Spiritual Awakening: Everyday Should Be Christmas!!!

This is the day the Lord hath made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it ...As those who celebrate Christmas begin to prepare to celebrate the birth of the savior, Jesus Christ, I begin to look at what Christmas represents and think what if everyone had a spiritual awakening and we could make Christmas everyday. I am not saying with the commercialized version of Christmas but the true spiritual meaning of fellowship showing that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations. It would be great if everyone decided that they would rejoice and be glad in the day that the Lord hath made and do things that would promote peace, love, joy, and prosperity.  I have often said wouldn’t it be great if people took action to make Christmas everyday.  What a world it would be if we could all get together on the same wave length and start helping one another simply by getting in touch with our divine calling and moving forward in a positive direction to answer that calling. Think about doing something kind 365 days out of the year. It doesn’t always have to be about giving money to a charity even though that it nice it can be as simple as holding a door open for someone, or letting someone go ahead of you in line, or simply smiling at some one and wishing then a great day. If you make it an anthem to make Christmas everyday you will see a shift in your life and in the lives of those you come in contact with. if you look at the teachings of the ascended masters and follow the #1 ascended master, Jesus, you will be divinely guided with your purpose. If you awaken each day with the idea of being of service and value to others you will be rewarded.

35+ Most Beautiful Christmas Background, Merry Christmas Everyone!!Today as I held the door open for someone at Starbucks I said Merry Christmas and they smiled and said thank you. In this simple act of kindness I saw a shift on myself and the person I held the door open for. In doing acts of kindness we are able to show that service to humanity is the best work of life.  Through out the spiritual awakening process I have learned that when you do everything with love and kindness in your heart you will find success. What if for today and each day following you committed to doing things differently using the spiritual principles of Christmas and shying away from the materialism, what do you think would happen?  I was asked what if you say Merry Christmas and the person says I don’t celebrate Christmas and gets real defensive?At that moment I take a deep breathe and say GOD Bless You. If they turn and say I don’t Believe in GOD I say okay hope you have a joyous day. The key is to detach and diffuse and be your authentic spiritually awakened self.  I believe  that both Hanukkah and Christmas represent miracles and the celebration of these miracles should be honored not only during the designated holidays but daily. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Let’s Get Synergistic!!!

พลังผนึกและชิ้นส่วนภาพ Through the spiritual awakening process I have noticed that things are very synergistic and that when you begin to peel back the onion you begin to see how everything is interrelated. As I was planning for The Slam Dunk Cancer Basketball Game, which will take place on 12/20/14 at 7:30 PM EST at Boynton Beach High School I though wow The South Florida Gold’s colors are purple and gold and this is really fitting as purple is the official color for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life representing all cancers and gold is the color for pediatric cancer.I found it fascinating that there was this type of synergy and how other things were interrelated.

incredible human synergy 30 Fascinating Dance PicturesHave you ever watched a dance team and wondered how they manage to be so rhythmic and coordinated? It is a special synergistic relationship that they have as they trust one another and work daily on their routine.  When you make that spiritual connection and you create synergy you will see that things in your personal and professional life flow better. When your vibrational patterns resonate with others you are able to connect on the cellular level and thus find that synergy that helps all parties to be successful. It is when you are in tune with others that you are able to create synergistic relationships where all parties benefit. In many cases it is just a matter of asking and answering the question of how can I be of service and value to others?  When you are able to find synergy you will see that you attract the right people to you to assist in exceeding your goals and objectives.  I have learned over the years that the key is to get out of your own way and to allow GOD to direct you to find synergistic relationships. In finding synergistic relationships it is important to detach the belief and mindset of what is in it for me and remove the idea of  direct reciprocity. The law of reciprocity is that if you help and lift others you will be rewarded not by the person you helped directly but from another source.  When you commit  to being kind and helping others you will see kindness coming back to you  and you will receive help. I sat in a Starbucks one afternoon and hung my FREE HUGS Sign and many people came over to inquire what it was about I explained it and gave out business cards and as a result created a few synergistic relationships where I could be of value and service to others. One young couple was very moved by what I was doing that they donated $10 to The American Cancer Society Relay for Life. I asked them for their card so that I could recommend them if anyone needed their services. One key to success is to stay committed to being of service and value to others. Make it a point to make people feel important and lift them up and you will be amazed how you will be rewarded. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Have It Your Way!!!

Burger King 1974 "Have It Your Way" commercialI remember being a kid in South Florida and hearing The Burger King Jingle. I didn’t know then the impact of the words Have It Your Way would actually have on me until much later in life as I decided that I was going to explore my spirituality and embrace the divinity that I have inside of me.  As I started do things my way as directed by GOD I found myself having incredible successes. Through my journey I have learned that we all come to our spiritual awakening on our own terms. I have discovered that everyone is on a spiritual path however we are all at different locations along the way. Some of us have come to understand that we are a divine child of GOD and God doesn’t make any junk. Many of us come to understand that the purpose GOD has for us n much larger than anything that we can humanely imagine. People ask me all the time JDOGG aren’t you concerned what other s will think? My answer is that I used to be but today I go with the direction GOD has in mind. Sometimes people are quick to judge without getting to know you and they lose out on a great opportunity to really grow personally, spiritually, emotionally, and professionally.  I have been at events where spirit moved me to break dance and do a cartwheel and some people were intrigued by this and came to speak to me while others avoided me. Those that avoided me missed out on an opportunity to delve into some of my spiritual lessons that have helped me to become one of The Top 5 Jaycees in America, The 2008 American Cancer Society Hope Award Winner,  A Governor’s Point Of Light Award Winner, and a Top Speaker for The Florida Jaycees.By doing things my way I have  ruffled a few feathers but I have come to learn that if you are shining your light and walking your path that you will have haters. The key is to keep doing things your way and allowing GOD to divinely intervene in your life. GOD will direct you along the path. It is up to you to follow the guidance of GOD and not allow others to hold you back. So many times we worry about what others might say and we hold ourselves back and never realize our full potential. I think the idea is to have it your way and embrace life and allow yourself to be divinely guided. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Let It Flow, Let It Flow, Let It Flow!!!


Spiritual Flow" by Akiane at age 16 As I sat in my local Starbucks preparing to write this blog the song Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow came on and I began to change the lyrics to Let it Flow, Let It Flow, Let It Flow and began to think about the spiritual awakening process. In the spiritual awakening process it is important to allow for spirit to flow to us and from us. It is important for us to just be us and put our authentic self out there for the world to see. In downloading and sharing the messages from spirit we are able to enhance our spiritual awakening and find our purpose and answer the calling from GOD that will allow us to prosper. In allowing everything to flow and taking action on messages that are coming to us we are able to open up the channels to share and to receive. A great example of this happened just now (12/10) as a woman was giving out complimentary copies of The Parklander Magazine and I took the copy and something directed me to engage her and share my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on www.wrpbitc.com on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EST with her so she could invite her clients to be on the show. It is so very important to look at the messages and hear them and let them flow and then take action as you never know what may happen. In letting it flow you remove ant expectations of outcomes and things usually work out just the way GOD meant them to. So many time we get caught up in our projections and expectations that we miss the essence of the moment.  Ask yourself how you may be blocking your flow and then take action to change and do things differently.

<b>spiritual</b> energy, sedona, vortex, what to do, healing intensive One of the key ingredients in spiritual growth and allowing things to flow is to be loving and caring in all you do. When you are able to break down and remove limiting beliefs and face things with great love you are able to evolve spiritually and thus make a mind, body, soul connection, that will enhance your personal and professional life. It is important to allow love to flow to you and from you. Sometimes their will be those who don’t understand what you are doing or how you can be of service and value to them as they are not on the path you are on. All you can do in those cases is to share your light and your love and say a silent prayer that they are watched over and protected.  In allowing things to flow you open up a world that has infinite possibilities. In just being who you are and understanding that GOD loves you and that you are a divine child of GOD will help you to let it flow. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Don’t Try So Hard!!!


 As I sat quietly on the bus ride home from Orlando after  The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Leadership Summit I realized that  things get easier when you look at the energy you are bringing to them. As part of the spiritual awakening process one major component is self discovery. The hardest part of the self discovery process is peeling back the onion and doing as Suzanne Kovi says getting naked with yourself. You must strip way all to layers of persona and facade and find who you really are. As you find who you truly are and you realize what was blocking you you begin to grow in mind, body, and spirit. As soon as you realize that you are flawed and need to make changes you begin to transform spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.  As soon as you come to the realization that everything is in divine order just the way it is supposed to be you begin to enhance your personal and professional life.

 As I got off the bus upon arrival to where my car was parked at The American Cancer Society Office and I helped to unload the items that went back into the office I began to think that the best thing I learned from The Relay For Life Leadership Summit was not to try so hard.  I got into my car and the recurring message kept coming in and out of my mind as I drove home, don’t try so hard. When I arrived home I unpacked and this recurring message, don’t try so hard, dominated my thinking. It was GOD and The Ascended Masters telling me to just be me and stop trying so hard to impress people. I sat in quiet meditation and asked GOD what I needed to do and I received the answer of be more mellow in your approach to things, detach from expectations and outcomes, allow life to flow freely. I went to sleep and upon waking upon Sunday (12/7/2014) I was given the message to put football on the backburner and head out to my local Starbucks and to hang my Relay For Life Sign and engage with the patrons sharing what I was doing to help cancer patients and their families. Late in the day a friend came into The Starbucks with a friend of hers that I had never met and we began to talk about Relay For Life and she folded up a bill and put it in the canister. They left we exchanged hugs and then I looked in the canister and her donation was $100. I din’t even ask her for a donation. By not trying so hard I was given a very generous donation. On Monday (12/8/2014) after getting anew phone and transferring all the data to it I traveled to West Boca Raton and started to share Relay For Life with businesses. I decided I would just go with the flow and let things unfold as GOD wanted them to unfold. As a result of detaching from the outcome I secure $44 in donations in a 2 hour period of time. Today (12/9/2014) that friend who I saw at Starbucks went to http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg2 and made a donation. In not trying so hard I am getting better results.  Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Let Your Heart Lead The Way!!!

Awaken Your Spiritual Heart: Your Doorway to God’s LoveAs I sat in quiet meditation on Saturday 12/6/2014 while at The Relay For Life Leadership Summit I was compelled to write the following:


By Jonathan JDOGG Lederman
     The Lights of The Highway led the way to a special place called Relay
     Some Came To Celebrate
     Some Came To Remember
     All Came To Fight Back
    The Track Was Lined With Luminaria Honoring and Remembering Those Touched by This Disease
    For a Moment Their pain Is At Ease
    The Lights Of The Highway Flicker and Dim Giving A Glimmer Of Hope
    That ThIs Is A Fight We Can Win
The Lights of The Highway Shut Down
     And Frowns are Turned Upside Down
     For The Next Mile is Filled With Smiles
     The Lights of The Highway Are Now In the Rearview
     As there is Now Hope For And You.
   ... spiritual” heart . The spiritual heart is the center of love withinAs I finished writing the above I began to think about the spiritual awakening process and how important it is to let your heart lead you. I also realize that the divine purpose that you are called for is found inside of you. It was at the moment when the sun rose that I realized that this was the day the lord hath made and that I would be glad and rejoice in it. I decided to begin to start greeting people with the phrase hello you are awesome. As I did this I noticed a shift and how people became more energetic and more receptive.  As I continued to do this I saw an energy come to life that became contagious and people were recommitting themselves to help those touched by cancer. As the closing ceremonies came to an end all I could think about was the 12 year old boy Cole who was battling brain cancer and his mom and dad. As I settled in for the bus ride home all I could think about was how important it is to lead with your heart and follow the messages from GOD.
Gabrielle Bernstein | December 3, 2011With my heart on fire and filled with spirit today (12/7/2014) I decided to ask GOD what to do. the answer was do what is in your heart. My heart was filled with a desire to share Relay For Life with everyone I came in contact at Starbucks and let GOD’S hand touch my heart and lead the way. In allowing for GOD to direct you and lead with your heart you might be able to change someone’s life. It is when we  allow ourselves to lead with the heart that we open up a realm of possibilities that we never knew existed. When our heart leads our mind will follow and we will divinely guided to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.

Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Stop Fooling Yourself!!!

 Today’s blog entry was inspired by The Styx song Fooling Yourself. How many times during your spiritual awakening have you found yourself trying to be a people pleaser and be what others thought  you should be? How many times have you conformed to what others wanted instead of stepping into your power and standing up so as to be your authentic self. Hoe many times have you fooled yourself and followed others instead of doing what  you are divinely guided to do?  How many times have you gone to seminars only to see people trying to sell you a bill f goods from the stage. You are fooling yourself if you think the answer is in a magic bullet or a shiny object. Many times we fool ourselves into beliefs that limit us like things will get better when I get a new job or things will get better when I get a new car, or things will get better when I find my soul mate. The truth of the matter is that you are fooling yourself with these beliefs because the truth is that until you find your calling and use your gifts for good you will be in a place that is not divinely ordered for you.  We all have  a tendency to put the emphasis on the materialistic objects in life that we get caught fooling ourselves and chasing money. It is true that you need money to pay bills and to have the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing met however if we make everything we do about money we begin to fool ourselves and soon we hit a point where we decide to turn things around. It was when I made a decision to focus on being of service and value that things began to positively manifest in my life.It was when I decided to stop fooling myself and to embrace my spiritual GOD given talents that my personal and professional life improved. It was when I began to walk in my truth and create a oneness consciousness that I began to realize that my purpose is to help other people excel. It was when I began to understand that GOD had been directing me to make a positive impact on the world since I was 11 years old that I began to find more success because I stopped fooling myself and started to walk a divine path where GOD is my partner and together we create a wonderful life.
In many cases we allow ourselves to be fooled because we see the shiny objects that are being presented and we think wow if that person can do that so can I.  The only problem is that many of theses so called gurus or experts are false prophets fooling the public into buying into their way of doing things which doesn’t always work for everyone. The book you buy for $19.97  or the DVD program you buy for $97 is only as good as your implementation. I have  seen people spend thousands and thousands dollars on so called experts only to be fooled and at a financial downturn.  To avoid being fooled o suggest you find people who truly want to help you that you are spiritually aligned with and who have your best interest in mind. I have seen so called coaches posting how they are living the high life with the fancy car, the expensive house, the elaborate trips only to find out that behind it all they are in debt up to their eyeballs.  I suggest that you turn to GOD for divine guidance so you can stop fooling yourself.  If you meet someone and they start to talk what seems like a good game but have no substance to show you then run away so you do not get fooled and don’t fool yourself. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Let’s Get Small!!!

... do no great things, only small things with great love." Mother Teresa This quote from Mother Teresa is very poignant as it relates to the spiritual awakening process. From the  first tine we  go to school we are told you need to be the best, no one remembers who came in 2nd place. This philosophy may hold us back as we begin to awaken and do the tings that will enhance our life and the lives of others as we make being of value and service a priority. Instead of putting the idea of being famous in your mind put the idea of making a positive difference in your community in your mind. When you wake up in the morning answer the question of how can I add value to someone’s day. It could be simply by holding the door as they are entering or exiting a place, it could be a simple phrase like smile things will get better, it could be a simple gesture of throwing some loose change into the bucket of someone soliciting donations. The idea is to do small things with love and to be loving and caring in all you do.  In the last few days my thoughts were consumed with much of the negativity being portrayed on all the news channels and then I made a conscious choice to turn it off and to avoid discussing it as I remembered the teaching that what we focus on expands. In the last few weeks I have had people promise to visit http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg2 that still have not and I was focusing on their lack of commitment and then I realized this did not serve me so I shifted and began to focus on all those who are helping. In making this shift I have realized that when we focus on the good and appreciate the smallest of gestures we begin to attract more good and as a result we also get better results.  I use to think oh I have to do grandiose things  and then I realized that the small things done with great love become the great tings.  If each day we make a commitment to something small with great love we will see a great change in ourselves and others. It is when we detach from expectations and outcomes that we can see that all we do to enhance our lives and the lives of others matters.   Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Are You Engaged?

When one hears the word engagement they usually conjure up the image of a ring or two people who are planning to get married. Some will go to the extreme of thinking about the rules of engagement as it pertains to battles in war. Others will go right to the concept of engaging their audience so as to maximize their message. Where did you go when you saw this question?  I personally thought about the spiritual awakening process and went tot he idea of being engaged with my inner divinity, the ascended masters, and GOD. I thought for a moment about how I am engaged with my divine purpose and calling and who I may be engaging with to assist me with finding my purpose so as to enhance my spiritual development.  The answer was simple I am using my gifts to find those whose stories will resonate not only with me but with others, Through the spiritual awakening process I have found that my calling is to be of service and value and I must engage with those who share the same vision of sharing the concept that service to humanity is the best work of life. While attending a Singles Expo yesterday (12/23/2014) I cam across many who share the philosophy of being of service and value. One of the ladies doing Psychic Readings and I began to engage and as I told her that she probably sagged her area, picked an oracle card from Doreen Virtue showed up early to create a sacred space for those she was going to read for she said stop you are scaring me. I said don’t worry I have some gifts too and together we can help one another. Her friend seemed to be dealing with some angst and I took her hand and was able to sense that she was holding some stress about The Thanksgiving Holiday. It turns out I was correct and she asked me how I knew and I said I just asked the angels and this is what they told me. She took my card and gave me hers and gave me a big hug and thanked me.  These encounters showed me how important it is to be engaged in all you do.

The Importance of Employee Engagement – MacLeod ReportWhen you begin to get out into the community and share your gifts with others by simply engaging them and showing them you care you begin to awaken more and more spiritually and thus you are able to come alive and help others to do the same. So many times we back off from engaging in dialogue that we miss out on great opportunities. Many allow the fear of no or  receiving an adverse reaction to stop them from engaging with others. I have learned through the spiritual awakening process that engagement and focus are keys to enhancing your personal and professional life while also helping other people to excel. When you are engaged with someone make sure you make it more about them than about yourself and that you encourage them. When you hear them say I can’t remind them that they can and they will because the moving forward in the direction of their goal. When they use the word trying tell them to switch it I am doing.  Remember sometimes just the simple act of showing interest will change their outlook.  In many cases when you engage with someone and you share your why with them you both benefit. Remember people will be more receptive when they know your why as opposed to the what. Read More→