with less cancer and more birthdays by promoting http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg2. My DAD mentioned the idea of not buying Girl Scout Cookies and making a donation instead I said tat is a great idea of you can buy the Girl Scout Cookies and designate them to be sent to someone in the military. The message is that you can still be a giver and help others. In the giving we open up the channels to receive and thus our life is enriched while we enriched the lives of others. DAD  and I then turned to Mary Morrissey’s book The Miracle Minute, which spoke of being of  love and sharing messages in a loving way. DAD left to go about his business and I prepared for my afternoon by playing my meditation music and lighting candles and incense and asking GOD what he had in store for me today. In hearing the message and acting upon the message I have had a productive day so far. It is when we press on with the message that we get great results and thus make the mind, body, soul connection that leads to a oneness consciousness. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Sharing Favor!!!

Through the spiritual awakening process I have learned the importance to share the favor that GOD has granted to us. A few months ago I entered a writing contest with The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce and wrote a piece abut the impact that The Jaycees had on me. A few weeks later I was informed I was one of the top 5 and won $100. I took $25 and made a personal donation to The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton the other $75 went into my savings account so that when I was favored by GOD again I could help more people. In taking action and sharing the favor GOD has provided to me I have been able to inspire people to visit http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg2.  In adopting anthems that allow me to praise GOD I have been able to open up channels to be placed in GOD’S favor and to continue to share his favor with others.  I have found that when we share all the good that GOD is doing in our lives we expand in our personal and professional lives and thus we are able to better make the mind, body, and soul connection.  I have  also found that when I consul the ascended masters like JESUS I get answers that  enlighten me while I am undergoing the spiritual awakening process. In sharing favor I am able to answer my calling and live a life on purpose that is enabling me to make positive changes and thus come alive. In coming alive and understanding that I am redeemed I am able to better serve the community and thus detach from outcomes.

 In being redeemed and embracing our redemption we are better able to share our favor and help other people to excel as they move forward in a positive direction of their dreams. It is when we embrace our redemption and begin to focus on positive emotions such as happiness we create peace, love, joy, and prosperity in our life.  Read More→